Gummy Counting Machine

Gummy Counting Machine

Without an accurate and efficient gummy counting machine, monitoring the overall production process can be a real challenge.

The best part – this guide will help you choose highly efficient and reliable gummy counting machine.

You will find answers to all questions you have been asking – keep reading.

1. What Is A Gummy Counting Machine?

A gummy counting machine is a device that will help you accurately count gummy candy in your production line.

gummy counting machine

2. What Are The Benefits Of Gummy Counting Machines?

These include the following:


It is possible to purchase either a manual or automatic gummy counting machine.

This means you can purchase one according to your budget.


A gummy counting machine offers accurate counting processes.

The level of accuracy is high in automatic versions of gummy counting machines as it has sensors.

Enhanced Quality

The gummy counting machine minimizes the possibility of the gummy candy breaking during the counting process.

This means you maintain the quality of the final product after the counting process.

Simple Maintenance

It is easy to maintain a gummy counting machine as you only require cleaning and lubrication to ensure it performs well.

Increased Throughput

Depending on the level of automation, you can count several gummy candies per unit time.

This increases your output meaning you can meet your demands within a short time.

Quality Construction

The construction material quality is robust and stabilizes the gummy counting machine across the entire process.


A gummy counting machine offers security features ensuring high safety standards during operation.

For instance, automatic versions have sensors that can shut down the machine in emergencies.

3. What Are The Limitations Of A Gummy Counting Machine?

Some limitations of a gummy counting machine include the following:

Initial Cost

If you prefer to purchase a fully automatic gummy counting machine, you will end up spending more than when buying manual machines.

Sensor Error

When dust accumulates on the sensors, errors might occur during the counting process.


For the advanced versions of gummy counting machines, you will have to train your personnel to correctly operate the machine.

4. What Should You Consider When Buying A Gummy Counting Machine?

Whenever you want to buy a gummy counting machine, you should consider the following key parameters:

Production Capacity

It is important to know how many gummies you want to produce in your production line.

This allows you to select a gummy counting machine that matches your production capacity without any delays.


There are several gummy counting machine manufacturers and they will each make machines with different features and capacities.

Ensure the brand you select meets all your production needs.

Quality Standards

Ensure the gummy counting machine you purchase complies with the relevant quality standards.

This ensures your products are safe for consumption and you will be on the right side of the law.


The amount you have will have a huge impact on the gummy counting machine you can afford.

For instance, fully automatic gummy counting machines cost more than semi-automatic or manual gummy counting machines.


Select a gummy counting machine that can operate effectively with no issues.

Furthermore, you might have to train your personnel if you happen to purchase complex gummy counting machines.

5. What Are The Categories Of Gummy Counting Machines?

There are two broad categories of gummy counting machines, and they include the following:

Manual Gummy Counting Machines

These are low-cost gummy counting machines.

However, they need operators otherwise they cannot operate independently.

For this reason, they have a limited production capacity as the counting capacity relies on how hard laborers are operating.

 manual gummy counting machine

Also, they have fewer parts thus simple to use and maintain.

Besides, they have a low production capacity and are suitable for small gummy production businesses.

Furthermore, it is difficult to integrate a manual gummy counting machine into a production line.

Automatic Gummy Counting Machines

There are two categories under automatic gummy counting machines.

These are the fully automatic and the semi-automatic gummy counting machines.

Fully automatic gummy counting machines are more expensive than their semi-automatic counterpart.

Besides, they have a high production capacity and are suitable for commercial gummy counting processes.

automatic gummy counting machine

They have the latest features and can operate for long hours with minimal supervision.

Semi-automatic gummy counting machines combine both manual features and automatic features.

For this reason, they require some form of human assistance to operate efficiently.

Automatic gummy counting machines will offer you high levels of accuracy, efficiency, and security.

They have automatic features that increase the level of safety for operators and the working environment.

Also, you can integrate automatic gummy counting machines into a production line thus streamlining your entire gummy production process.

This includes processes from gummy making to gummy packaging.

Furthermore, you can use software to update the automatic versions of gummy counting machines.

6. Why Should You Invest In A Gummy Counting Machine?

Investing in a gummy counting machine will boost your business in various ways.

These include the following:

Quality Gummy Counting

The machine will help you place the right amount of gummy candy in packages.

This assists you maintain the consistency of the final product while minimizing wastage.

Increased Production

A gummy counting machine will enhance your production as the machines have varying counting rates.

A high counting rate means you can fulfill your orders on time thus you can increase your profit margins.

Minimal Operating Cost

Automatic gummy counting machines may seem expensive but will save you a lot of money in the long run.

This is because you will not have recurring operational costs such as labor.


Gummy counting machines have sensors that will minimize or prevent any hazards that might occur during the counting process.


Using automatic gummy counting machines will enable you to maintain high hygiene levels.

This is because operators will not physically touch the gummy candy.

Furthermore, high quality and durable stainless steel material construction increase the hygiene standards.

7. Does A Gummy Counting Machine Allow For Future Expansion?

As you plan on buying a gummy counting machine, consider future expansions for your business.

This refers to the technological improvements that happen from time to time.

Automatic gummy counting machines can allow you to conduct future expansions due to their automatic nature.

Inquire with the manufacturer if the machine is flexible to accommodate any technological changes in your field.

Furthermore, ensure the gummy counting machine can handle the changing demand for gummy candy.

In addition, you need to understand if the gummy counting machine can work with other support equipment in your production line.

8. What Parts Will You Find In A Gummy Counting Machine?

There are several parts you will find and they all depend on the type of gummy counting machine.

For instance, automatic gummy counting machines have more parts that manual gummy counting machines.

Some main parts you will find in gummy counting machines include the following:


This component will receive the gummy candy from the gummy making machine.

Also, it will temporarily hold the gummy candy before they move into the conveyor system during the counting process.


The feeder trays will receive the gummy candy from the hopper.

Transport Mechanisms

This part will assist in moving gummy candy from one part of the machine to another during the counting process.

Motor Unit

These parts of the gummy counting machine convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

It provides the rotational force that will move other components of the gummy counting machine such as gears.


These parts of the gummy counting machines will detect the gummy candy that passes through during the counting process.

As they sense the movement of the gummy candy, they will register the number.

Control Panel

This part of the automatic gummy counting machine allows you to input the counting parameters.

Besides, it allows you to control the whole process from a single station.

Automatic Rejection Unit

This part of the machine will eliminate any gummy candy that does not meet the required specifications.

For instance, this might be broken gummy candy that cannot go to the packaging phase.

Computer System

This part will display all information on how the gummy counting process is progressing.

9. How Does A Gummy Counting Machine Operate?

Here are the steps that take place:

Preparation Phase

In this stage, you will ensure the gummy counting machine is in good working condition.

Also, you will input the gummy candy counting requirements at this stage.

Feeding Phase

As you start operating the machine, the gummy candy will move from the hopper feeder into the machine.

Also, the hopper will control the amount of gummy candy that enters the feeder trays.

In automatic gummy counting machines, hopper sensors can control the gummy candy levels within the feeder trays.

Once the gummy candy exits the feeder trays, it will move to the conveyor system.

Counting Phase

In this stage, it is necessary to control how fast the conveyor system, which has the gummy candy, is moving.

Sensors on the gummy counting machine will detect gummy candy that goes past it and register the count.

Other gummy counting machines have photoelectric sensors that assist in counting gummy candy.

As the gummy counting process proceeds, sensors will detect and reject gummy candy that is unfit for packaging.

The screen monitor will display the information on how the gummy counting process is ongoing.

This process continues until you count all the gummy candy.

10. What Features Will You Find In A Gummy Counting Machine?

These include:

  • Stainless steel material construction
  • Simple to operate
  • Unique counting design with smooth operation
  • 12-month warranty
  • Compliance with quality certifications
  • +/- 0.1 to 0.2% accuracy

11. How Will You Ensure A Gummy Counting Machine Continues To Operate Effectively?

Conduct frequent inspections to ensure the machine is in good working condition.

Repair or replace worn-out components with genuine ones.

Ensure you lubricate all moving parts to minimize the rate of wear and tear.

Regularly clean the machine to remove dirt and debris that might affect how the sensors operate.

12. What Can You Count Using A Gummy Counting Machine?

The products you can count with a gummy counting machine are gummy candy, medicinal gummy candy, and other kinds of confectionery.

13. What Support Equipment Can You Use With A Gummy Counting Machine?

The automatic versions of a gummy counting machine allow you to use it with other support equipment in the production line.

Such machines include the following:

gummy making machine

 gummy packing machine

gummy depositor

  • Gummy cleaner
  • Gummy weighing machine

 gummy weighing machine

14. What Are The Safety Features Of A Gummy Counting Machine?

Safety is a vital element that a gummy counting machine should contain.

For this reason, ensure the gummy counting machine has sensors.

The sensors have the capacity of isolating errors or flaws with the gummy counting machine.

Also, it can detect the presence of human hands and will shut off the machine to prevent any injuries.

15. What Quality Standards Should A Gummy Counting Machine Conform To?

A gummy counting machine should conform to quality standards as it ensures the safety of products during operation.

Examples of these quality standards include the following:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMP]
  • CE electronic quality certification
  • ISO certification
  • SGS certification
  • Food and Drug Administration [FDA] certification

16. Can You Use A Gummy Counting Machine With A Gummy Packaging Machine?

Yes, you can incorporate the automatic version of the gummy counting machine with a gummy packaging machine.

This will streamline your production process as once you count the gummy candy, you can immediately package them.

gummy packaging machine

17. What Troubleshooting Mechanisms Can You Apply On A Gummy Counting Machine?

It is important to understand the parts of a gummy counting machine to troubleshoot some common errors.

Some troubleshooting techniques include the following:

Gummy Candy Jamming

The main reason for such an error is a high operating speed.

Solve this by controlling vibration from the deeding system.

Counting Flaws

This may be due to an incorrect end and counting duration.

Solve this by adjusting the photoelectric sensors to the millisecond unit.

Erroneous Counting Sensor Unit

This may be due to the accumulation of dust on the sensors.

Solve this by cleaning the sensors or in extreme cases, replacing or repairing damaged sensors.

18. What Are The User Requirement Specifications Of A Gummy Counting Machine?

URS are technical documents that the manufacturer of the gummy counting machine will produce.

It contains several elements such as:

  • Machine specification
  • Quality standardization
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Inspection equipment protocol
  • Responsibilities, among others

19. What Are The Applications Of A Gummy Counting Machine?

A gummy counting machine will find its use in areas such as:

  • Confectionery industries
  • Medical industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industries

20. What Is The Cost Of A Gummy Counting Machine?

The cost of a gummy counting machine depends on several factors such as:

Level Of Automation

Fully automatic gummy counting machines cost more than semi-automatic or manual gummy counting machines.

Production Capacity

A gummy counting machine with a high counting capacity costs more than that with a small counting rate.

Size And Configuration

Large commercial gummy counting machines cost more than small-scale gummy counting machines.

Taking all these into consideration, the cost of a gummy counting machine may start anywhere from 5000 USD.

21. What Validation Tests Do You Need For A Gummy Counting Machine?

It is vital for both you and your manufacturer to test the gummy counting machine at several stages.

The main validation tests you need include:

Factory Assessment Test [FAT]

This test happens at the manufacturer’s premise before packaging and shipping.

It ensures that all components are in good working condition.

The manufacturer will have enough time to fix issues should some occur.

Also, the manufacturer should use your URS when manufacturing the machine.

Once the machine passes the test, it gets a FAT certificate.

Installation Qualification [IQ] Test

This test confirms that all components are in order.

An IQ certificate represents a successful IQ test.

Operational Qualification [OQ] Test

This test happens once you successfully install the gummy counting machine.

It entails testing the machine to ensure it meets your counting requirements.

A successful test earns the machine an OQ certificate.

22. Why Should You Import A Gummy Counting Machine From China?

Importing a gummy counting machine from China offers the following benefits:

  • A high quality machine that meets the value for money spent
  • They can meet the number of machines you need easily
  • Once your order is approved, you will receive your machine within a short time
  • Efficient transportation as the machine can reach you via sea, air, rail, or road, depending on your location
  • The gummy counting machines are durable and will last a long time

For all your gummy counting machines, we are here to offer cost effective and reliable solutions – contact us now.

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