How To Dissolving Gummy Bears

Dissolving Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are fruit gum candies usually bear-shaped and small in size.

They are dissolved through the gummy bear dissolution experiment process.

The process involves the incorporation of gummy bears into a liquid with the help of a solvent to form a solution.

Step 1: Know Reasons For Dissolving Gummy Bears

gummy bears

The dissolution process is of importance in several ways as discussed below.

One of the major reasons why the candy dissolution process is carried out is to ensure the consumption process is more satisfying.

Studying this entire process helps you identify some of the faults that you need to work on to improve on the enjoyment sensation.

The results obtained through this process will help you to come up with a unique and satisfying sense of taste for your gammy bear candy.

Uniqueness is subsequential to effective competition in the candy market which is a win for you.

A happy client is a satisfied client! For this reason, maximize on providing better services as far as quality is concerned.

In addition to that, the process also helps you improve on the speed at which the candy bears release the ultimate sweetness in the mouth.

This turns out to be different from other types of candies and therefore an added advantage,

Step 2: Understand Precautions To Take Before Dissolving Gummy Bears

We have safety measures that must be practiced while conducting this experiment.

You must wear safety glasses or goggles before going on with the experiment.

Ensure you have your dust coats on to prevent splash/spill-offs from coming into direct conduct with your skin and clothes.

Gloves and closed shoes must be taken into account as a safety measure.

flavored gummy bears

The experiment should be carried out in an open space to avoid inhalation of the unpleasant smell produced by some of the liquids.

Keep your working space and area clean all through to avoid mixing up flavors.

Proper labeling of your equipment is highly advised to minimize any form of confusion that may accrue.

Step 3: Choose Suitable Liquid For Dissolving Gummy Bears

Hot water is popularly known to be best when it comes to dissolving gummy bear candies, a reason why it is largely used.

Gummy bear candies are derivatives of gelatin, a product made from boiling animal products that include skin and bones.

Since gelatin is soluble in water, this is suggestive that it is going to dissolve to form a solution when immersed in hot water.

This, therefore, explains why hot water is very effective and reliable in the dissolution of candies.

Additives like pepsin could be used alongside water to fasten the dissolution process.

This is because they can break down the collagen in this polymer.

Other than water, we have other solvents that work equally well in the dissolution experiment.

They include vinegar, toluene, salty water, iced tea, acetone among others.

homemade gummy bears

Some of these solvents can dissolve the candies due to their low pH whereas others tend to slow down the process.

Oil is said to be less effective and would therefore result in the worst choice of solvents.

Step 4: Know Estimate Time It Takes To Dissolve Gummy Bears

Time estimation is one of the most crucial aspects of the dissolution process.

Usually, the process runs for 72 hours, an equivalent of 3days.

After the setup of the experiment, what is expected of you is to observe while taking notes before you conclude.

The observation is to be done after every 15 minutes till an hour elapses.

Leave the candies immersed in the solvent, in this case, we mean water, for the next 12 hours.

Record every detail at each step of dissolution considering the time factor.

Use either a clock or time to ensure you stick to the time interval difference for the next observation.

Upon completion of the first batch of 12 hours, observation is recommended, preceded by taking measurements of the gummy bears.


Immerse them back to their respective solvents for the next 12 hours while repeating the procedure above.

The next batch comes after 24 hours. Here you are required to take the measurements once more.

This comprises the size and weight of the gummy candy bears.

Repeat this procedure for the third batch which amounts to 72 hours.

Make a comparison of your results and draw a conclusion based on the fastest solvent and so on.

Step 5: Choose Equipment You Will Use In Dissolving Gummy Bears

This is one of the most important steps to take.

With the right choice of equipment, be sure of excellent and accurate dissolution results at the end of the experiment.

This is attainable only if the experiment setup is done correctly following the procedure and monitored as per the instructions.

The most crucial equipment for this case includes;

Small containers/glasses (5-10)- Used to hold solvents during the experiment.

Tablespoons (3)- Scooping of additives to be used alongside the liquid.

Stirring rods (3)- used to stir the additives in the solvent.

Rulers (2)- measurement of the gummy bear candies.

Solvents and additives make the ingredients.

Step 6: Start Dissolving Gummy Bears.

We have a set of instructions that you must follow for the success of the dissolution of gummy bear candies.

In addition to that, get to identify the best solvent you are going to use during this process.

As discussed earlier, we have a variety of solvents that could be applied to make the process effective.

These are water, oil, toluene, vinegar, iced tea, etc.

In this case, our preferred solvent to put on trial is water.

The required equipment for dissolution includes glasses, spoons, stirring rods, and a ruler.

You will also need some additives to come up with three different solutions.

These are salt and sugar dissolved in water separately for the first two solvents.

Alternatively, you could use pepsin additives which are very effective in breaking down the collagen present in the polymer.

rose gummy bears

Follow the steps discussed below to guide you on how to dissolve your gummy bear candies.

First, prepare your stage.

By stage, we mean your working station, whether a bench or a table.

Set up the experiment by bringing together all the necessary equipment which are mandatory at different stages of this process.

Select the gummy candies you are going to use, preferably six, two for each glass.

This could however change as it highly depends on the number of solvents you have.

With the help of a ruler, get the correct dimensions of your gummy candies and note the results down.

This comprises the length, width height to determine their volume.

Second, set the solvents you are going to use.

Next, fill an equal amount of water into three different glasses.

In your first glass, add one tablespoon of salt.

Using a stirring rod, stir thoroughly until it dissolves completely.

In the second glass use one tablespoon of sugar.

Stir until it dissolves fully using a different rod to avoid misconduct of the solutions.

The third glass contains pure water.

Make sure you have three different solutions here.

Correctly label your glasses to avoid any form of confusion.

Labeling could be done using numbers, letters, or their respective names.

Arrange them separately on your working bench.

Our third step involves the addition of gummy bear candies.

Pick the gammy bears you selected earlier.

Note that they should be of equal dimensions, this is why a measurement was really necessary for the first step.

Carefully add each in every glass separately (grouped into two for each glass).

The estimated time for the gammy bear dissolution experiment is usually 72 hours.

This is accompanied by close monitoring after every batch of 12 hours, within which we have a specified time interval of about 15 – 30 minutes.

Leave the candies immersed in water for the next 12 hours, after which you will pull them out and get their measurements.

Return the candies into their respective glasses after getting their measurements.

Using a pen and handbook, record down any observable change you happen to see including the time taken.

Use a clock or timer to ensure you stick to the specified time without fail.

Repeat the procedure above for the next 12 hours, making observations and making records on every detail.

This implies your next measurement should happen after 24 hours.

It should comprise the weight and size of your gummy candies.

Do the same after 48 and 72 hours respectively.

Lastly observation and conclusion of the experiment.

After the setup of this experiment, you realize that the first observation is done within the first 15 minutes.

This is followed closely with another one done after 30 minutes consequently until 72 hours elapse.

Once you conclude the experiment, you will realize that the solvents had different abilities in dissolving the gummy candies.

This, therefore, leads them to respond differently to these solutions since not all of them can make excellent solvents.

Some will increase in size instead of dissolving whereas others will increase.

This is proof of the anticipated challenges you may face during this process.

Salty water leads to decreased size and weight of the gummy candies.

Repeat the above procedure with other solvents like vinegar and toluene and notice the difference.

Since these solutions are more acidic as opposed to water, they are going to be effective in the dissolution process.

Record the noticeable changes you will observe for each of your solvents on trial.

Step 7: Examine Factors Determining How Long Dissolving Gummy Bears Take

The time taken for gummy candies to dissolve is depended on various factors.

This includes the type and nature of the solvent to be used and the size and weight of the gummy bear candies to be dissolved.

The type of solvent.

The type of liquid you are going to use during the dissolution process plays a very significant role in how fast the process will happen.

We have different solvents which portray different dissolving abilities and results at different time intervals.

Acidic solvents have been seen to be more effective and first in these processes because of their nature.

The size of the gummy bear candies.

The speed at which these candies are going to dissolve will largely depend on the amount of gammy candy.

This simply relates to the size as far as weight is concerned.

Huge candies weigh more and would require more time to dissolve.

Small candies are lightweight and would take a shorter period.

Your choice of candies and solvents would therefore determine how long the process will last.

The temperature of the solvents, a minor factor, is also of importance.

You will realize that the gummy bear candies will dissolve more first in hot water as opposed to cold water.

Step 8: Know Variable To Test During Gummy Bear Dissolution Process

Different solvents would bring change in the size of gummy bears.

Variables are usually expressed as a dependent, nondependent and controlled variables for any given experiment.

For this case, our non-dependent variable is the type of solution.

By this, we mean the type of solvent that is the best suited for the dissolution of gummy bear candies.

The dependent variable is the volume of the gummy bear candies.

Volume is estimated in terms of length width and height.

Lastly, the time taken for the dissolution of the gummy bear candies becomes our controlled variable.

In summary, this is the time interval between the onset of the experiment and the ending point, usually approximated to be 72 consecutive hours.

rainbow gummy bears

The type of gummy bear candies and the time taken to soak them in a solvent are the dissolution determinants of the experiment.

The ultimate aim of the experiment is to keep track of the time taken for the gammy bears to dissolve concerning other variables.

With this, you may tell how fast one is to expect the sweet sensation in your mouth.

To attain the best results, use different solvents to experiment.

As instructed earlier, keep track of time and record every observable change.

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