Gummy Bear Machine

Gummy Bear Machine

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What are Gummy Bears?

 Gummy bear

Gummy bear

Gummy bears are confectionary produce much liked the world over with varying sizes and weight.

While you call them “gummy”, they contain no gum at all with them instead of chewable candy.

Food experts and industrial chemists can help you develop recipes for making gummy bears.

You have gummy recipes resulting in gummy bears with different colors, flavors, and textures.

Gummy bear ingredients include gelatin substances, sugar, additives such as flavorings and food color, water, and glucose syrup.

You use the gummy bear machine to mass-produce gummy bears in the thousands in a matter of minutes.

What is Gummy Bear Machine?

You use a gummy bear machine in the automated production of gummy bear candy.

Using the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), your gummy bear machine can make thousands of gummy bears in a few minutes.

A gummy bear machine is an assemblage that encompasses various units enabling it to produce gummy bears.

You find a cooking unit, a depositor, a mold section, a cooler, and connected pipes and pumps.

Where can you use Gummy Bear Machine?

You find the gummy bear machine useful in two major industrial applications:

Confectionary Production

You use the gummy bear machine to make candy in the form and shape of gummy bears.

With the gummy bear machine, you increase your output, reaching thousands of gummy bears in a single run.

Nutraceutical Use

Presently, many people worldwide are more aware of their nutritional habits in the wake of numerous lifestyle diseases.

Consequently, you observe an increase in dietary supplements in the forms of chewable, pills, and drinks.

You employ the gummy bear machine in making chewable supplements for different dietary demands in the form of gummy bears.

Such nutraceutical candy is used by professional athletes, avid health watchers, and lifestyle patients.

Why do you need Gummy Bear Machine?

The gummy bear machine provides you many reasons why you should acquire one as an investor.

These reasons include:

G40 gummy candy equipment

Gummy production equipment

  • You make distinctive candy using the gummy bear machine differentiating your products from others.
  • You have the option of choosing a gummy bear machine with different capacities of production depending on your budget.
  • Increased health awareness has seen an increase in demand for dietary and health supplements such as gummy bear chewables. This creates an opportunity for you as an investor to acquire a gummy machine and cash in.
  • Various population segments enjoy taking gummy bear candy with both elderly and young adherents.
  • Operating the gummy bear machine is simplified by using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), making it user friendly.
  • You can use a single gummy bear machine to make different styled and flavored gummy bears. Furthermore, you can upgrade your gummy bear machine to make other candy types at a lower cost.
  • The gummy bear machine conforms to various standards while allowing you to lower your production costs in candy making.

What are the Validation Documents used for Gummy Bear machine?

It is good practice for you to check and examine your gummy bear machine’s validity upon purchase.

You get validation documents once your gummy bear machine is approved to meet specific functional aspects such as safety and durability.

Some standard validation documents you have for the gummy bear machine include:

i. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Document

You employ the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the gummy bear machine during the assembly process.

You use this test to establish the conformity of the assembly with the original design specifications.

The FAT is carried out via static and dynamic examination, which involves multiple tests touching the electrical and mechanical aspects.

Standard tests you carry out as part of the FAT are the performance test and dry test.

You test a gummy bear machine’s performance by subjecting it to a test run with the actual gummy bear ingredients.

You subject the gummy bear machine to dry tests to examine the functionality of parts.

ii. Installation Qualification (IQ) Documents

You receive the Installation Qualification documents upon a successful installation process to execute various tests such as efficiency.

During installation, you establish the gummy bear machine’s material quality, such as stainless steel.

Additionally, since the gummy bear machine is an assemblage of parts to form one unit, you test every feature.

Its conformation qualifies a successful part installation to the intended desired response.

Furthermore, when installing the gummy bear machine, it should draw power within the described limits.

An excess or underdrawing of power is an indication of an electrical shortcoming that needs to be addressed.

iii. Operational Qualification (OQ) Document

You get documents about Operational Qualification when the gummy bear machine you install operates as is expected.

Usually, your supplier is useful in ensuring your gummy bear machine works as desired by checking several operational parameters.

When checking for the gummy bear machine’s Operational Qualification, you have to power it up.

You then check for aspects such as the mixing chamber’s rotation and the heating chamber’s pressure and temperatures.

What Types of Gummy Bear Machines are available?

Gummy bear machines come in different shapes, sizes, and capacities, offering you different output rates, labor demands, and power consumption.

You will commonly find gummy bear machines classified in the following three ways:

 i. Small-scale Gummy Bear Machine

When you have this type of gummy bear machine, expect your production and output to below.

Ideally, use this type of gummy bear machine where the desired production level is not large or when starting.

Furthermore, you have plenty of manual controls with the small-scale gummy bear machine.

As a result, the labor costs you incur with this type of gummy bear machine are more pronounced.

ii. Semi-Automatic Gummy Bear Machine

The semi-automatic gummy bear machine has a mix of manual and automated controls that improve the gummy bear production process.

Consequently, you will require human oversight concerning certain aspects of the operation.

Using the semi-automatic gummy bear machine, you find processes such as temperature and pressure control are automated.

However, you might have to manually feed ingredients to the gummy bear machine and package the gummy bears.

iii. Fully Automatic Gummy Bear Machine

With the fully automatic gummy bear machine, all the processes are automated, involving no direct human effort.

Nevertheless, you can keep a watchful eye over the operations to catch breakdowns or unintended responses.

You significantly increase your gummy bear output when using the fully automatic gummy bear machine.

You find this is thanks to the faster production processes that are free from human intervention at every stage.

What Heating Methods do you use with the Gummy Bear Machine?

Gummy bear

Gummy bear

The gummy bear machine has a cooker where you mix the ingredients and heat them to form the slurry.

You can heat the cooker using a steam boiler, or by using electrical power.

The heating method you employ is up to you; however, you can use various factors to influence your choice.

For instance, you can compare the cost of running a cooker on electricity or using a steam boiler.

Furthermore, you can use the reliability factor to evaluate your decision between going electrical or with steam power.

The cost of electricity is high and unreliable; you should choose steam-powered cookers.

Additionally, you find steam-powered cookers useful in gummy bear machines for large production cycles.

Using steam boilers for your gummy bear machine cooker incurs lower costs over time, positively affecting your production costs.

What is the Output of Gummy Bear Machine?

You find gummy bear machines with different production capacities depending on their size.

Small-scale gummy bear machines have a low output compared to fully automatic gummy bear machines.

The gummy bear machine’s output is defined as the number of gummy bears produced within a specific time interval.

The quantity of the gummy bears can be described in weight in kilograms or actual gummy bear pieces.

For instance, a gummy bear machine can be rated with an output of 200 kilograms of gummy bear in an hour.

Otherwise, where you have gummy bears weighing 5 grams, you can describe the production as forty thousand pieces per hour.

How Large are Gummy Bear Machines?

You observe the size of a gummy bear machine is dependent on its production capacity.

Consequently, you will need more space for a fully automated gummy bear machine than a small-scale machine.

There are huge gummy bear machines that will consume hundreds of square feet of floor space.

However, you can design your gummy bear machine to fit into your space requirements by consulting your supplier or manufacturer.

You can arrange your gummy bear machine in a linear configuration or a U or L-type configuration.

The U and L-type configurations are more space-efficient compared to the linear arrangement.

What Production Conditions do you Consider for Gummy Bear Machine?

When operating a gummy bear machine, you need to ensure the operating conditions are within the set manufacturing conditions.

Having this state of matters ensures you derive optimum use of your gummy bear machine with minimal performance issues.

Some of the essential production conditions you need to consider when working with a gummy bear machine are:

  • Provide adequate labor to ensure the gummy bear machine does not succumb to breakdowns.

All gummy bear machines need a human controller even when fully automated to keep an eye on any unforeseen emergencies.

  • You also consider the humidity of the chambers in which you set up your gummy bear machine.

Many suppliers recommend relative humidity of between 45 and 50 % as adequate for a gummy bear machine’s proper functioning.

  • Adequate electrical power as per the set manufacturing requirements with larger gummy bear machines requiring more power.

When using steam power, you need a boiler system whose steam pressure generated ranges between 0.2 to 0.6 MPa.

  • During production using the gummy bear machine, the demolding and packing units require compressed air.

You keep the compressed air pressure between 0.2 and 0.6 MPa with consumption not exceeding 0.6 cubic meters per minute.

  • Furthermore, the gummy bear machine’s temperature should be maintained at between 20 – 30 ℃.

Very high temperatures impair the performance of the machine while affecting the pressure of the containment chamber.

  • Another essential production condition you consider is luminosity, which describes the emission rate of radiated electromagnetic power.

You need to keep luminosity at about fifty (50) lux.

What do you Consider when Purchasing Gummy Bear Machine?

When looking for a gummy machine, you consider several factors that ensure you enjoy the equipment’s desired benefit.

Some of the factors you consider include:

Cost of the Machine

The acquisition cost is one of the significant factors you need to consider when purchasing a gummy bear machine.

You pay more for a fully automated gummy bear machine compared to a small-scale machine.

Additionally, you are limited to procuring a gummy bear machine within the budget bracket where you have a budget.

Acquiring a gummy bear machine can also attract other additional costs such as transport and installation.

Working Conditions

When purchasing a gummy bear machine, you have to consider the set operating conditions by the manufacturers.

Common operating conditions you find provided by manufacturers are temperature and relative humidity.

Usually, you find the operating temperatures of a gummy bear machine set between 20 – 30 0C.

You need intervention mechanisms such as air conditioning and heating where you have higher and lower temperature conditions.

Relative humidity of between 40 and 50 percent is provided for the gummy bear machine’s effective operation.

Excess humidity presence can hamper the gummy machine’s operation, and you need to apply measures to mediate.

Supplier or Manufacturer

While there are many suppliers and manufacturers of gummy bear machines, you can only purchase from one.

You need to carry out due diligence to ensure the supplier or manufacturer you select offers you the best deal.

For instance, when purchasing gummy-making machines, check to see how long the supplier or manufacture offers you a warranty for parts.

Additionally, inquire whether they offer free installation and periodic maintenance for a period.

The reliability and experience of a gummy bear machine supplier or manufacturer with the utmost professionalism.

Such a supplier or manufacturer rightly advises you on how and where to purchase a gummy bear machine.

At SaintyCo, we offer the gummy bear machines in the industry.

Gummy Bear Machine Model

Over time, you notice improvements on gummy bear machines with the production of newer models.

You find newer models are more efficient in power consumption and production capacity, albeit at a higher cost.

You need to purchase gummy bear machines of recent models to appreciate the advancements made.

Furthermore, when you buy an older model, you can find it challenging to acquire spare parts when the machine breaks down.

Machine Quality and Reliability

The quality and reliability of the gummy bear machine is an essential factor you consider during the purchase.

You want a machine that will work continuously at optimum conditions without shutting down while producing quality products.

Your gummy bear machine should be highly flexible in its production runs to allow for customization amongst other functions.

Machine Dimensions

The dimensions of your gummy bear machine are important as they determine whether the machine fits in your space.

When taking your machine’s dimensions, important aspects are the floor height, length, and width.

You note that gummy bear machines with larger production capacities are also large.

Accordingly, the fully automatic gummy bear machine is larger than the small-scale machine.

Machine Capacity

You can choose different types of gummy bear machine, including small-scale, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

Every gummy bear machine type has a defined production capacity you can achieve.

The capacity of the gummy bear machine is dependent on its size and technical capability.

Therefore, you find a small-scale gummy bear machine with a lower capacity than the fully automatic gummy bear machine.

Technical Parameters

Your gummy bear machine’s technical parameters are related to mechanical and electrical aspects such as power and pneumatic requirements.

How much power your gummy bear machine requires determines a great deal of your production cost.

You incur large power consumption when you acquire a fully automated gummy bear machine with a large production capacity.

Furthermore, the pressure needs of your gummy bear machine are equally important in determining production reliability.

Various aspects of your gummy bear machine require defined pressure conditions, such as the cooker and the packaging unit.

For the cooker, pressure generated by the steam boiler to values up to 0.6 MPa.

The packaging unit requires compressed air whose rate of pressure does not exceed 0.2 cubic meters per minute.

Having excess or low-pressure requirement hampers the effectiveness of a particular unit’s functionality in the gummy bear machine.


A proper gummy bear machine has adequate documentation such as ISO certification and Manufacturing Standards credentials such as FAT and IQ.

You can use a consultant to establish the conformity of your gummy bear machine purchase to the mentioned certifications.

How do you Maintain Gummy Bear Machine?

Section of gummy making machine

Section of gummy making machine

Like any other machine, you need to carry out periodic maintenance on the gummy bear machine.

Maintenance allows you to keep your gummy bear machine in good condition while identifying any underlying issues early.

You enjoy a long and useful service life from your gummy bear machine with good maintenance practice.

Maintenance can be programmed, preventive, and corrective depending on the situation.

When carrying out maintenance, the following steps are essential:

1. Shut Down the Gummy Bear Machine

You cannot carry out maintenance on a powered gummy bear machine.

You have first to shut it down and let it cool before disconnecting it from the mains supply.

2. Parts Removal

The gummy bear machine is an aggregation of several units composed of different parts.

When carrying out maintenance, you remove individual parts forming units of the gummy bear machine.

When you detach parts of a gummy bear machine, you can access the inner and hidden areas.

Consequently, you achieve a more extensive reach by disassembling the gummy bear machine during maintenance.

3. Check for Faults and Damage

After disassembling the gummy bear machine, you scrutinize the parts for any damage or aging.

The level of damage, fault, or age will guide you through replacing or repairing the component or unit.

Where you have damages such as cracks, repairs suffice, while you might need to replace broken and worn out parts.

Repair saves you the cost of acquiring replacement parts while allowing you continued use of the gummy bear machine.

4. Cleaning the Gummy Bear Machine

After making the necessary repairs and replacements on parts of your gummy bear machine, you clean them up.

Cleaning removes excess fluids, dust, and fragments of metallic parts about the gummy bear machine providing a clean work environment.

When cleaning the gummy bear machine, you use water, stain removers, soaps, rags, hard and soft brushes, and mopes.

The equipment and solvents you employ in the cleaning process should not hamper the gummy bear machine’s working.

You should not use strong adhesives to wear out the metallic or plastic parts of the gummy bear machine.

Additionally, avoid water and the electrical features during the cleaning process to prevent short circuits when powered back on.

The cleaning process should extend to the surrounding area around the gummy bear machine.

Besides, the machine and parts should also be wiped down to aid the drying process before being powered back on.

5. Reassembly of the Gummy Bear Machine

After cleaning the detachable parts of the gummy bear machine and the immobile units, you reattach them.

Return every part to its respective position and location as per the manufacturer’s set up.

The reassembly process also requires you to grease movable parts and oil the needed areas for seamless functioning.

Greasing and oiling reduce friction, reducing the wear and tear rate of the gummy bear machine.

You also need to fasten the belts to any wheels present in the gummy bear machine.

After reassembly, you carry out a test run that helps you identify any flaws or loose ends.

Usually, the gummy bear machine will fail to start when you have a wrong connection.

What are the Major Parts of Gummy Bear Machine?

Dimensions of gummy bear machine

Dimensions of gummy bear machine

Parts of gummy bear machine

Parts of gummy bear machine

The gummy bear production machine is an aggregation of several parts into one functioning unit of gummy bear production.

Each part of the gummy bear machine plays a defined role, ensuring you achieve the end goal of producing gummy bears.

Some of the major parts of the gummy bear machine are:


The cooker consists of a tank system in which the mixed ingredients are heated to a slurry.

Besides, the cooker also has a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that regulates the temperature of the cooker.

The PLC is located outside the cooking chamber to allow human monitoring and override if need be.

Additionally, locating the PLC externally ensures it is not affected by the cooking chamber’s wet and hot conditions.

In-line Mixer

You mix your gummy bear ingredients of water, sugar, acids, gelatin, pectin, additives, and flavorings in the in-line mixer.

Each ingredient is fed to the mixer via a PLC pumping system, ensuring the right ingredients are used.

You use different techniques to mix the ingredients to achieve the desired quality of the gummy bears.

Using an in-line mixer allows you to achieve better consistency compared to a manual process.

Furthermore, you save on labor costs when you use an in-line mixer rather than doing it manually.


The depositor dispenses the viscous candy fluid over the gummy bear molds using a servo-drive mechanism.

Again, the depositor is a dependent system with a piston and cylinder for actuating the deposition process through a nozzle.

You also have a hopper and a conveyor with the drive components located on the central gummy bear unit.

The depositor maximizes the output of gummy bears by lowering inertia during movement and performing at high speeds.

You find many depositors lack the hydraulic mechanism, which ruins the gummy bear candy slurry during leakage.

Furthermore, using the servo-control ensures deposition is closely controlled while requiring more straightforward maintenance.

Conveyor System

The gummy bear candy movement from its raw state to packaging is enabled through an elaborate drain and conveyor system.

As the syrup is formed and transferred from one section to another, it flows through a drain pipe.

Hard candy from the mold stage through the packaging station is moved via a conveyor system.

Using these transport schematic allows the process to be faster with increased output.

Cooling Tunnel

After you deposit the candy into the gummy bear molds, you need to cool them to make the candy hard.

Cooling of the candy occurs in the cooling tunnel where you air-cool the gummy bears via forced conditioning.

You use centrifugal fans to force an airstream over the mold plate bearing the gummy bears.

Cooling occurs continuously in the tunnel for about five minutes as the molds are conveyed to the next station.

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to monitor and alter several aspects of the gummy bear machine electrically controlled.

You can change the cooker’s temperature and pressure values by keying in the desired figures on the control panel.

The control panel also allows you to catch errors and miscarriages of operations by displaying the exact location on the screen.

Consequently, you can efficiently address the issue by focusing on the highlighted point.

You find the control panel reduces the need to have many on hand personnel at the gummy bear machine.

Instead, one or two individuals can monitor everything from the display, only engaging maintenance personnel when needed.

Electrical Unit

The gummy bear machine, whether small-scale or automated, has numerous electrical functions that enable different processes.

An integral part of the gummy bear machine electrical unit is the PLU, which controls the automatic functions.


Sensors are the basic functional unit of any highly automated system, such as a gummy bear machine.

Sensors are located along with several units and features with varied roles essential for the machine’s effective running.

Furthermore, sensors alert you of any errors or faults, such as increased temperature or pressure in the cooker.

You also get sensor alerts when the depositor misaligns or the mold plates are not correctly positioned on the conveyor.

What is the Working Principle of Gummy Bear Machine?

Manufacturers have different designs of the gummy bear machine but with similar functionality.

You need to inquire from your supplier how to run your gummy bear machine upon purchase.

Many manufactures will offer you free training on how to use and maintain the gummy bear machine.

However, your gummy bear machine generally has the following working approach:

i. Feeding of Ingredients

You have to feed your gummy bear machine with ingredients according to your recipe.

You manually provide the ingredients as with a small-scale machine; you prepare your ingredients’ right measures.

You can also program your automated gummy bear machine to accept ingredients according to the program data.

Your ingredients are fed to the machine via hoppers whose open and close operations are controlled by a PLC.

ii. Cooking

The cooking process in preparing gummy bear candy involves a heating process powered by electric power or steam.

In the desired ratio, the ingredients are mixed and heated for a defined period until a syrup forms.

You can alter the cooking process to suit your taste or differentiate your product.

You can adjust the cooking chamber’s temperature and pressure, and the duration of cooking to achieve the desired consistency.

iii. Additives

Additives are substances not integral to the cooking process you add to your syrup.

When using additives, you change aspects such as the taste and appearance of the gummy bear.

You can use artificial or natural colors and flavorings for your gummy bear.

Also, to extend your gummy bears’ shelf lives, you add preservatives, which are acid-based compounds.

iv. Gummy Bear Formation

After completing the syrup formation and attaining the desired consistency, you make the gummy bears by depositing them on a mold plate.

Your mold plate has to have the desired bear shape and can be large or small, depending on your preferred gummy bear size.

You control the deposition of the slurry in the molds via a PLC that determines each deposit’s weight.

Consequently, you will achieve the formation of gummy bears with the same weight.

v. Cooling and Packaging

Upon depositing the viscous slurry on the mold plates, you transfer the plates via conveyers through a cooling tunnel.

Cooling ensures the gummy bears solidify into hard candy ready for packaging.

The cooling process typically takes between six and ten minutes and is propagated by high-speed fans through forced convection.

From here, the gummy bears are transferred to storage, where they are allowed to dry and harden before packaging.

The drying process can take up to twelve hours, depending on the desired texture and hardness.

Thereafter, the gummy bears are separated from the plates and packaged in various weight measures.

How do you Install Gummy Bear Machine?

After purchasing the gummy bear machine, you safely transport it to your premises, where you install it.

Your supplier or manufacturer can take you through the installation process to ensure your set up is alright.

When installing the gummy bear machines, you follow the steps below:

Prepare the area you intend to install the gummy bear machine by cleaning and raising the floor level where required.

Ensure you have the appropriate space requirements to fit the gummy bear machine in your desired layout.

Set up the machine in the layout of your choice within your allocated space.

You can use a linear design or U-type or L-type configuration for your gummy bear machine.

You then provide your gummy bear machine the required external connections such as water and compressed air.

You use water to mix up the ingredients, whereas compressed air has multiple uses, such as in the depositor.

After making the necessary external connections, you connect the gummy bear machine to the mains.

Most gummy bear machines use three-phase power with a multiple wire connection that includes a ground path.

You only power up the gummy bear machine after making all the necessary connections.

Having a representative of the manufacturer allows you to identify unfamiliar responses and execute a successful debug process.

What can Hamper the Functionality of Gummy Bear Machine?

When operating a gummy bear machine, you can encounter a few challenges that will stall your gummy bear-making process.

Your manufacturer can foresee some of these issues and provide troubleshooting options in the product pamphlet.

Some of the issues that can hamper your gummy bear machine’s functionality include:

Slow Heating of the Cooking Tank

You heat the gummy bear ingredients in the cooking tank to prepare the slurry for your gummy bears.

The heating method you use for the cooking tank can be electrical or steam-powered and controlled by a PLC.

Sometimes you experience slow heating.

You can attribute this to a valve issue or leakage in the chamber jacket.

Checking both the inlet and trap valves alongside draining water from the jacket remedies the situation.

Pump Failure

The pump can fail for various reasons, such as an overload or mechanical jam.

When your machine misses a phase or the syrup does not thoroughly washout, the pump fails.

You can solve a pump failure issue by clearing the pump of syrup and other particles using hot water.

You can also check the pump’s wiring and current values to establish whether an electrical fault causes the failure.

Over-heated Motor

When the gummy bear machine’s motor overheats, it can impair the machine’s functionality.

You attributed over-heating of the motor to two significant factors: a power overload and missed phase.

You address the challenge of having an over-heated motor by examining the current flow path and quantity.

A current measuring device such as a multimeter is handy in this case.

Failure of the Agitator

Your gummy bear machine’s agitator can fail due to a missed phase, power overload, or broken bearing.

You can always check the electrical connections of the agitator to establish a fault in the wiring.

Additionally, in the event of an overload, you use a multimeter to check the current values.

Also crucial in solving the issue of a jammed agitator is checking the bearings.

Depositor Failure

The depositor dispenses the gummy fluid into the mold to make your gummy bears.

The depositor can fail to execute its role due to inadequate power or failure of the motor controller.

You can evaluate and solve issues with the depositor by checking the electrical connection to ensure enough current is passed.

Also, ensure the motor is in good working condition while providing enough power.

Vacuum Deficiency

You find vacuum issues down to inadequate water supply, a malfunctioning pump, or air leakage.

You prevent vacuum issues with your gummy bear machine by checking the air inlet’s seal and the water supply.

How much do Gummy Bear Machines Cost?

You have different types of gummy bear machines to choose from with other technical parameters.

The cost of these machines will depend on various factors such as automation level, speed, and production capacity.

Based on the level of automation, you can purchase gummy bear machines at the following costs:

  • The small-scale gummy bear machine can set you back between 10,000 and 30,000 USD.
  • You can get the automatic gummy bear machine for between 60,000 and 160,000 USD.
  • With a fully automatic gummy bear machine, expect to pay upwards of 120,000 USD up to 280,000 USD.

What Equipment do you need Alongside Gummy Bear Machine?

The gummy bear machine encompasses different equipment that is essential in making gummy bears.

Some of this equipment includes:

· Blending System for Additives

You use the blending system to introduce and blend additives to the gummy bear syrup from the cookers.

Additives are used to enhance flavor and provide color to the gummy bear candy.

· Coil and Tanis Jet Cookers

These cookers help you develop the gummy bear candy slurry by cooking the ingredients under defined temperature and pressure.

· Candy Cleaner

The candy cleaner is useful in sprucing the gummy bear candy on completion of molding.

· Gel Conditioning

Gel conditioning allows you to condition your gummy bear candy to achieve the desired quality.

You can use the T-Gel Starch Conditioning to separately condition the starch used to prepare the gummy bear candy.

· Oiling Drum

The oiling drum allows you to add an extra layer of polish to your gummy bear paste to enhance the candy’s appearance.

· Sander

You use a sander to coat your molded candy with sugar before the cooling and hardening process.

The sander is automated and controlled by a PLC.

· Weigher

You use the weigher to measure out the gummy bear ingredients in the required mix proportions.

You have a pump attached to the weigher to move the ingredients to the mixer.

What is the Best Technique in using Gummy Making Machine?

When using the gummy bear machine, you can employ different techniques in preparing your candy.

However, you achieve the best results with your gummy bear machine when you use the starch molding process.

The starch molding technique gives you gummy bear candy with enhanced consistency and unrivaled flavor.

You have the gummy bear machine to thank as you can include more ingredients and additives to your gummy syrup.

What are the Stages Involved in Gummy Making using the Gummy Bear Machine?

You find starch molding commonly employed in the making of gummy bear candy.

You use the following stages in the preparation using the gummy bear machine:


The preparation stage involves setting the gummy bear machine right with the desired program commands.

You also ensure you have all the required ingredients to make your gummy candy.

Mixing the Ingredients

You uniquely formulate your gummy bear by following a recipe that includes several ingredients in different measures.

You can manually add ingredients or develop ingredients feeding program for your automated gummy bear machine.

You mix the ingredients in an in-line mixer and cook under heat and pressure in a cooker.

You obtain a gummy slurry from this process to test for various factors such as quality and consistency.

Gummy Bear Formation

You use the gummy slurry to make gummy bears through a molding process.

You deposit the gummy syrup on mold plates in the shape of bears, after which they pass through a cooling tunnel.

You let the gummy bears dry and harden by transferring them to a dry room for up to seventy-two hours.


You detach the gummy bears from the mold trays into a packaging line packed according to weight.

You can manually pack the gummy bears weighing using digital scales or automatically via a PLC controlled system.

How do you Control the Process Quality when using Gummy Bear Machine?

Quality is essential when using a gummy bear machine to ensure your gummy candy conforms to the set food standards.

Humans consume gummy bear, and you, therefore, ensure it is safe for consumption without posing a significant health risk.

You begin your quality control process when selecting your gummy bear candy ingredients.

The substances you use to make gummy candy should be safe and fit for human consumption.

Furthermore, your gummy candy machine should be subject to necessary sanitary standards being used in making edible products.

Ensure the personnel monitoring the gummy bear machine are appropriately presented with hair caps, face masks, and gloves.

As the gummy syrup transitions from one station to another, carry out batch tests on the product.

You establish the gummy’s substance levels, ensuring they are within the recommended levels set by the food standards.

Can you Encounter Problems when using Gummy Bear Machine?

When using the gummy bear machine, you encounter challenges as you would in any other manufacturing process.

Some of the common challenges include:

  • The gummy bear candy becomes overly sticky due to a mismatch in the ingredients or mixing process.

You encounter this problem wear the hopper feeding ingredients allows in more or less than is required.

  • Your ingredients can fail to mix adequately due to the inefficiency of the in-line mixer or inadequate hydration.
  • You can also have very watery syrup or very thick slurry affecting the gummy bear candy’s quality.
  • Your gelatin can set prematurely or fail to set at all due to ingredient incompatibility or temperature variations.
  • The depositor may malfunction and disburse an unequal amount of gummy candy into the mold tray.

The result is you have gummy bears of different sizes and subsequently weight.

How can you Improve the Working of Your Gummy Bear Machine?

Improving your gummy bear production equipment‘s working is essential in ensuring you maintain a solid foothold in your industry.

Furthermore, an efficient gummy bear machine impacts the quality of the gummy bear.

Aspects of your gummy bear machine you can improve include:

  • Improving the molding process to be more flexible in terms of speed and capacity.
  • Enhance the additive procedure to support more tastes and preferences as per consumer demand.
  • Elaborate the packaging process to increase the output of gummy bears in bags per minute.

Gummy bear production equipment

Gummy bear production equipment

What Measures are used to Monitor Quality of Gummy Bear Machines?

Gummy bear machines are subject to quality standards that ensure they are safe to use and their output safe for consumption.

Common standards you find necessary for the gummy bear machine include:

· Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

The cGMP ensures your gummy bear machine maintains a certain level of quality in its manufacturing undertaking.

For instance, cGMP recommend your gummy machine should minimize their emissions to below a certain level.

· Standards by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

You employ the gummy bear machine in making candy for human consumption, which is subject to FDA standards.

The FDA standards ensure you do not have harmful substances in your candy while allowed substances are within the recommended levels.

Other quality standards are CE, RoHS and CCC, amongst others.

Are there New Technologies in Gummy Bear Machines?

Improvements are welcome in every industry, including the manufacture of gummy bear machines.

When you have better technology, your gummy bear machine is more efficient while the production levels improve.

You find gummy bear machine manufacturers making these machines with lower emission rates to reduce the carbon footprint.

Additionally, out of safety concerns, many gummy bear machines have starch dryers fabricated with blast walls.

When purchasing gummy bear machines, you find some manufacturers provide such multipurpose machines.

Consequently, you can use this gummy bear machine to make other candy without investing in different equipment.

In short, once you consider everything in this guide, you will definitely get high performance gummy bear machine.

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture a range of gummy bear machines, depending on your unique specifications.

Contact us now for all your gummy bear machines.

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