Disintegration Tester: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Disintegration Tester The Ultimate Buying Guide

Disintegration tester plays an integral role in today’s pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, it helps determine tablet’s quality during the manufacturing process. This guide will help you choose a suitable disintegration testing machines for your laboratory or R&D facility.

What Is Tablet Disintegration Tester?

When a large solid tablet changes into smaller granules, the process is known as disintegration.

Therefore, a disintegration tester determines the period a tablet takes to transform into smaller granules.

The disintegration tester works with a liquid solution.

Importance of Disintegration of Tablets Tests

It is an important test for pharmaceutical industries. It help verify the effectiveness of drugs in solid form.

It gives insight into important safety information on the bioavailability of the drug in the body without the use of in vivo techniques.

When you conduct a disintegration test, you will know if the batch of drugs you manufacture are uniform throughout the batch.

Disintergration Tester
Disintergration Tester

This enables you to ensure you always have high quality levels. Besides, international quality standards require that you comply with their set guidelines.

The test enables you to know how rapidly a tablet will break down into smaller fragments. This breakdown allows the drug to have a large surface area. Therefore, it indicates the availability of the dosage when a patient ingests it.

Parts  Of a Disintegration Testing Machine

Several parts make up a disintegration tester, and they entail the following:

Basket Unit

This is a system that has three basic sub-components such as:

  1. A sieve
  2. A disc
  3. A basket


To conduct a disintegration test, you need a liquid solvent where the drug will disintegrate during the test. The liquid solvent helps the whole process happen at a standard temperature level. In most cases, the bath is usually water.

Operating Knobs

These knobs allow you to easily start and stop the disintegration tester.


A calculator enables you to know the time it will take for a specific test to complete. Besides, it is an optional component that will help you perform the test.

Printing Connection

A researcher will analyze the results of a disintegration test once they print it out. The printing connection allows you to print out such information from the disintegration tester after you are done with the test.

Display Panel

This is a screen that relay how long the disintegration test took.

Reciprocating Arm

This arm enables you to connect and remove the basket from the disintegration tester.  A motor delivers power to the arm enabling it to operate efficiently and effectively.

Microprocessor Unit

This component enables you to control the nacelle’s temperature, repetition, and duration within the disintegration tester automatically. It is a component that integrates vital elements of the system on one circuit.

Disintergration Tester Parts
Disintergration Tester Parts


This is an alpha-numeric pad that enables the operator to input the product and the test data on the disintegration tester.

Once you input this information, it will show on the display panel enabling you to proceed with the test.

Bath Cover

This cover helps maintain the bath and the drug within the tester. It protects the testing from external elements that may hinder the result.

Overheating Protection Unit

This system enables you to:

  1. Monitor the pressure gauge
  2. Cut power due to electrical malfunctions
  3. Shut down heaters and pumps should there be no water bath or electrical units fail

Heating Unit

A control sensor will automatically warm the bath to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. This process happens thermostatically. Some have sensors that automatically shut down heaters after the liquid solvent reaches the suitable test temperature.

How Disintegration Tester Operates

This tester will function by raising and lowering the basket in the solution. This process happens for a specific time frame to determine if the drug is dissolving or not.

Before you begin the test, you will input the test parameters such as time, via the control panel and keyboard.

Within the bath of warm water, you will find the test medium. Besides, the temperature of the liquid bath emulates that of the human body.

A disintegration tester will create movement by raising or lowering the baskets. This is to simulate what happens in the human stomach. Besides, the basket will not entirely lift itself out of the bath. This is to ensure you have a controlled experiment.

The disintegration tester will stop the test process after the test-time is over. It then displays the results for you to analyze.

Disintergration Tester Working Flow
Disintegration Tester Working Flow

Importance Of Disintegration Tester Calibration

Since these products are for consumption, attaining an accurate test is critical.

The relevance of calibrating these machines include:

  • It helps you save money through standardization procedures
  • The machine will operate safely and as expected
  • It will enable you to produce standardized and quality products
  • Calibration allows you to conduct tests within a short time as all parts operate effectively
  • It will enable you to comply with industry regulations and attain relevant certifications
  • Enables you to produce accurate reports
  • It allows you to trace the process at all levels of operation
  • Calibration allows you to produce consistent and reliable results
  • It will allow you to correct drift errors
  • Calibration allows you to foretell and inhibit test failures

Types of Disintegration Testing Machines

The variations of disintegration testers will fall under the following:

Fully Automatic Disintegration Tester

These testers operate with minimal human involvement. All features are fully automatic and everything happens independently.

Semi-automatic Disintegration Tester

This tester operates with some form of human involvement. The operator has to set some parameters and occasionally monitor the process.

Manual Disintegration Tester

These testers can only operate in the presence of humans. This means if no human labor is present, no testing can happen.

They are also the cheapest.

Manual Disintegration Tester
Manual Disintegration Tester

Also, you can categorize them by the number of baskets it has, such as:

  • One basket disintegration tester
  • Two-basket disintegration tester
  • Three-basket disintegration tester
  • Four-basket disintegration tester
  • Six-basket disintegration tester


As you can see, disintegration tester plays an integral role tablet quality testing.

At SaintyCo, we have a range of pharmaceutical testing equipment for all your processing needs.

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