How To Make Gummy Bears

How To Make Gummy Bears

In this guide, you will learn how to make gummy bears.

It explores all information including – gummy bear ingredients, gummy bear machine and gummy bear making process.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Step 1: Choose Ingredients For Gummy Bear

Ingredients of making gummy bear candy are different types depending on target market, they need blend of ingredients to come up with best taste and texture.

Gummy bear are sweets that are made from mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, starch, flavoring, food color, citric acid and gelatin.

Gummy bears

Fumaric acid, pectin or starch, these are ingredients that are used to make gummy bear for vegetarians and also souring taste.



This is precisely the very main sweetener in the recipe when it comes to preparing the gummy bear candy.

Because gelatin is odorless and tasteless, you need to add sugar to the mixture to improve taste of gummy bear candy.

Water Or Juice:

This is a universal and main solvent that you actually use to mix all the ingredients for actually making gummy bear.

You need to also adhere to amount of water that you add to mixture to get a perfect gummy bear mixture.

This ingredient is also the main lubricating ingredient that help when making the gummy bear candy softer to your own liking.

You can either use water and flavor of candy and food coloring or utilize fruit juice and leave granulated sugar.


This ingredient actually gives the gummy bears a chewable texture and also at the same time keep them nice and soft.

You can even do a replacement of glucose with corn syrup or honey when you want a more natural option.


Gives your mixture that perfect texture of gummy bear, you can leave this out but gummies will be softer in texture.

Edible Gelatin;

This helps to set gummy bears and give them nice chew, you can also replace gelatin with agar as vegetable option.

This is a type of protein that you actually get from animal tissues just by boiling animal skin, horns, and bones.

It usually forms a thick gel-like solution when you mix it properly with the right amount of water and other ingredients.

When you mix gelatin properly in the right conditions will lead to the formation of chewy gummy texture of gummy bear.

Gelatin is very elastic naturally, and because of this characteristics it means that it will give you a half-solid jiggle product.

Citric Acid:

When you precisely want that sour taste from citrus fruits to give the gummy bears that tart flavor in the mouth.

Acts as preservative for gummy bears and increase shelf life making it impossible for bacterial to thrive because of low PH.

Candy Flavoring:

When you are using juice you have to consider leaving the candy flavor part out, otherwise this candy flavors come in types.

The flavor is actually also a big determinant when it comes to color as each flavor comes with its own color.


In order to elevate the bulk of gummy bear candy you add starch to mixture of ingredients for the purpose required.

Corn Syrup;

Corn syrup is important as it helps to retain moisture inside candy and corn syrup increases volume of gummy bear candy.


You make gummy bear in a variety of colors and shades depending on the requirements you actually want and target market.

Types Of Gummy Bears You Can Make-

Worm gummies, shark gummies, vitamins gummies, babies, bottles, rings, red frogs, roadkill, teeth gummies.

Gummy candy-

This is a sweet-tasting gelatin-based chewable sweet that has or come in vibrant colors and different shapes and taste.

Shark gummies-

You get them in many types but are actually mostly available in either blue or white ones are the most popular.

Vitamin gummies-

These are mostly made for children, has vitamins and proteins or nutrients for those peoples who don’t want to swallow pills.

Worm gummies-

They came in different varieties of colors , you can also produce even glow worm gummies with glowing color and sour sugar.

Teeth gummies-

Jelly that is formed in shape of a teeth and colored white and pink, pink representing gums while white the teeth.

They have a minty flavor to it when taken or eaten.

Red frogs-

This is actually candy that you can make in the shape of a frog that is either red or green.


These candy are ring in shape and is mostly covered in sugar or sour powder or in many different desirable flavors.

Benefits Of Gummy Bears

Come in variety of beautiful shapes  that has a sweet taste to it and you choose in a range  of colors.

Because it has an adjustable feature to it you can precisely mould gummy candy into the different shapes that you want.

Gummy candy is the most adaptable type of candy that is available in market compared to the other kinds of candy.

Gummy bears is diet supplement that you can engulf anytime you are hungry and low on energy before taking a meal.

The gummy bears is also available for anybody even those with specific dietary needs or requirement like vegetarians for example.

Step 2: Choose Equipment For Gummy Bear Making Process

Gummy making equipment, gummy packaging machine, depositor, counter, moulds, and other support equipment.

Support equipments include; jacketed cooker, holding tank, cooking tunnel, weighed gummy, additive blending system, gel molding starch.

Gummy Making Equipment-

This is actually a device or confectionary equipment that you utilize to make different kinds of gummy candy, it has advantages.

Gummy making equipment

Benefits Of Gummy Making Machine

There is increase in production because machine is automatic and produces tens of thousands of candles in a shortest time possible.

You can precisely configure the machine anytime you want because it comes complete with PLC control panel and a touch screen.

The machine is made from stainless steel material which helps to reduce changes of contaminations in machines or on candy.


Specifications Of Gummy Making Equipment

 Dimensions Of Gummy Making Machine-

This include weight and size include the length and height this will be in accordance to your production, specifications.

  Production Capacity Of Gummy Making Machine

You want larger production capacity you get bigger machine, it has to be gadget that actually fits into your production requirements.

Power Requirements-

Depending on the mode of production, different gummy making machines have varying range of power requirements consider type of function of the machine.

Operational Requirements Or Conditions-

Looks at operational requirement conditions like humidity and temperature and determine highest temperature needs in degrees and also humidity in percentage.

The Depositing Period Must Be Rated –

Have a clear depositing time specification of the gummy making machine to ensure that the machine deposits right number of products.

For your gummy bear manufacturing process, you can choose

  • Semi-automatic Gummy Bear Making Machine.

semi automatic gummy bear making machine

  • Fully Automatic Gummy bear Making Machine.

fully automatic gummy bear making machine

Other support equipment you may need during the gummy bears manufacturing process include:

Jacketed Cooker-

This is the system  that mixes and cooks the sugar and other ingredients very fast and they came in different capacities.

Jacketed Cooker

Holding Tank-

This is the tank that stares the syrup ingredients you need for making the gummy candy , and available in different sizes

Gummy Depositor-

This system actually helps you in depositing of different amounts and quantities of gummy candy its also an important support equipment.

Gummy depositor

Cooling Or Chilling Tunnel/Chamber-

This removes the extra heat that is from the gummy bear it gives you ability to regulate the cooling tunnel.

Weigher Gummy Making Gadget –

This is the machine that you  utilize to mix ingredients of  gummy bear or you can also use it to prepare the components of your gummy bear.

Coil Cooker Gummy Creating  Gadget-

You utilize machine to dissolve ingredients that are used to make gummy bears such as glucose slurry, sugar and water also.

 Tanis  Jet Cooker-

You use the machine to cook the starch jelly ingredients that you need for creating gummy candy and is high capacity.

Additive  Blending System-

This offers an accurate dosing of the additives to the mixture and contain proper system for the insertion of the vitamins.

Gel Molding Starch-

You utilize this machine in the process of actually molding jellies and gum masses and it has many benefits to it.

T-gel Starch Conditioning-

You utilize this machine to assist in conditioning of starch it has many benefits too like other machines when using it.

Candy Cleaner-

Use this kind of machine to clean gummy candy after molding process, it uses compressed air to clean gummy efficiently.

 Oiler Or Oiling  Drum-

This can add polishing agent layer on top of gummy candy, they come in different sizes.


This is automatic gadget that you utilize in constant supply of  sugar coating  on top of the starch created  soft boiled gummy bears.

Step 3: Stages In Gummy Bear Making Process

Ingredients Preparation Stage

Start first by placing all the ingredients that you need to utilize in the products hopper of the gummy making machine.

Make sure that you remember that you will be placing the ingredients in the product hopper according to the right quantity.

Follow by Powering on the machine so that you proceed to the next stage.

Compounding Stage

The components goes from the products hopper and into the mixing and melting tank in required capacities  of components.

Mixing, heating and also cooling capabilities are available in the mixing and melting tanks and they also come in different sizes.

Amount of time it takes to make gummy candy is one to three hours to compound properly depending on number of ingredients.

Remove a sample from the batch manufactured and proceed to take it to the quality control laboratory.

This is where you are actually testing the batch sample to see if it is in accordance to the production requirements.

Forming Gummy Candy

After you have confirmed that the batch tested is alright with the right specifications, you pump it from the mixing tank into molding station.

Then mix the molten batch with the starch as this assists in doing the following functions:

  • It actually prevents the molten batch from proceeding to sticking onto the wall of the molding machine which is essential role.
  • It also assists to clasp the gummy bear together in the correct place upon drying, setting and also in the cooling stage.
  • Assists in absorbing exact needed water from the candy and this results into an exact needed candy consistency.

It also has a tray that have different shapes or moulds that will shape the batch accordingly for example bear shaped.

The mold is usually of various designs like the bear, fish, fruits that helps the gummy dough to take form any shape you want.

Because of the conditions that are available within the molding station, the molds are usually already in a solid form design.

Then   move the readymade gummy on to the conveyor belts in the gadget all the way to starch buck.

When it is at the starch buck, it will follow by falling onto the metal screen which is vibrating and also known as sieves.

Because of the vibration of the sieves that is followed by the action of oscillating brushes gets rid of the extra starch from gummy candy.

At this stage the batch actually contains the gummy candy with the kind of shape that you actually desire like bear.

You can   give the gummy bear decorations you want or desire by passing through the decoration stage.

Get rid of the gummy bears that are damaged by doing an inspection that is according to the production rules and regulations.

After wards, you then allow the gummy candy bears to proceed to the packaging stage for further processing and dispensing to consumers.

Bonus: How To Make Gummy Bear At Home


Collect all of your supplies and ingredients, use pastry brush to dust gummy bear’s molds with coating of cornstarch then set aside.

Inside a saucepan, put jello that is flavored in any color you desire and then measure the gelatin that is unflavored.

Then proceed by adding water that is sufficient depending with the measurement that is sufficient depending with the measurement of your ingredients and mix all for 5 minutes.

Afterwards place the saucepan on a very low to medium heat and then continuously stir until it melts.

Take up to 5 minutes to ensure that mixture has melted completely, then fill up draper and then fill in cavity of mold.

Be careful when filling mold not to overfill, then all the gummies to sit in 5-10 minutes to solidify.

After they have solidify, you then coat on the backs of gummy bear lightly with use of pastry brush with cornstarch.

Then proceed to take ready gummy bear into refrigerator for about fifteen minutes so as to allow them to set fully.

Afterwards proceed to add some cornstarch powder to the bowl then proceed to remove the gummy bears out of mold into bowl.

Then after you have done removing all the bears out of mold toss them lightly to help coat them with cornstarch.

The reason for you to add cornstarch powder in the bowl is to help the gummy bears to not stick together.

You can use sugar or no sugar on the gummy bears depending with how you want it to actually taste.

Store gummy bears for up to a week in container that airtight in a refrigerator or use citric acid to extend shelf- life.

Storing Of Gummy Bear-

Always store in an airtight container and away from heat this helps in increasing the shelf-life of the gummy bears.

Another way you can store your gummy bears to keep them from getting mold is to refrigerate them to preserve them.

You can utilize a coating of shellac to help preserve gummy bears this also makes them to last for a while.

wrapped gummy bears

Always ensure you use a paper towel to help get rid of the excess moisture that is in the gummy bear shelf-life.

Add extra sugar to help in absorbing water or binding water in the gummy bears so that micro-organisms will not grow.

Quality Control During Gummy Bear Making Process

It starts with the reviewing of the ingredients they are tested in quality control lab to ensure that they are of quality.

Various things are checked like the color, odor, appearance and flavor, particle size of solids, ph, and viscosity of gummy bear.

These test help you to determine if the gummy bear you make comes out final as a consisting quality gummy bear.

You use a method of testing to actually compare a readymade gummy bear to the one that is of quality standard.

Use sensory panels to evaluate gummy bear qualities like odor, texture and taste to help evaluate small differences in gummy bear.

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