How To Make Gummy Vitamins

Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins are sweet and chewy vitamins.

They come in varieties of colors, shapes and fruity flavors hence they have a texture and a taste similar to the gummy candies.

They are regulated as food but not as drugs.

Thus the ingredients may interact with medications hence many people believe by taking them the vitamins can improve their health.

These vitamins attract children the most and adults who have difficulty in swallowing pills hence they have several vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D.

Step 1: Choose Ingredients For Your Gummy Vitamins

gummy vitamins

Some ingredients are usually in solid form and others in liquid hence the nutritional ingredients are blended with water.

Ensure all the ingredients are according to the right quantity before putting them in the product hopper.

Gummy vitamins are made from;

  • Water

This is the main lubrication and universal main solvent that is used to mix all the ingredients hence it makes the gummy softer.

  • Gelatin

This is the main ingredient thus it is a type of protein that can be found from animal tissues hence by boiling their skin, bones and horns.

  • Corn starch

It increases the volume of the gummy vitamins hence it helps in retention of the moisture in the gummy vitamins.

It also helps in sugar crystallization and prevent microbial growth when added alongside with some additives.

It is used to give gummy vitamins different types of taste thus it is a good determinant on the color you will use.

The flavors can be orange, pineapple, lemon and strawberry.

  • Citric acid.

Citric acid has a low pH which help to preserve the mixture of gummy vitamins ingredients making it impossible for bacteria to thrive in.

Food colors are usually used to achieve variety of colors and shades depending on your needs.


Step 2: Weight Ingredients For Your Gummy Vitamins.

The weighing of the ingredients is done automatically with the weighing system hence it will automatically mix and dissolve the ingredients.

Weighing ingredient helps to avoid excess use of it which may lead to some challenges during gummy manufacturing process.



Step 3: Mix And Cook Gummy Candy Ingredients Forming Slurry.

Mix gelatin and water or a flavored liquid in a heatproof container then stir slowly to combine.

Leave the mixture to settle for 5 minutes hence for gelatin to bloom.

Combine and stir gently the sugar, corn syrup and sorbitol together in a medium saucepan then bring to simmer over medium-high heat.

The gummy vitamin base is transferred to a large holding tank then the nutritional mixture is tested in the lab.

This helps to identify the contaminants such as heavy metals and bacteria.

An automated syringe injects the solutions into test tubes hence rinsing in between injections.

When the samples in the test tubes are ready to be analyzed, they are injected into extremely hot vacuum chamber.

The plasma flame turns the metal contaminants into atoms then machine reads as different colors.

After sampling the ingredients are ready for flavoring and colorant hence more vitamins are added in powder form to boost the formula’s potency.

The liquid vitamin preparation and the gelatin base is the piped into the mixing tank then everything is blended together.

After that, the batter is the ready to be made into different gummy vitamins.


Step 4: Choose A Suitable Gummy Making Machine For Gummy Vitamins

A suitable gummy machine always identifies and quantifies contaminants hence you can choose from many different types of gummy machines available in the market.

These are the different types of gummies making machine available in the market and are suitable for gummy vitamins;

  • Fully automatic gummy making machine.

These machines need very few human labors thus they are fully automatic and performs all the production procedures automatically.

 Automatic Gummy making machine

  • Semi-automatic gummy making machine.

The machine performs automatically while with the help of a few assistants.

semi automatic gummy making machine

If you want to choose a good gummy machine you must consider the following;

  1. How much it cost hence you should compare the price, quality Brand components, materials, machine performance and durability.
  2. The gummy machine usually come with certificates such as CE, ISO9001, SGS hence the third-party organization must make this supervision for you.
  • Make a field inspection by comparing several machine factories hence to choose a good supplier
  1. Choose high quality gummy machine to ensure minimum shut-down time thus bringing you high quality of gummy products.
  2. Get a rich experienced and reliable manufacturer who will give you professional advice and will also save your communication time.

Step 5 Line Molds Ready For Cooked Gummy Vitamins Ingredients.

Spray your mold lightly with some oil and wipe out the excess then pour your mixture into the molds.

A conveyor will then queue up the vitamin molds hence multiple nozzles precise amounts of batter into small molds.

The conveyor moves the tray forward as the gummy vitamin begin to solidify then an automatic robotic arm stacks the mold trays in a holding area.

Step 6: Deposit Ingredients Of Gummy Vitamins Ready For Molding

The robotic arm will then gently lower the trays into place hence after several hours the pills will continue to harden in the molds.

At this stage, the machine will mix the molten batch with the starch hence preventing the molten mixture from sticking to the walls of the molding machine.

The starch will help in holding the gummy in the right place during the drying, setting and cooling process too.

It will also absorb moisture from gummy vitamins hence for good texture of the vitamins.

The ingredients will take the shape of the molds and will solidify because of the conditions within the molding station.

Also, the improved gummy depositing head is more reliable and accurate hence it is easy to operate and replace.

The depositing machine uses PLC to control the parameters such as temperature and depositing speed.

These parameters are easy to read and set on the touch screen, while the syrup flow is precisely controlled via a frequency control system to ensure a stable paste quality.

Step 7 Cool The Gummy Vitamins

The conveyor will zigzag back and forth allowing the gummy vitamins to cool and then further solidify.

This is their final consistency hence the gummy vitamins are headed into the steam chamber.

Gummy vitamins can also be refrigerated like the coolest option for vitamin storage hence it is a place where the moisture thrives.

Using the machine, you will have to allow the vitamins to cool for about 72hrs under certain condition hence allowing the gummy vitamins to lose the moisture and make them chewable.

The best way to cool the gummies is to dip them in ethanol, dry them and then coat them with citric acid before any sugar dusting.

Re-hydrate them if the gummy vitamins appear too hard with cold or hot water until you achieve the desired pattern.

gummy vitamins

Step 8: Remove The Gummy Vitamins From The mold.

After the gummy slurry is poured into the molds, it is cooled to 65F and allowed to sit for 24 hours to allow the slurry to cool and set.

Once they completely solidify, the gummy vitamins are removed from the mold and transferred into a resolving drum.

The tumble in the drum separates them hence exiting onto a perforated conveyor and any small bits fall through the holes.


Step 9: Check Quality Of Gummy Vitamins

  • Look for the USP or consumer Lab label.

Ensure that the gummy vitamins can has labels indicating they have been tested by the independent, nonprofit US pharmacopeial [USP] organization.

Another label is consumer hence it’s a company that collets several brands of a products and test them.

  • Select ‘standardized’ products.

Purchasing gummy vitamins that have been standardize provides some assurance that the active compound is present in the specified amount needed.


Step 10: Choose Suitable Gummy Vitamins Packaging Machine

Choose a good technology that will ensure effective bagging that will maximize packaging speed hence at a high speed of at least 250bags in a minute.

A good machine ensures the package has the highest form of seal hence keeping the gummy vitamins intact.

gummy vitamin packaging machine

Here are the following factors to consider when choosing a suitable gummy vitamins packaging machine;

  • Safety levels.

The machine must have safety features which will help to protect the machine and the workers from harm.

  • Technical capabilities.

Look at the technical capabilities of the machine per your packaging specifications.

  • Maintainability and serviceability.

Choose the machine that is easy to use, maintain and will cost less in the repair process.

  • Labor requirements.

Semi-automatic machine will require more labor compared to automatic gummy packaging machine thus you should choose the machine depending on the labor you hire.

Here are some of the factors to consider to;

  • Capital cost.
  • Floor space.
  • Energy requirements.


Step 11: Package Gummy Vitamins.

The sensors system will count and release the pills into bottles and then the bottles moves forward and the caps land on the rims.

Down the line, labels with product information are then placed onto each bottle.

The manufacturers usually opt for a colorful packaging in both label and basic container hence colored plastics allows the product to be seen and recognized by customers.

This colorful container engages with the target hence children can be a big motivator when shopping they spot them on the shelves and parents buy for them.

Some companies experiment new shapes in their rigid packaging hence flared or bell-shaped plastic bottles which help the product stand on display.

Packaging model is a good way of achieving product and brand recognition hence the manufacturers solidify their products identity.

You can learn more about how to package gummies.

Challenges During Gummy Vitamins Manufacturing Process

  • Ingredients fails to bloom.

Inadequate use of water may lead to this hence will be failure to proper hydrate.

  • Gelatin fails to set properly.

Some ingredients may have protease enzyme which will prevent gelatins from setting properly hence you must avoid such ingredients.

  • Size and weight variation.

You should consider changing the molds frequently thus allowing uniform depositing process in the molding process of the machine.

  • Improper flow of ingredients.

This may occur due to heavy and thick ingredients which may block the outlet of ingredient.

You may also experience this because of low speed of the machine on the transport system.

  • Sticking gummy vitamins.

Poor adhesion between sugar and other ingredients may lead to gummy sticking together after production completion.

  • Premature gelatin setting.

This usually occurs due to insufficient temperature hence the gelatin sets too early than you expected.

  • Machine break down.

This will slow down the manufacturing process hence less amount of gummy vitamins production will be produced.

Know Benefits Of Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins have so many benefits since they have good taste and nutrients in it.

Here are some of the benefits of gummy vitamins;

  • They are easy to take and flavorful.

Gummy vitamins mostly are appeal to children since they are easy to chew and has fruity flavors thus can be taken by people who have difficulties in swallowing pills.

So, the gummy vitamins can be easier for both adult and children to consume than other multivitamins.

  • They have nutrients.

They are beneficial to people due to the nutrients they have hence to those people who have trouble absorbing some nutrients and don’t eat certain foods.

  • It helps in skin and hair regeneration hence it is a diet supplement for everybody even those who are vegetarians.
  • It is easy to gummy vitamins due to its flexibility hence into different shapes that you desire.
  • Gummy vitamins come in different shapes hence they are sweet and you can choose from a wide range of colors.

Figure 6 gummy vitamins

  • They are broken well before reaching the stomach because of chewing and saliva hence making them easier on the stomach so they can be taken with or without food.
  • They contain small dose hence it allows you to control exact amount of nutrient you would like to take.

However, there are certain people who will not benefit from it such as;

Those who have trouble with absorbing some nutrients hence by not eating certain foods.

These people might be older adults, strict vegetarians or alcoholic-dependent individuals.


How To Profit From Gummy Vitamins Manufacturing Business.

Increasing safety, speed and efficiency of the manufacturing process are the major improvements for the future of the gummy industry.

However, if you want to profit from your gummy manufacturing business you have to consider some factors before starting the business.

  1. Get high quality gummy vitamins making machines from SaintyCo – our machines are available at affordable prices
  2. Get support equipment from SaintyCo
  • Ensure you train your staff on how to operate the machine to avoid unnecessary downtime
  1. Study the market – it involves understating flavors and market trends
  2. With the help of SaintyCo gummy packaging machine – you will package and print the right information on the gummy packaging
  3. Comply with the necessary regulations – gummy vitamins should be safe for human consumption. Therefore, it must be safe and have the necessary approvals.

If you have any questions or inquiry about how to make gummy vitamins, our team is here to help – contact us now.

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