Gummy Packaging Machine


Gummy Packaging Machine

The traditional way of packaging gummy bears and other candies is slow and outdated. It can lead to production delays and lost profits.

The Gummy Packaging Machine is the solution you need!

It is fast, efficient, and easy to use. You will be able to package your gummies quickly and easily with this machine.

Let’s look at some of the most FAQs about this machine:

1. What Is Gummy Packaging Machine?

Gummy packaging is a small-footprint, fully automatic packaging machine for the fast and efficient multi­packing of gummy candies in pillow packs, humidity, and any mechanical influence.

The relationship between the product and package is defined by size, shape, and material.

Gummy packaging machines are used for packaging Gummies efficiently and appealingly. Gummy packaging machines come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect machine for your Gummy production line.

You can easily organize your gummies by flavor, type, or brand with a gummy packaging machine.

You’ll never have to worry about stale or melted candy again.

Plus, these machines are incredibly easy to use- all you must do is load up the candies, and the machine does the rest!

Depending on your Gummy production needs, gummy packaging machines can be manual or automatic.

Gummy packaging machines can also package other Gummies, such as jellybeans, marshmallows, and chocolates.

Gummy Packaging Machine

2. Which Features of Gummy Packaging Machine Should You Look For?

There are multiple features of gummy packaging machines that indicate the machine’s advanced processing systems, speed, and efficiency.

Some of the main highlighting features are given as:

        i. High-Quality, Automatic Machine System

The gummy packaging machine is easy to use, saves time and staff, improves product safety and quality.

The gummy packaging machine features a pneumatic control system is integrated with the PLC servo system to provide full automation in the manufacturing process.

The machine controls all the systems, including labeling, measurements, loading materials, packing, and transporting in one go with itself due to a fully automatic system.

      ii. High Accuracy and High Efficiency

The gummy packaging machine has higher accuracy when it comes to packing efficiently. Some machines give about 99.97% accuracy in packaging and with the speed of about 200000-350000 grains of gummies packaging per hour.

    iii. High Packaging Speed

The main feature of this machine is that the production speed can reach up to 20-80 packs or bottles per minute on a smaller level.

The larger machine can produce thousands of packs per hour.

The main process involved in this machine is that the foil paper will be arranged and sorted by the photoelectric system.

After that, it will be cut into the required size; it will be heated under high temperature by Teflon strip, side seal, and top seal will take place at the same time of forming a bag.

    iv. Touch Control System

The touch control system of the gummy packaging machine makes it stand out among all manual and semiautomatic packaging machines.

You can control the whole process just by screen with a little skill of understanding the parameters.

The touch screen is also capable of showing the error anywhere in the gummy packaging machine, which indicates the higher intelligent software system of the machine.

3. What are the Components of a Gummy Packaging Machine?

A gummy packaging machine consists of different components interconnected to perform various actions.

Some of the main parts of a gummy packaging machine are as follows:

        i. PLC Control Board

This PLC system controls the whole machine operation under one screen in a gummy packaging machine.

The touch screen system can control and regulate all the parameters in various processes of the gummy packaging machine.

There is no need to go to each component to change or check any system performance and errors because this PLC control board will provide you with every error report it occurs.

      ii. Transport or Conveyor System

The distribution or transport system of the gummy packaging machine is designed to run the drop-by-drop product through the outlet.

The moulding of gummy candies follows a hard impaction forming process and then drops into the storage hopper.

The conveying, orientation, and drop-down system are heavy-duty middle chains conveyors oriented by rollers.

    iii. Feeder System

In a Gummy Packaging Machine, the feeder system loads gummies into the machine for packaging.

It uses dispensing belts to dispense jellybean candies into the gummy machine.

The feed of the gummies is extremely important in your gummy packaging machine.

Because not all gummies are the same size and colour, you must know your gummy size and colour before purchasing a gummy packaging machine.

Gummy Packaging Machine Feeder System

    iv. Sealing System

Gummy Packaging Machine comes with a heat-sealing system.

Temperature can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.

This machine can pack up to 80 pieces in one minute, or this number can vary according to the machine size and specifications.

Ensuring that the sealing system is well packaged is necessary to guarantee the gum.

This component allows the gummies to prevent air involvement in the pack or bottle to avoid any bacterial or harmful process.

      v. Printing System

The fully automatic gummy packaging machine can support several different printing or labelling systems, including hot-stamp, cold foil, TEMA, Letterpress, and the most utilized Flexo.

This system has the advantages of stable performance, accurate registration, and adjustable print size.

It can apply logos, trademarks, and other promotional content on the base paper.

    vi. Electric Unit

The gummy packaging machine uses an electric controller and frequency converter.

Each process is controlled by an individual servo motor and PLC, allowing the packaging machine to work rapidly, accurately, and stably.

The electric system is responsible for providing energy to run the whole process by any means.

  vii. Lubrication System

This system maintains all the moving parts of the gummy packaging machine by providing it with oil, preventing moving parts from friction.

4. How Does Gummy Packaging Machine Work?

The gummy packaging machine is a brand-new innovation that combines gummies’ traditional moulding and packing.

Gummy packaging machine designed and developed with user-friendly interface.

This provides a quick, effective, and unmatched solution with accurate dosing to win over your production line bottlenecks.

The working principle of this machine works when it is attached to the gummy-making machine or production line.

There are a few processes of this machine which are given as:

        i. Supplying The Machine

In the feeding process, the feeding roller pushes the gummy candy forward to push out of the hopper into a production.

Gummies are delivered to the product funnel from a hopper. The Gummy Feeding System can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Options include vibratory, rotary, and single file feeders for your high-speed line.

      ii. Packaging

In this process, gummies move into their packs in any shape, whether a bottle, pouch, or bag. This process continues until all the candies are filled inside the packs as per the weight set by the production line per bag.

The gummy packaging machine uses the same process as in other industries.

They also use vacuum packaging to keep them fresh and contamination-free.

To ensure high-quality company regulations, every pouch is labelled as the current and expiry date during the packaging process.

    iii. Package Sealing

The process of sealing gummies packs through a gummy packaging machine is very simple. First, the gum is placed in a bag with air holes or an open container.

The bag or container is put into the gummy packing machine, where the temperature and pressure are adjusted.

As the maker heats, seals, and cools the contents, it also adds air to remove any air pockets inside the package/container.

There’s no need for packaging to have any openings because all of it will get sealed shut once more before being ready for shipping.

 Gummy Packaging Machine Working Gummy Packaging Machine Working

5. Why Invest In Gummy Packaging Machine

You should invest in a gummy packaging machine because it increases your profits, the quality of your products, and your company’s output.

It will help you increase the quality of your product, which would be otherwise hard to achieve.

The second benefit of using this machine is its ability to improve the productivity level of your workforce.

Moreover, this gummy packaging machine can save you more space and increase the unpacked products packed per hour.

6. Why Is cGMP Compliance Critical For Gummy Packaging Machines?

Since the FDA has instituted stricter guidelines for gummy manufacturing, there are now more regulations about specific requirements for gummy packaging machines.

The key factor is that the machines used for producing and packing the products must be sanitary and easy to clean.

This is to prevent any potential contamination or risks of cross-contamination.

Since the equipment used to produce and package gummy candy is considered part of the food production process, it must be able to maintain reliable and consistent product quality. And because it’s not possible to clean every machine’s surface with a sanitizer or disassemble the equipment between batches, it must be designed for ease of cleaning.

Manufacturers of gummy candies must be aware that the process and equipment used in their manufacturing follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

That is, as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration.

Although this is paramount for all food products, it’s especially important for a product like gummies – which everyone from children consumes to mature adults.

7. Where Can You use Gummy Packaging Machine?

There are several industries where you can use the gummy packaging machine.

Main industries in which this Machine use is as follows:

        i. Pharmaceutical Business

The gummy packaging machine is often used for packaging and delivering medicinal products in the pharmaceutical industry.

The gummy Packaging machine is used for packing solids, granules, and powders in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gummy Packaging Machine Usage In Pharmaceutical Business

      ii. Food Industry

Manufacturers prefer gummy packaging types of machinery in the food industry due to the numerous benefits that come with them.

It is easy to operate, its high productivity, and the fact that it is not labour intensive makes it favorable for most manufacturers.

    iii. Industrial Applications

Gummy packaging machine also capable of handling multiple industrial products packaging including toys, plastic, etc.

    iv. Herbal Industry

Due to the high demand for herbal products in the market, the companies are now using gummy packaging machines.

That is, to produce in large scale and for their also for the safety of the products.

8. What Is The Purpose Of Product Conveyor In Gummy Packaging Machine?

The purpose of the product conveyor is a gummy packaging solution that automatically transfers products from the production line to the machine at a certain speed.

The product conveyor, otherwise known as the loading conveyor, is a part that helps out speed up the process of transferring products into bags or containers.

Some of our Gummy Packaging Machines (not all) have a built-in weight checker that feeds the product with a conveyor belt and stops it for weight checkups.

After the product passes the weight check, it gets fed into the forming tube and processed.

9. How Do You Conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) For Gummy Packaging Machine?

The factory acceptance test’s purpose is to identify the issues in the machine and quickly resolve them to get a certificate of acceptance in the international market.

The steps of this test are as follows:

        i. Preparation

First, you must make a list of objectives that need to be done to pass this test. Then make sure to incorporate all list objectives in the contract papers.

During preparation, include all the parties and show them the testing procedure to determine possible outcomes.

      ii. Testing

Now in the testing process machine will be judged in two different conditions, including static and dynamic.

  • In the static condition, electrical machine system, machine safety, and mechanical parts inspection are held to ensure they are perfect.
  • In a dynamic test machine, it is properly run with and without the ingredient to check its performance. The dry test will also play a vital role in test results and machine efficiency.

    iii. Inspection

After performing all tests, the inspection of the machine will conclude the final results and give the green signal to the party about machine performance and cleaning processes.

10. Can You Integrate Gummy Packaging Machine with Gummy Making Machine?

Well, it is possible to do so. First, you must choose the right type of gummy making and the gummy packaging machine.

The gummy packaging machine is the extension of the gummy making machine.

It is important to attach the production line of the gummy making machine or sorting machine to the gummy packaging machine.

Like the gummy-making machine, our gummy packaging machine also adopts the PLC control system, enabling easy integration of the two machines.

The fully automatic packing machine cannot only pack gummy candy(bear candy).

But also can be combined with the gummy-making machine, which feeds the candies onto the conveyor belt.

11. How Much Does Gummy Packaging Machine Cost?

Gummy Packaging Machine Cost varies based on the equipment company and customization requirements.

Gummy Packaging Machine is designed and engineered to withstand the everyday use of your company.

The cost of a gummy packaging machine depends on the production speed means how many bags or KG it can produce.

For large production levels, the price of gummy packaging machines can be in the range of $10000-$200000 with a capacity of 150Kg-1000Kg per hour.

For smaller businesses, you can purchase it with a minimum of $2500-$4000.

12. How Should You Maintain Gummy Packaging Machine?

Regular maintenance of the gummy packaging machine is necessary to avoid defects or irregularities.

To do this task, there are several steps in maintaining this machine.

        i. Cleaning Of Machine

The machine should be clean on the outer side regularly to avoid any contamination in the food packaging.

There is a need to wash all the food contact potions in gummy packaging equipment, which will help to eliminate the greasy or sticky material on the machine.

Always use the recommended detergents to wash off the machine parts and avoid any metal which might get in contact with machine parts to cause surface irregularities.

      ii. Food Hopper Cleaning

The food hopper is one of the main parts of the gummy packaging machine. The food hopper needs to be clean and disinfected.

To ensure food quality and health

    iii. Replacement of Defected Parts

To increase the service life of the gummy packaging machines, the damaged parts should be replaced and checked regularly.

    iv. Machine Parts Lubrication

Proper lubrication of the gummy packaging machine is necessary for good, reliable operation. After washing the machine, parts are free from oil, so it must lubricate all the moving parts to enhance machine efficiency.

13. What Causes Failure In Gummy Packaging Machine? How Can You Troubleshoot These Problems?

Several problems can occur in gummy packaging machines, but don’t worry, there is a solution to all these problems.

These problems occur when proper care and maintenance of the machine are not done.

        i. Packaging Leakage

In a gummy packaging machine, there is a chance that the formed bags will leak food material before being heat-sealed.

The bag sealer gets too hot and makes the plastic form into a bowl shape, making the bag unusable.

To deal with this issue, reduce the temperature of the sealer, cool it downtime by time, and feed it slower so that the bags get even heat across them.

      ii. Irregular Sealing Jaw Production

Due to the temperature problem, sometimes, these sealing jaws can interrupt the operation. This problem occurs when sealing jaws become faulty.

Or, the jaws cannot meet their required temperature, and when the cooling system is not attached with the sealing jaws.

To overcome this problem, always check all the electric wiring, and if the problem cannot be accessed, reset the setting on the PLC control board.

    iii. Tracing of Packing Film Failure

The most common errors or faults in tracing a packaging film.

It can be due to various situations largely related to the machine status and quality of packaging roll stock.

If you don’t keep your machine clean enough, there will be a lot of residues left in the machine system. It may influence the performance of its sensors very soon.

To avoid this problem, the film must be properly placed after checking all the connections should be checked before operating the machine.

    iv. Vertical Sealing

Vertical sealing is common in gummy packaging machines when filming material is set inappropriately.

To avoid this problem, film tacking and placement should be in the correct order.

14. What Type Of Gummies Can Pack Using Gummy Packaging Machine?

There is no limit to which type of gummies this machine can pack.

The gummy packaging machine can pack all types of candies or gummies, whether starch less gummies or CBD gummies.

This machine can pack all kinds and shapes of gummies.

The need for a gummy packaging machine is due to preserving:

  • Shape
  • Shelf Life
  • Safety
  • Distinctiveness
  • Freshness

There are mainly three types of gummies that are used in gummy packaging machines, which are given as:

        i. Medicated Gummies

Medicated gummies are more often produced in pharmaceutical industries with 100% safety precautions under the standard of cGMP.

      ii. Confectionery Gummies

Confectionary gummies consist of various gummies, bears, candies, jellies, etc.

    iii. Stationary gummies

Not every gummy is for eating; there are other forms of gummies as well. The stationary gummies consist of pencils, rubber, erasers, and many other stationery items.

15. What Are The Safety Concerns Of Gummy Packaging Machine?

The safety concerns are a must objective to consider while purchasing or operating the machine. The following safety concerns should keep in mind before using a gummy packaging machine:

        i. Electric Connections Proper Aggregation

Proper voltage and the current supply are a must to the machine before assembling.

This because it can cause serious problems if any part is fired due to the wrong placement of wires or low voltage supply.

      ii. Dry Space For Gummies Settlement

The machine should be in a position where sunlight cannot reach, and the ventilated area is a must to avoid moisture problems.

    iii. Electric Wires Grounding

The grounding of electric wires is necessary because this machine consumes heavy voltages. So that to avoid any human contact or in case burning due to high voltages, the wires should be grounded.

    iv. Technical Inspection Of Any Part Failure

To inspect any failure, technical precautions like electricity cutoff, safety gloves, and many others must keep in mind to prevent any harmful incident.

      v. Machine Disinfection

Machine disinfection is a necessary point to consider avoiding any contamination in the food materials.

16.  What Type Of Packages Can A Gummy Packing Machine Handle?

There are several types of packages that a gummy packaging machine can handle, but the few ones are given as:

  • Pouches
  • Sachets
  • Folding Bags
  • daypack bag
  • pillow bag
  • three-sided seal
  • cold seal roll stock
  • Twin-Packs
  • Counter Displays
  • Various Sizes of bottles

Gummy Packaging Shapes

17. Do Gummy Packaging Machines Have Printers?

Not all do, but many models have a built-in printer that can add lot numbers, expiration dates, bar codes, and other relevant information.

Some models have motion sensors and tablet interfaces to help you control the assembly line from a central computer.

Many gummy packaging machines have printers or can connect a printer to create an invoice or other piece of paper for use during the transaction.

If your gummy packaging machine doesn’t have a built-in printer, stick-on labels may work, or you can consider buying a separate product labelling machine.

18. How Do You Choose Best Gummy Packaging Design?

The design does matter in the market when it comes to customer attraction.

And it can have a huge impact on customer appeal.

It is important to test your packaging ideas before you go into production because the small design changes that look great on paper can wreak havoc in the production process.

As with any piece of packaging, you want to ensure the customer is getting their product in a way that keeps it fresh and easy for them to get open.

Famous gummy packaging design can be defined as eye-catching and convey a lot of information.

The best gummy packaging must look great even from a distance and can convey the gummy content fully.

When choosing your packaging design, make sure it matches the overall theme of your company.

For example, consider using natural paper and a simple design if you sell organic products.

19. Are There Multi-Functional Gummy Packaging Machines?

Yes, multi-functional gummy packaging machines can make different food using chocolate, candy, or jelly.

Moreover, gumdrops and gummies are suitable for filling centers like chocolate, peanut butter, jam, and mint.

Multitasking gummy packaging machines are ideal for businesses that manufacture various confections such as candies, chocolates, and gummy bears.

Multi-functional machines that package candies often contain different nozzles to dispense individual sweets into their wrapping.

20. Do Gummy Packaging Machines Have Clean-in-place Systems?

Gummy packaging machines have clean-in-place systems that do not need a complete disassembly.

Cleaning crews can place the machine in a washdown cycle without disconnecting pipes, hoses, and delicate electrical wiring.

Some models are made from material that resists corrosion from the environments inside candy factories.

Clean-in-place equipment cleanses the machine and product contact surfaces to reduce buildup, improving the quality of products produced.

Clean-in-place systems can include pumps, spray nozzles, and drainage fittings.

An operator uses a control panel to activate a series of cleaning steps in a preprogrammed wash cycle.

21. How Do You Develop User Requirement Specifications (URS) For Gummy Packaging Machines?

User requirement specifications (URS) are a minimum requirement of the validation process used to qualify new packaging machines.

URS is one of the documents the user or company prepares depending upon their product made with specific information and details.

The document specifies what the testing will contain and what is needed in the software to run accordingly.

It also helps in defining how functional software will operate at the end.

The URS should reflect the product definition, define desired features and characteristics, set expectations, requirements, specifications, identify necessary certifications or regulatory approvals, and highlight environmental concerns.

22. Do Gummy Packaging Machines Come Fully Assembled?

Most of the business-grade gummy packaging machines come fully assembled.

Though some of the higher-end models will have some options and features to which you will need to add the tubing or routes to connect.

Some machines do not come fully assembled, but they are easy to assemble and operate.

The entire process is simple and involves little preparation on the user’s part.

There are instructions in the machine package which will tell you the assembling of the machine.

You can hire a professional machine erector so that he can guide you through assembling the machine.

23. Why Should You Buy Gummy Packaging Machine From China?

Multiple reasons force you to buy gummy packaging machines from China. Some of the main reasons are given as:

  • Compared with other suppliers, China’s gummy packaging machine is relatively cheaper
  • China factories have a lot of patents for different types of gummy packing machines
  • Gummy packaging machine from China has very good quality, because of strong production power and advanced technology
  • China factories have good service compared with other suppliers from abroad who will outsource the after-sale service to local agents
  • Connecting directly with Chinese manufacturers can help the buyer quickly change suppliers in case quality problems arise

24. Can You Recommend Best Gummy Packaging Machine?

Yes, SaintyCo offer some of the best gummy production line in the market today.

Whether you need small scale gummy production machine, large scale gummy equipment or any other support equipment, SaintyCo has a perfect solution for you.

You can always trust SaintyCo gummy packaging machine – contact us now.

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