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What Is A Gummy Bear Machine?

This is a machine that you will use in the production of various types and sizes of gummy bear candy.

What Components Make Up A Gummy Bear Machine?

Several parts make up a gummy bear machine.

Every part has a specific task to perform thus ensuring the gummy bear making process happens efficiently.

Gummy bear machine

Here are the components you will find in a gummy bear machine:


This is the part where all gummy bear ingredients are heated to form a slurry.

It contains a PLC unit that operates by regulating the cooker temperature.

Besides, the PLC is on the outside making it easy for operators to access and manually control it if the need arises.

In-line Mixers

This is the part of the gummy bear machine that will mix all the ingredients that make up a gummy bear.

It entails feeding ingredients to the mixer through a pumping unit which ensures that you use all the correct ingredients.

Besides, you can use various methods to mix all ingredients until you attain the quality you need.

Furthermore, in-line mixers enable you to achieve better gummy bear consistency than manual mixers.

Transport Unit

Gummy bear candy will move from the start to the end of the production phase via conveyor and drain units.

For instance, syrup flows via drain pipes to another part after its formation.

Conveyor systems will move hardened candy from the molding phase to the packaging station.

Besides, transport units allow the gummy bear making process to happen quickly thereby increasing the output.


These parts will dispense viscous gummy candy within the gummy molds via servo-drive systems.

Depositors have pistons and cylinders that will actuate the depositing action via nozzles.

The depositors will increase the throughput of a gummy bear as it minimized inertia during the movement.

This enables it to function at high speeds.

Besides, several depositors do not have hydraulic units which will ruin the gummy bear slurry through the leakage.

Servo-control aid in accurate deposition of gummy and needs straightforward maintenance.

Cooling Tunnels

Gummy candy needs to cool down after you deposit them within the gummy bear molds.

The cooling process makes them have a solid characteristic.

In the cooling tunnels, you will use forced conditioning to cool the gummy bears using air.

Furthermore, centrifugal fans will direct air over the mold plates that contain the gummy bear.

Besides, the cooling process takes about five minutes within the cooling tunnels as the gummy bear moves to the next production phase.

Electrical System

The different types of gummy bear machines require an electrical system that will provide power to the machine.

For instance, the PLU is an electrical unit that will control all automatic functions of a gummy bear machine.

Motor Unit

These parts are important for relaying motion to different parts of the gummy bear machine.

They convert electrical energy to mechanical energy that drives several components.

For instance, they provide rotational force to the conveyor system.

Control Unit

This is a system that enables you to monitor and change different parameters of the gummy bear machine.

It has a programmable logic controller [PLC] and a human-machine interface [HMI].

This allows you to interactively change the parameters through the use of buttons or a touch screen panel.

For instance, you can alter the pressure values or the temperature level within the cookers to the desired value.

Furthermore, the control panel enables you to detect flaws within the operation as it highlights the specific location on the panel.

The control panel allows you to make these alterations from a single station thus limiting the number of operators you need for the operation.


These are important components that make an automatic gummy bear machine effective and accurate.

Besides, you will find sensors within several parts and features having various roles important for the operation of the machine.

Besides, the sensors will alert you when the gummy bear machine is experiencing any malfunctions or faults.

Some of the errors you may get include an intense pressure increase within the cookers or a high-temperature level.

The sensors will also alert you when there is a misalignment of the depositors or mold plates within the transport systems.

What Are Some Production Conditions Worth Considering For Gummy Bear Machine?

It is important to ensure the operation of the gummy bear machine happens within specific manufacturing conditions.

This ensures you attain optimum performance with minimal negative issues.

These production conditions include the following:

  • Employ ample labor to ensure the gummy bear machine continues to operate optimally
  • Ensure the humidity conditions range between 45% and 50% for the machine to operate optimally
  • Make sure you use the correct power requirements as per the manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Use compressed air to conduct demolding and packaging of the units
  • Maintain the temperature of the gummy bear between 20 ℃ and 30 ℃
  • Have the luminosity level, the radiated electromagnetic power emission rate, at around 50 lux

What Is The Operational Principle Of A Gummy Bear Machine?

It is important to understand how a gummy bear machine operates.

That is why most suppliers will provide training material for your operators.

Here are the steps to how a gummy bear machine operates:

Preparing Raw Materials

Before you start operating the gummy bear machine, ensure you have all the raw materials ready.

Also, ensure they are in the right quantity relating to your formula.

Cooking Ingredients

In this stage, you will mix and cook all the raw materials for about 15 to 20 minutes.

This allows you to attain the syrup viscosity you require before you transfer it to the buffer tank.

Concurrently, you should begin cooking the upcoming batch.

In-line Mixing

After cooking the ingredients, you will send them to the in-line mixer.

Here, you will add additives such as color, flavor, and acid before you pump it to the depositor hopper.

Furthermore, if you have two mixers, you can incorporate different mixtures relating to flavor and coloring.

Gummy Bear Formation

In this phase, you will shape and color the different gummy bear through the use of a depositor.

The depositors fill gummy bear slurry in the gummy bear molds.

Besides, the programmable logic controllers will measure the accurate weight of every gummy bear.

Shaping And Cooling

Once you fill the gummy bear molds, you will transport them to the cooling tunnel via the conveyor units.

The mold moves within the cooling tunnels for between 6 and 10 minutes depending on the recipe of the gummy bear.

Afterward, you will transfer them to another section for sugar coating or an oil coating machine.

Once you complete this phase, you will dry the gummy bear in a drying chamber for between 8 and 12 hours.

This process will eliminate the moisture from the gummy bear before you begin packaging.

What Ingredients Will A Gummy Bear Machine Use?

The recipes of gummy bear are made by experienced chemists and good technologists.

Through the use of different ingredients, you can attain the characteristics of the gummy bear in terms of:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Appearance
  • Taste

The ingredients you will use to make a gummy bear include the following:

  • Syrup
  • Sugar
  • Flavorings
  • Gelatin/pectin/carrageenan
  • Colorings
  • Purified water

How Will A Gummy Bear Machine Boost Your Business?

There are several ways a gummy bear machine will enhance your business.

They include the following:

  • The machine enables you to make unique gummy candy which makes you stand out from your competition
  • It allows you to make a gummy bear at different production capacities thus allowing you to meet your client’s needs
  • Increased sales due to the demand for the gummy bear that are healthy such as medicated gummy, honey gummy, etc.
  • The gummy you make is loved by different people from children to elderly folks
  • A programmable logic controller allows you to easily operate the gummy bear machine
  • A single gummy bear machine enables you to make different varieties of gummy bear at a lower cost
  • The machine complies with different quality standards thus you will always be on the right side of the law while making quality gummy bear

What Are The Available Types Of Gummy Bear Machines In The Market Today?

Gummy bear machines exist in various configurations, shapes, and capacities.

This allows you to attain different throughputs, vary the power consumption, and control your labor demands.

Gummy bear machines exist in the following classifications:

Small-Scale Version

This type of gummy bear machine is suitable for small and medium-sized companies as it has a low production capacity.

Small-scale gummy bear machines contain a lot of manual controls.

This makes you require more human laborers for your small-scale gummy bear machine to operate optimally.

small scale gummy bear machine

Furthermore, this leads to an increase in labor costs.

Besides, the small-scale version of the gummy bear machine is the most affordable of these three versions.

Semi-Automatic Versions

This type of gummy bear machine incorporates both manual and automatic controls.

For this reason, you will need operators to oversee the functionality of the machine during the production process.

Furthermore, pressure and temperature levels are controlled automatically by the machine.

However, some versions need manual feeding of raw ingredients into the machine and packaging of the final gummy bear.

semi automatic gummy bear machine

Fully Automatic Versions

This type of gummy bear machine operates independently without any human involvement.

It has a high production capacity and is suitable for large industries with high demands for gummy bears.

automatic gummy bear machine

However, it is the most expensive of these three due to its enhanced features and capabilities.

How Will You Install A Gummy Bear Machine?

Here are the steps to follow when installing a gummy bear machine:

  • Begin by cleaning the area you plan to install the machine
  • Place the gummy bear machine on the installation area according to the set space
  • When installing the gummy bear machine, you can use configurations such as L-type, U-type, or linear style
  • Next, you will connect external connections to the gummy bear machine such as compressed air and water
  • Water is responsible for mixing all ingredients while compressed air has several applications such as within the depositor
  • After you complete connecting all eternal links, you will proceed to connect the gummy bear machine to the main power supply
  • A majority of gummy bear machines make use of a 3-phase power supply with wire connection such as ground path
  • Power on the gummy bear machine once you confirm everything is in order
  • If the manufacturer’s representative is present, they will identify unlikely responses and conduct debugging processes

Can You Troubleshoot A Gummy Bear Machine?

Yes, there are several steps you can undertake to rectify certain issues with the gummy bear machine.

These include the following:

Pump Not Operating

A missing phase, jammed pumps, overload, or the syrup failing to wash out are possible causes.

Some solutions include checking the current, wiring, pump, or washing the pump with hot water.

Agitator Not Operating

A missing phase, overload, or broken bear can lead to this issue.

Solve this by checking the current, bearings, and wiring system.

Overheating Motor

This happens because of an overload or a missing phase.

Possible solutions entail checking the current and the wiring system.

Depositing Not Operating

The main causes include lack of power or motor is not operating.

Possible solutions include checking the motor and wiring.

Slow Heating Cooking Tank

Possible causes include issues with the inlet valves, trap valves, or seeper in the jacket.

The solutions include draining the water and checking the valves.

Vacuum Issues

The main causes include lack of water, air leakage, or a stuck pump.

Possible solutions include checking the water supply, sealers, and checking and releasing 6 long lock screws.

What Are Some Technical Specifications Of A Gummy Bear Machine?

These include:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Capacity of between 150kg/h to 600kg/h
  • The luminosity of 50 Lux
  • Humidity levels of between 40% and 50%
  • Operating temperature of between 20 ℃ and 30 ℃
  • The compressed air consumption rate of between 0.2 and 0.6 m3/min
  • Voltage of 220
  • Power requirement of 380V/50Hz
  • Total weight of about 1500 kg
  • 5-year warranty

What Should You Consider When Purchasing A Gummy Bear Machine?

These include:


Fully automatic gummy bear machines cost more than small-scale versions.

The amount you have ultimately dictates which machine you can afford.


Ensure you purchase from suppliers with experience and longer warranty periods.

Technical Features

This entails understanding the power the machine requires among others.


Ensure the machine complies with the relevant quality standards such as ISO.

Additionally, the machine should be ROHS, CE and CGMP compliant.


Purchase a recent gummy bear machine with the latest technology as it will offer you several advantages that outdated models.

Machine Quality

Select a machine that will operate consistently at suitable conditions during production without shutting off.


The available installation area you have determines the size of the gummy bear machine you will purchase.

Large machines require a large operating area.


The small-scale gummy bear machine has a low production capacity than a fully automatic gummy bear machine.

Select the machine suitable for your needs.

Operating Condition

Select a machine that will operate suitably within your working environment as set by the manufacturer.

What Is The Cost Of A Gummy Bear Machine?

The price can range from 10000 USD to 280000 USD.

Of course, the cost will vary depending on the design and configuration of the gummy bear machine.

Can You Use A Gummy Bear Machine With Other Support Equipment In The Production Line?

Yes, you can use it with machines such as:

  • Weighers
  • Oiling drums
  • Sanders
  • Candy cleaners
  • Blending units
  • Gel conditioning
  • Jet cookers

gummy bear machine product line

What Are Some Heating Techniques Applicable For Gummy Bear Machine?

Gummy bear machines contain cookers where you mix and heat ingredients to a slurry.

Besides, heating the cooker can happen using steam boilers or electricity.

The heating method you select depends on various factors such as running costs or reliability factors.

Steam boilers are suitable for large production processes as it minimizes cost over time.

How Will You Ensure A Gummy Bear Machine Continues To Operate Optimally?

Regularly maintaining the machine ensures it functions reliably.

Some practices to ensure optimal performance include:

  • Following the safety instructions
  • Adhering to the manual book
  • Regularly cleaning the machine
  • Repairing and/or replacing worn-out parts
  • Lubricating moving parts

How Does A Gummy Bear Machine And A Candy Making Machine Compare?

A gummy bear machine makes different gummy products while candy making machine makes various types of candy.

Besides, the operational process differs in both machines due to the mechanics.

The ingredients you use to make gummy bears and candy are different.

candy making machine

What Are The Benefits Of Importing Gummy Bear Machines From China?

These include:

  • Machine quality

The machine is of high quality and will meet your production needs.

Also, they use high-quality stainless steel material for the construction of the machine.

  • Quantity of machines

The manufacturers can meet your large procurement needs due to the many manufacturing industries.

  • Turn-around time

After the approval process, the machine will be delivered to your premises quickly.

  • Durability

The machines are durable and will last you several years.

  • Transportation

China offers efficient transport systems meaning you will get your machines on time.

For instance, they can use the sea or air.

Do New Technologies Exist For Gummy Bear Machines?

Yes, technology is always developing to make efficient gummy bear machines.

For instance, new technology allows the manufacture of low emission gummy bear machines that minimize carbon footprint.

Furthermore, this technology allows you to make a different gummy bear with the same machine.

Are There Limitations Of Using Gummy Bear Machine?

These include:

  • A high purchasing price for brand new gummy bear machines
  • The need to hire an expert to install the machine which will cost you extra
  • Training of operators thus you will spend time and money
  • High overall weight means it is not easily portable

What Is The Output Of A Gummy Bear Machine?

The output depends on the type of gummy bear machine you purchase.

For instance, fully automatic versions have a high production capacity than small-scale gummy bear machines.

The output determines the amount of gummy bear the machine can produce within a certain time interval.

Why Choose Brand New Gummy Bear Machine For Sale And Not Used Machines?

The reasons to choose a new gummy bear machine include:

  • The choice of customizing the machine to meet your production needs
  • New machines have new components that will last for several years without failing
  • It allows you to minimize contamination that used versions can introduce
  • Valid warranty for brand new ones as used versions mostly have expired or limited warranty
  • New machines allow you to select the one with the latest technology

Which Steps Will You Undertake To Control Process Quality Of Gummy Bear Machines?

Maintaining high quality is important as it ensures the gummy bear meets the set food standards.

Since humans consume gummy bears, there needs to be a high-quality standard to control their production.

The quality process begins by choosing the ingredients, making sure they are fit for human consumption.

Also, the gummy bear machine should conform to the required sanitary standards.

Make sure operators wear protective gear at all times.

Which Industries Use A Gummy Bear Machine?

The industries that use a gummy bear machine include:

  • Confectionery industries
  • Nutraceutical industries

How Do You Conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) For Gummy Bear Machine?

This entails testing all parts to ensure they operate as per the machine specifications.

All this happens before the machine is sent to you.

If there is any issue, the manufacturer has enough time to sort out the problem in due time.

Also, ensure the manufacturer uses your user requirement specifications when making your gummy bear machine.

Afterward, you will receive a factory assessment test certificate as proof of a successful test.


How Does Small Scale Gummy Making Equipment Compare To Commercial Gummy Making Machine?

The small-scale gummy bear machine is suitable for start-up industries while commercial gummy bear machines are suitable for large industries.

Of course their production capacities vary broadly. Commercial gummy making machines can achieve large scale production.

This is not the case in small scale gummy making machine suitable for small productions.

commercial gummy machine

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