Gummy Making Machine

Gummy Making Machine

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What is Gummy Making Machine?

A Gummy Making Machine is a piece of confectionary equipment used in making a variety of gummy candies.

G150 gummy production line

Gummy Candy Production Line

What are the Different Types of Gummy Making Machine?

There are a variety of Gummy Making Machines found at your disposal.

Majorly, there are two categories of gummy making machines:

Fully Automated

Comprises all the gummy manufacturing machines that automatically perform all the processes.

These types of machines require minimal human labour.


Gummy making machines that fall under this category are labour-intensive.

The semi-automation makes them require regular human assistance to perform their functions.

Notably, gummy making machines also differ in dimensions, power consumption, production conditions, and output levels.

These variations in features make a gummy making machine suitable for either large-scale or small-scale candy production.

What are the Various Applications of Gummy Making Machine?

Some of the common uses of Gummy Making Machine comprise manufacturing of:


Gummy making machines are helpful in the food processing industry to manufacture gummy candy.

Also, you can modify them to produce other confectionaries depending on what you need.

The various gummy candies you can make include:

  • Jelly beans
  • Lego gummy
  • Gummy Sharks
  • Jelly bottles
  • Fruit Jelly
  • Jelly rings


The pharmaceutical world also embraces the use of Gummy Making Machines.

You can use these machines to manufacture Nutraceuticals extracted from healthy and nutrient-packed foods.

All you need to do is add nutraceuticals to your gummy candy ingredients.

Gummy Making Machines give nutraceuticals an appealing look.

It is, therefore, easy to administer them to children in measured doses.

Which in turn boosts their immunity.

What are the Main Features of Gummy Making Machine?

The main features of a Gummy Making Machine are in terms of:

Control System

Most Gummy Making Machines have a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is touch screen.

Also, they have LED touch panels for efficient and easy control.

Output Level

Various Gummy Making Machines have different output levels.

Depending on your production need, you can choose either a machine with a small or large output level.

This is a crucial feature when you are production-oriented.


Many Gummy Making Machines enable change of molds.

As a result, you can create various shapes of candies. Also, this helps you produce either soft or hard candy.

Production Type

A Gummy Making Machine can have the same line production.

Meaning, you can produce both hard and soft candy using one machine.

This is possible because of the changeable molds.

Also, one machine can produce candies with varied colors.

Operational Specification

There are distinct types of gummy manufacturing equipment: semi-automatic and automatic machine.

How do you Check the Quality of Gummy Making Machine?

Arguably, a Gummy Making Machine’s quality depends on its intended use – small or large scale.

For that reason, you can examine the various features and gauge the quality of the machine.

Apart from that, you should consider the following to check the quality:

The Manufacturer

Conceivably, a good is as good as its manufacturer.

Therefore, the manufacturer’s reputation will help you gauge the quality of a Gummy Making Machine.

Documentation and Certification

Importantly, certification and documentation are prerequisites for any quality good.

A quality Gummy Making Machine must adhere to the set industry guidelines during its manufacture.

The standard guidelines include:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) enforced by FDA, which ensures that the machine is per the accepted manufacturing practices
  • CE certification mark implies the machine’s electrical parts conform to the European quality, technical, and safety standards.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification to show that the machine is fit for gummy candy production

Physical Inspection

The principle here is simple; see, ascertain, then purchase.

You can physically establish the quality of a Gummy Making Machine by personally examining it.

Also, you can drag along an expert when you plan to do a physical quality check.


We tend to believe what we hear and read from people who have used a product we intend to purchase.

The same applies here.

If you cannot do a physical inspection of the Gummy Making Machine, previous buyers’ testimonials might shed some light.

Are there Custom Options for Gummy Making Machines?

Yes, there are custom gummy making machines available in the market.

For example, you can have various types of moulds that enable you to make both hard and soft candy.

Mostly, a manufacturer can customize a Gummy Making Machine in terms of:

  • Dimensions
  • Output
  • Power requirements
  • Operation requirements
  • Pneumatic requirements

What are the Parts that make up a Gummy Making Machine?

The following are the main parts and components of gummy candy manufacturing machine:

Electrical Unit

The Gummy Making Machine uses electricity to power its operation.

This unit is essential in maintaining the electric energy at the specified voltage.

Any spike in the electric charge may result in inefficiency in the production process.

Control Panel

Gummy Making Machine, similar to any other machine, needs a bit of human operation for efficiency.

The control panel provides this platform.

Most Gummy Making Machines have a touch screen control panel for effective control of the production process.

Generally, this unit will enable you to control the Gummy Making Machine right from the configuration stage.

Conveyor/ Transport System

This aids in transporting the gummy candy from the initial mixing tank to where it is ready for packaging.

There is linkage between the various compartments of the Gummy Making Machine to ensure chain-flow production.

Refrigeration Unit

The entire production process using a Gummy Making Machine results in heat generation.

Consequently, the refrigeration unit is useful in cooling the hot gummy candy by blowing cold air.

Once the gummy candy passes through this unit, it gains its solid-chewable state.

Pneumatic System

For the Gummy Making Machine to fulfill its purpose, it must meet a specific air pressure threshold.

The Pneumatic system ensures this.

It supplies the machine with the needed air pressure at controlled rates.

Ingredients Hopper

Here is where you will initially place all your ingredients.

Notably, the elements at this point are still in their raw state.

From the hopper, the ingredients move to the dissolving tank.

Mixing and Melting/ Dissolving Tank

As the name suggests, this section is where you mix the ingredients.

Importantly, this chamber involves the heating of gelatin and other ingredients to a liquid state.

Once liquid, the entire mixture can flow freely to other parts as a uniform mixture.

Magnate/Mogul/ Molding Station

This part has a straightforward function, gives the candy its shape.

Also, put the candy into the predetermined sizes.


This unit comprises a sequence of metal that vibrates to shake off the extra starch on the gummy candy.

Oscillating Brushes

The shaking-off is not enough to completely remove the starch from the sticky sweets.

As a result, these brushes move to and fro to clean away the remaining extra starch on the candy.

Dust Collection Unit

After dusting off, the excess starch goes into the dust collection unit.

From here, you can choose to either recycle the starch or dispose of it.


You can call them the Gummy Making Machine’s “self-regulatory system.”

The sensors will automatically inhibit the working of the machine if the operating conditions are unfavorable.

Also, they will inform on what levels you need for the appropriate functioning of the machine.

This way, you will be able to calibrate your machine correctly.

Lubrication / Greasing System

As the name suggests, this part of candy making machine helps in lubricating the moving parts of the equipment.

Apart from that, this system has light food-grade oil that retains excess starch from the candy.

How many Operators would you need for a Gummy Making Machine?

The number of operators you will need depends on the type of machine – whether fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual.

Generally, the higher the automation level, the lesser operators you will need.

However, full-automation does not mean the complete elimination of the need of an operator.

What is the Cost of Gummy Making Machine?

The cost of a Gummy Making Machine varies.

Different manufacturers have differing prices for identical or non-identical machines.

Notably, the features or specifications of a machine largely determines its price.

The more advanced a machine, the costlier it is.

What are the Technical Specifications of Gummy Making Machine?

The technical specifications of a gummy making machine are in terms of:


This is majorly the machine’s length.

In a way, the size determines the output level of the machine.

Electric Power Requirement

A larger machine means more power consumption.

Measured in either Kilowatt (kW) or Voltage (V)

Rated Deposit Time

This determines the duration it takes the Gummy Making Machine to deposit the needed number of gummy candies.

Measured in numbers per minute (n/min)


The most important feature is the refrigerator power, which you measure in Kilocalories per hour (kcal/h)

Pneumatic Requirement

There are two classification that include:

  • Compressed air consumption measured in cubic meter per minute (m3/min)
  • Compressed air pressure measured in Mega Pascal (Mpa)

Cooling System Conditions

Classified into two:

  • Room temperature measured in Degree Celsius
  • Humidity measured in Percentage

Gross Weight

Gross weight is how much the entire Gummy Making Machine weighs, measured in Kilograms (Kg).

What is Gummy Making Machine Working Principle?

Typically, the working principle of gummy candy machine involves molding of starch to make gummy candy.

Below is a summary of the entire starch molding process up to the point it becomes gummy candy:

How Gummy Making Equipment Works

 How Gummy Making Equipment Works

Step 1: Preparation

Ascertain that the machine is inefficient working condition.

Make the necessary configurations and calibrations as per the expected outcome.

Assemble all the ingredients in the Gummy Making Machine’s hooper.

Ensure you measure the ingredients appropriately, then power up the machine by pressing the start button.

Step 2: Compounding

Once you have powered up the machine, the ingredients will move from the hooper into the softening and blending tank.

Here, the system will compound the components as per your preference.

The compounding process will last for about three hours.

After the compounding, take a sample from the resulting product and run some quality control tests.

The tests act as a monitoring mechanism if everything is as pre-planned.

Consequently, it helps you correct any shortcomings if need be.

Step 3: Gummy Candy Formation

If the selected sample passes the quality control tests, the bunch moves on from the blending tank into a holding machine.

In the holding compartment or Mogul, the gummy making machine blends with the now liquid ingredients to:

  • Prevent the molten candy from sticking to the molding machine
  • Hold the gummy candies intact during the subsequent stages
  • Retain moisture from the candies, consequently resulting in the desired texture

The Mogul also has molding plates in various shapes and sizes to shape the processed batch appropriately.

The conditions inside the holding compartment make the batch assume a strong state.

The gummy making equipment will load your cluster onto the conveyor belt lines, ready for the final stage.

Step 4: Final Stage

The conveyor belt deposits the cluster into the starch back.

Here, they fall into the sieve’s vibrating metals which shake off the extra starch.

Simultaneously, the oscillating brushes come in to play to aid the vibrating metals to do away with the extra starch.

Now, your batch comprises of purely gummy candies.

You can decide to improve your sticky candy by passing them through the embellishment stage from this stage.

Alternatively, you can remove the defective candies and proceed to pack after ascertaining the final quality.

How do you Import Gummy Making Machine from China?

To smoothly import any commodity, quality standards compliance is at the core.

The same applies to importing a Gummy Making Machine.

For this reason, you need to buy a machine that meets the international quality threshold.

SaintyCo has been in the game long enough to know the importance of quality standards compliance.

The company prides itself on having all the required certifications for its Gummy Making Equipment.

When you visit their website, they will provide you a quotation for the price of gummy candy manufacturing machine.

Lastly, check with your freight forward to get all the necessary documentation required to import the machine.

Which Quality Certifications does Gummy Making Machine have?

Quality Certifications that most Gummy Making Machine have include:

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

cGMP indicates that the machine is per the accepted manufacturing practices

  • CE certification mark

The CE certification mark implies that the machine’s electrical parts conform to the European quality, technical, and safety standards.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification

FDA certification shows  that the machine complies with the prerequisite health concerns and is fit for gummy candy production

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliance Certification

The ten restricted substances as per the RoHS guidelines are:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers
  • Polybrominated Biphenyls
  • 2-Ethylexyl phthalate
  • Dibutyl phthalate
  • Benzyl butyl phthalate
  • Diisobutyl Phthalate

RoHS compliance means that the machine has less than 1000 parts per million (ppm of the listed substances.

Nonetheless, this excludes Cadmium which should be less than 100ppm.

How do you Test Gummy Making Machine?

There are several tests conducted on a Gummy Making Machine.

Either the manufacturer or both of you can perform the tests.

G600 gummy production line-0

Gummy Candy Production Machine

Discussed below are the typical test classifications run on a Gummy Making Machine.

Factor Assessment Test (FAT)

FAT shows all the static tests that the manufacturer has done on the Gummy Making Machine.

The static tests include:

  • Mechanical examination
  • Safety examination
  • Document examination
  • Electrical examination

Also, there are other types of tests conducted under FAT, namely:

  • Dry tests – to test the functioning of the machine without really using the ingredients
  • Performance test – involves the use of actual ingredients and other materials to test the machine’s functioning.

The collective term for both tests is dynamic review tests.

Installation Quality (IQ) Validation

IQ Validation refers to a test conducted on the materials you intend to install on your Gummy Making Machine.

Also, it aims at validating that the manufacturing of your machine is per the agreed specifications.

Operational Quality (OQ) Validation

When satisfied with the materials installed, you check on how they function.

You will conduct this with the aid of a technician provided by the manufacturer.

Performance Quality (PQ) Validation

.The next step is to test the performance of the machine.

This test aims at establishing the maximum conditions the machine will work efficiently.

In PQ, for example, if you want to test the machine’s performance in terms of what load it can support, you overload it.

In doing this, you will know the ‘breaking-point of the machine.

After this final test, the machine can now perform its actual purpose.

NOTE:  For the OQ and IQ tests, a validation document is issued to legitimize the test findings.

How does Gummy Making Machine compare to Candy Making Machine?

The table below shows a comparison between gummy making machine vs. candy making machine:

UsageBoth are used in the manufacture of candy and confectionaries
OperationBoth can operate either automatically or semi-automatically
IngredientsEach uses different ingredients in the manufacturing process
Final ProductsGummy making machine makes spongy and chewable candy while candy making machine manufactures hard candy.
ShapesBoth can make different shapes of candy
SizeGummy Making Machine is larger than the Candy Making Machine

Is there a Difference between Gummy Making Machine and Chocolate Making Machine?

Both machines have similar parts.

Such parts include the conveyors, cooling parts, moulds, etc., however, some traits differ

For example, the Chocolate Making Machine has a vibrating unit to evenly spread the chocolate and remove bubbles.

Which Support Equipment do you need Alongside Gummy Making Machine?

These are equipment you will need during the process of making gummies.

Polishing Machine

This equipment comprises oscillating brushes and vibrating sieves.

The two key components work together to shake off any left debris on the gummy candy.

Counting Equipment

As the name suggests, this machine will help you determine the number of gummy candies you produce.

Consequently, you will gauge the output level.

Also, you can determine how many gummy candies each pack will contain.

Weigher Machine

This machine will help you in ingredients preparation.

It weighs the ingredients no matter their state (solid or liquid) as per the required amount.

Additionally, it efficiently mixes the elements into a homogenous mixture.

Mixing Tank

It is a tank fitted with mixers to facilitate the mixing of gummy candy ingredients.

The size of the mixing tank you will need depends on what level you are doing gummy candy production.

Packaging Device

The packaging device handles all the gummy candy packaging.

It manages the packaging process right from opening the package to sealing it once it has the correct amount of gummy candy.

Coil Cooker Machine

This machine will help you in:

  • Complete dissolution of all the gummy candy ingredients – sugar, glucose slurry, and water.
  • Pre-cooking and cooking of the formed solution

Tanis Jet Cooker

Tanis Jet Cooker is a high-capacity, easy-to-clean cooker.

It assists in cooking starch, which is part of the ingredients used in making gummy candy.

Additive Blending Machine

If you are considering including additives, then you will probably need an additive blending machine.

This is because the appliance provides:

  • The right amount of additives to the mixture
  • An elaborate vitamins insertion system
  • Ability to manipulate and add to the ingredient mixture six various flavours and colors


The oiler or oiling drum is automated to add a polishing agent to the gummy candy.

Some pros of the oiler machine include:

  • It comes in various sizes
  • Enables you to add different amounts of the polishing agent
  • Made up of stainless steel making it hygienic


If you plan to sugarcoat your gummy candy while they are still soft, this is the machine you will need.

Some pros of Sander include:

  • A stainless steel body that ensures hygiene
  • It is adjustable; hence you can incline it at various angles
  • Helps in moisture reduction courtesy of its steamer

Gel Conditioning Machine

The machine will help you in the efficient conditioning of the gummy candy.

It has ventilations hence promoting free air circulation to achieve conditioning.

T-Gel Starch Conditioning Machine

Unlike the Gel Conditioning Machine, the T-Gel Starch Machine helps condition the starch.

It is more sophisticated with a triple sieve system that thoroughly cleans starch.

Gel Molding Starch Machine

As the name suggests, it is a gummy candy molding machine.

The Gel moulding starch machine will help you add starch to the mixture as it molds at different heights.

Gummy Candy Storage

The gummy candy storage facility has a cool and dry condition suitable for storing candy.

After packaging the gummy candies, you can neatly arrange them on the storage shelves.

How do you Install Gummy Making Machine?

Below are Gummy making Machine installation steps:

 Gummy Making machine Layout

 Gummy Making machine Layout

  • Ensure that the site you intend to place the machines is clean.
  • Layout the machine according to its design.
  • Assemble the Gummy Making Machine.
  • Connect the heat protection water gulf to the source pipe.
  • Connect the compacted air to the changing chamber and finding chamber.
  • Since the Gummy Making Machine’s switch uses a three-phase control with a five-wire framework, ensure that your wiring is correct.
  • Proceed to troubleshoot with the help of an engineer.

How do you Choose a Suitable Gummy Making Machine?

When purchasing anything, you need value for your money.

The same applies to buying a Gummy Making Machine.

You will want to buy an economical but efficient machine.

Here are some factors that will help you choose a suitable Gummy Making Machine:

Features of the Machine

Consider all the attributes of the machine and go for one with the desirable features.

When looking at an attribute such as size, remember that the larger the length, the higher the output level.

Output Level

Presumably, you know what output you intend to produce.

Therefore, a suitable Gummy Making machine should be able to meet your desired production level.

Electrical Capacity

It would be best if you went for a machine that minimizes the use of electricity.

Electricity bill is a cost that every producer would want to limit.

A higher electrical capacity spells out increased electricity usage.

Depositing Time

The higher the Gummy Making Machine’s depositing time, the faster the production.

Hence, it is crucial you buy a machine with an average, if not high, depositing time.


The machine operation should be easy to understand.

A difficult-to-use Gummy Making Machine may require you to hire a professional.

Consequently, adding up to your cost of production.


The machine should have all the major certifications, including CE and IS0.

The certifications act as a third-party mark of quality.


Look up how the machine compares to other similar machines from other producers.

Compare the pricing, quality, depositing time, operation, and sophistication.


An easy-to-reach and reliable manufacturer will save you the hassle of buying and ultimately installing the Gummy Making Machine.

Which Candy Shapes can Gummy Making Machine Produce?

Gummy Making Machine can produce all the gummy candy shapes.

The common gummy candy shapes are:

Types of Gummies

 Types of Gummies

  • Jelly beans
  • Lego gummy
  • Gummy Sharks
  • Jelly bottles
  • Fruit Jelly
  • Jelly rings

Can you make Different types of Gummies using Gummy Making Machine?

A Gummy Making Machine refers is an automatic production unit used in making various types of gummies.

All you will need to do is change the ingredients and the molds.

After which, you can proceed to make the gummy you want

What is the Average Service Time for Gummy Making Machine?

Some Gummy Making Machines can produce up to 20,000 gummies per hour.

However, the gummy candy’s drying into a chewable state can last for up to 72 hours.

Which Components of Gummy Making Machine Require Regular Replacement?

The Gummy Making Machine parts you will need to replace are the worn out or old parts.

Majorly, the movable parts, if not greased, they wear out quickly hence the need to replace them.

How do you Troubleshoot Gummy Making Machine?

There are a couple of problems that you may encounter while using a Gummy Making Machine.

Discussed below are some common issues and how to counter them:

Ingredients not Flowing Efficiently

You can address this by ensuring that you set the machine’s ingredients flow at par with the production speed.

Also, you can try unclogging the ingredients entry points for faster flow.

Extra Jelly Like Gummy Bears

In such a scenario, probably the machine is not thoroughly mixing the ingredients.

Alternatively, there is a problem with the blending cycle.

To remedy this issue, you can confirm if you are putting in the right amount of ingredients.

Also, ascertain if you are within the machine’s blending limit.

Damaged Gummy Candies

Such an issue may be due to outright errors.

One thing you will do is to check that if there is correct arrangement of the Gummy Making Machine’s vital boundaries.

What is the Recommended Maintenance Procedure for Gummy Making Machine?

To do maintenance on your Gummy Candy Machine, follow the below steps:

Disconnect the Machine

Though obvious, detaching the machine from the power source is essential.

Subsequently, let the machine cool off before commencing with the maintenance.


Certainly, you can not clean the machine while it’s intact.

Strictly use the manual to disassemble the machine parts without damaging them.


After the disassembling, you can proceed to clean the machine’s parts.

Use materials that will not result in any problems.

Cleaning materials you can use include brushes, fabric, water, and cleansers.

Ensure you wipe dry the parts using a clean cloth.


Most parts of the machine have readily available spare parts.

Ensure you replace the worn-out or old parts.

Failure to do so may lead to the gradual collapse of the entire machine.


Similarly to disassembling, assemble back the machine using the machine’s manual.

What is Gummy Candy?

Gummy candy refers to flavored sweet made from gelatin.

Majorly, you make it in animal shapes, such as bears, to appeal to the children.

It is also known as jelly candy or gummies.

What are the Benefits of Gummy Making Machine?

Here are some reasons why you will want to get yourself a Gummy Making Machine:

  • Depending on the machine’s automation level, you will realize reduced labor costs.
  • The machine’s automatic nature results in an increase in production.
  • Monitoring and adjustment of production operations are simpler thanks to a touch screen and a PLC control panel used for configuration.
  • The machine is less prone to contamination since it is majorly made of stainless steel.
  • The human interface on the machine makes it easy to operate.
  • Low maintenance cost as you only need to regularly clean and oil the moving parts.

Are there Limitations of using Gummy Making Machine?

As many would like to say, nothing is entirely perfect.

Below are the few drawbacks that a Gummy Making Machine  would have:

  • The machine has high pricing.
  • Also, there is a high installation cost attached to it.
  • Lastly, the inappropriate use of the machine’s drying unit poses an explosion risk.

At SaintyCo, we help you find the best machines for your gummy production needs.

So depending on your production needs, you will find gummy making machines that meet unique production requirements in you facility – contact us now for more information.

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