Gelatin Transparency Tester – Buying Guide for Pharmaceutical Industry

Gelatin Transparency Tester

If you are manufacturing gelatin capsules, a transparency tester plays an integral role in the quality control process.

A gelatin transparency tester will help you determine the right material for the capsule manufacturing process. Whether you are manufacturing syrups, tablets, hard gelatin capsules, or soft gelatin capsules – this is a must-have pharmaceutical instrument.

What is Gelatin Transparency Tester?

A gel transparency tester is an equipment that determines gelatin’s opacity. Consequently, you can determine gelatin’s quality and suitable uses.

Gelatin Transparency Tester
Gelatin Transparency Tester

Gel Transparency Tester Advantages

The key benefits of transparency tester in gelatin include:

  • Makes product traceability easy and simple
  • Allows for compliance and conformity with set quality standard regulation
  • Ensure only high-quality gelatin is used in the production process
  • It helps in the gelatin product specification

Gelatin Transparency Tester Uses

You will use this machine to determine the amount of light that can pass through gelatin. With the information on gelatin transparency, you can know the possible molecular structure of gelatin.

With the information, you can determine the source of gelatin material. Take for instance:

  • Gelatin from chicken skin has about 1.31% transparency
  • Porcine gelatin has a transparency of about 1.74%

As a result, it will help you choose the best gelatin material for your production processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Parts of Transparency Tester for Gelatin

A gel transparency analyzer is an assembly of different parts including:

Parts of Transparency AnalyzerFunction of the Parts/Components
Source of light· It emits light that passes through the gelatin to determine the transparency level

· In most cases, modern gelatin analyzer machines, tungsten bulb emits sufficient light.

Lens· It helps to focus light from the source
Digital display· It displays information from the test sample – the level of transparency
Sensors and transducers· Converts the light signal into a digital output – a degree of transparency into various percentages

· Help in auto-diagnosing the transparency testing machine

· A photoelectric sensor ensures the accuracy of the data from the machine

Control buttons· Helps in machine configuration
Battery· Powers the transparency tester especially the portable equipment

· The machine should have cables and power systems

Casing· Cover the entire transparency tester machine components
Processor· Helps in the conversion of data from gelatin into useful digital information
Specimen chamber· It is where you place gelatin material for testing


Note that these are some of the main parts of the gelatin analyzer. The number of parts varies depending on the machine configuration and design. Remember, these machines may come with preloaded software for seamless operations.

How Gelatin Transparency Tester Works

Although gelatin testing processes may vary, the fundamental principle remains the same. That is:

Step 1: Begin by configuring the gelatin transparency analyzer machine. You can use the manual from the manufacturer for machine configuration.

Step 2: Next, place your specimen (gelatin) in the chamber.

Step 3: Now power the machine. The light passes through various lenses to the gelatin. Consequently, the machine will detect the amount of light that passes through the gelatin.

Step 4: The machine converts the light signal into numerical values with the help of veracious sensors, a transducer, and control software.

At the end of this process, you will get a degree of gelatin transparency as percentages (i.e. 1.3%, 1.5%, or any other value depending on the gelatin material).

Gelatin Transparency Analyzing Machine
Gelatin Transparency Analyzing Machine

 Factors to Consider when Buying Gelatin Transparency Tester

There are many gelatin transparency testing machines in the market. Therefore, whenever you are shopping for this pharmaceutical instrument, it is important to focus on the main features such as:

Design and technology – it should be an easy-to-use transparency tester. That is, in terms of machine configurations, and accessing test results.

Compliance with safety standards – among the key standards in the industry include cGMP, CE, GB6783-94, GB13731-92, etc.

Level of automation – gel transparency tester should automatically test gelatin, run simple machine diagnostics, and trigger an alarm in case of faults.

Machine Stability – It describes the gelatin tester’s ability to determine the degree of transparency without or with very minimal external interference. That is, it should eliminate any possible environmental interference which can cause a visual error.

Additionally, you should examine the light source.

Machine Accuracy –it describes the extent to which the gel tester machine can deviate from the actual result. Therefore, as you buy the machine, it is important to consider two vital parameters:

  • Testing range
  • Testing accuracy

Furthermore, it is vital to consider these key elements when buying a gelatin transparency testing machine:

  • Dimensions
  • Power consumption
  • Safety
  • Maintenance requirements

Why Transmittance is Important in Gelatin Transparency Sensor

The working principle of a gelatin transparency analyzer depends on light. One reason, most gelatin testing equipment have photoelectric transducers.

Therefore, the degree of light passing through gelatin material forms a key parameter for evaluating gelatin quality. Usually, the numerical figures you see on the screen are after complete conversion.

Limitation of Gelatin Transparency Tester

Although most gelatin testing equipment are accurate, calibration is still a major challenge. As a result, it may cause certain deviations though they can still work as a good measure for quality.


Gelatin transparency testing equipment plays an integral role in modern pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, you should invest in a high-quality and accurate machine. You should only go for reputable brands.

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