How To Make Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Make Sugar Free Gummy Bears

Sugar-free gummy bears are candies that do not contain any sugar substitutes.

Sugar-free gummy bears are usually prepared with components such as Malito and other ingredients free from any sugar.

When preparing sugar-free gummy bears, we have below process to follow:

  • Mixing the ingredients
  • Molding stage
  • Cooling stage
  • Demolding stage
  • Coating stage
  • Drying stage
  • Sorting stage
  • Packing stage

Let’s explore these processes in detail:


Step 1: Choose Ingredients For Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

Sugar free gummy bear

When you want to make sugar-free gummy bears, you need to choose the ingredients below:

  • Water

Water is one of the key ingredients used to make sugar-free gummy bears. Water is used as a component to mix all the ingredients. Sugar-free gummy bears cannot be made without these ingredients to make them chewy.

  • Citric Acid

Citric acid is another ingredient to be used while making sugar-free gummy bears. As an ingredient in sugar-free gummy bears, it helps in preserving them. Mostly usually acts as an artificial taste, making it extremely difficult for bacteria to grow inside the sugar-free gummy bears.

  • The Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is an ingredient you also need to make sugar-free gummy bears help moisture them. On the other hand, corn syrup is also important since it helps the sugar-free gummy bears to be sweeter and quantity boosting.

  • Gelatin

This is one of the most important elements in making the sugar-free gummy bear. Gelatin is usually made from cattle bones, hide, and cartilage, a form of Collagen. Gelatin is well known to help weight loss and strengthen joints, fingernails, and bones.


  • The sweeteners

Then sweetener is also what you may need as an ingredient to make sugar-free gummy bears. Since you do not use a drop of sugar while making sugar-free gummy bears, you can use a sweetener like maltitol to add some sweetness to your sugar-free gummy bears.

Furthermore, there are various sweetener ingredients in the market to choose from to bring the type of sweetness you want to the sugar-free gummy bears you want to make.

  • Flavor

The flavor is an ingredient to make sugar-free gummy bears, especially when you need to improve the smell and taste. You can make various sugar-free gummy bears by mixing any flavors of your choice with different types of fruits to enhance the taste inside them.

  • Food Color

The main purpose of food color as an ingredient for making sugar-free gummy bears is to make them attractive. It usually gives your sugar-free gummy bears a unique color that changes their appearance completely.

But not that when handling this ingredient, you need to take extra precautions by selecting the healthy food colors for consumption and authorized by the federal.

Step 2: Mix Ingredients For Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

While making the sugar-free gummy bears mixing the ingredients will be the second stage.

You will immediately begin the production process for sugar-free gummy bears by mixing the ingredients through the mixing tank.

If you need a better outcome for sugar-free gummy bears, stick directly to the correct quantity of the available ingredients. Always make sure at this stage that all of the ingredients are mixed properly inside the mixing tank by stirring them thoroughly.

The mixing ingredients process usually takes two to three hours to be ready for the next step. These will depend on the quantity and components used in the sugar-free gummy bears.

Step 3: Mold Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

The molding of sugar-free gummy bears deals entirely with forming the mixed ingredients from the mixing tank into different shapes.

The mixed ingredients are put into a molding machine where there are small trays that have various shapes and sizes.

Molding of sugar-free gummy bears is done mostly after validating the Quality of the mixed ingredients from the mixing tank and ready to move to the next step.

In this stage, you may use a supplementary machine-like mogul, which usually assists in speed for the molding process and save a lot of time. While at the molding stage, you will be required to add starch as an ingredient to help:

  • The sugar-free gummy bears have the right texture to absorb enough moisture.
  • To make sure that the mixed molded ingredients will not easily stick on the walls of the molding machine.

This stage will take one to two hours to be completed, and the machine will switch off automatically and remove the trays from the molding machine to allow them to cool.

Gummy bear moulds

Step 4: Cool Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

You need to cool the molded sugar-free gummy bear ingredients in different shapes at the cooling stage of sugar-free gummy bears. It will take 24-26 hours to cool the sugar-free gummy bears.

Cooling the sugar-free gummy bears is also done by the machine, which is set to regulate temperature automatically. When the cooling process is complete, you need to preserve the sugar-free gummy bears before the next process.

Step 5: Demolding Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

The demolding of sugar-free gummy bears is the process whereby you remove all the sugar-free gummy bears from the cooling pans.

This process involves scraping the sugar-free gummy bears slowly from the cooling trays and placing them on the wider oil-coated tumbler drum. A lot of care is needed at this stage since the sugar-free gummy bears might break into pieces if not handled carefully.

Step 6: Coat Sugar-Free Gummy Bears (Where Necessary)

Coating sugar-free gummy bears are very easy. You will be required to mix the demolding sugar-free gummy bears with adequate food-grade oil inside a machine. The food-grade oil generally absorbs the corn starch inside the sugar-free gummy bears.

You might decide the sugar-free gummy bears to be a coat or not to coat your sugar-free gummy bears. But note that coating the sugar-free gummy bears will keep them fresh for a long time and soft.

You can also make both coated and non-coated sugar bears if you get customers with different opinions.

 Coated gummy bear

Step 7: Dry Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

This stage generally deals with drying the sugar-free gummy bears, which is an important process before storage.

Averagely it can take 72hours for surplus moisture to be absorbed from the sugar-free gummy bears at the controlled temperature on the drying machine.

Make any extra moisture from sure the sugar-free gummy bears are drained at this stage. For the sugar-free gummy bears to dry properly, each side will take 48 hours for the process to be complete.

Step 8: Sort Sugar-Free Gummy Bears?

At the sorting stage, you will be required to put the sugar-free gummy bears into different categories, which will include;

  • Size – Sugar-free gummy bears are always classified by size, from the smallest to the largest.
  • Flavor – When sorting the sugar-free gummy bears by flavor, separate the ones with the same flavor to be on one side for easy identification. This is done since there are clients who will come to request a specific flavor of the sugar-free gummy bears.
  • Color – By sorting the sugar-free gummy bears by color is crucial because some customers only require a single color for their sugar-free gummy bears. But you can also decide to mix different colors of sugar-free gummy bears for another client who would like the mixed colors.
  • Shapes- At the molding stage, sugar-free gummy bears usually come out with various shapes that are sorted out separately. The separation of shapes is done for the customer’s satisfaction sake.

Step 9: Check And Verify Quality Of Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

It is very important to check and verify the Quality of sugar-free gummy bear in the manufacturing process since it is consumed.

Generally, this process will guarantee that all the raw material ingredients are of the Best Quality. The processes are done correctly as per the requirement by the law.

The first step is to get the raw materials tested in the laboratories. And, if not possible, acquire the ingredients from the vendor who is well known for high-quality ingredients to be used in making sugar-free gummy bears.

Storage condition, packing process, and the manufacturing process quality must also be checked and verified if they are correctly done.

Well, checking and verifying the Quality of sugar-free gummy bears come with the following benefits;

The Increase Production

Having high-quality ingredients for sugar-free gummy bears makes the process easy and faster during manufacturing processes. It will make things easy at every stage and make the process move faster since there is no fault.

 It Is Cost-effective

Quality control and verification for sugar-free gummy bears are typically used to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Checking and verifying the Quality will help avoid faults throughout the manufacturing process, sorting and packing, and other related costs when making the sugar-free gummy bears.

 It Keeping Your Customer Confidence

All the customers usually want the best Quality of the product they buy. By checking and verifying the Quality of the sugar-free gummy bears, you tend to improve your clients’ trust and make your brand known worldwide.

It Promote Business Development

Growing a business is not easy. It will be demanding to maintain consistent quality standards and cost-effectiveness.

Regularly checking and verifying the Quality of the sugar-free gummy bears will play a big role in promoting your business development. Mostly in the manufacturing process of sugar-free gummy bears, you will win the confidence of potential partners to your business.

It Helps In Improving The Working Environment

The Quality check and verification will give a conducive deal with the whole process of making sugar-free gummy bears. Hazardous activities get eliminated for the staff and make them enjoy their workplace.

There are international boards with rules to adhere to for any other details regarding the quality check and verification of sugar-free gummy bears. Some of the boards include:

  • ISO (Quality Standard) -International Standards Organization
  • cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • FDA (Quality Standards)– Food and Drug Administration

Step 10 Package Sugar-Free Gummy Bears.

 Gummy bear packaging

For making sugar-free gummy bears, the packaging is the last stage. Packing involves putting the sorted sugar-free gummy bears into packets depending on size, color, and flavor.

When packing, ensure the package is airtight and devoid of moisture for sugar-free gummy bears not to spoil. Ensure the packets are thoroughly sealed after the sugar-free gummy bears are placed inside.

For the packing process of the sugar-free gummy bears, you may opt to use packages like the single pillow packets, the plastic bottle packets, and the pouch packages, which are commonly known.

Remember that you will sell more sugar-free gummy bears when your packaging looks more attractive and well labeled. So, you need to do more for your clients to notice the sugar-free gummy bears.

When done labeling and packaging, the sugar-free gummy bears can be realized to their specific designations, and others can be taken to the stores.

Bonus Points:

Benefits Of Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

The following are some of the pros of sugar-free gummy bears:

  • It helps in Reducing fruit craving and consumption of sugar

Some ingredients containing Vitamin C powder are always used in sugar-free gummy bears. Collagen usually has protein and some extra vitamin c which are best known for reducing sugar cravings.

  • It also helps Pull Loose Skin Tight.

Another advantage of sugar-free gummy bears is tightening loose skin if you feel uncomfortable with your skin sagging. The Collagen used as an ingredient is usually a protein that acts as a glue to hold our bodies together within a short time.

As a result, eating sugar-free gummy bears plays a bigger part in helping minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the body.

  • It benefits in the relief of aching joints in the body

The Sugar-free gummy bears also have the added advantage of relieving stiff and achy joints and improving their appearance.

If you have joint problems, you can eat sugar-free gummy bears more often, and the pain will go away.

  • It helps in weight loss.

When eating sugar-free gummy bears, be sure to suppress your appetite daily. Usually, you will fill full after eating the sugar-free gummy bears. If you need to lose weight, you may also consider the sugar-free gummy bears to assist.

Disadvantage Of Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

The disadvantage of sugar-free gummy bears is:

  • If you are allergic to one of the ingredients used in the sugar-free gummy bears, you may experience severe diarrhea, which comes as a disadvantage.
  • You will have an upset stomach if you eat excess sugar-free gummy bears, another con of sugar-free gummy bears.
  • Depending on the individual, some may feel nauseated when eating sugar-free gummy bears.

Common Challenges You May Face During Sugar-Free Gummy Bears Manufacturing Process.

The most typical obstacles encountered during the manufacturing of sugar-free gummy bears are as follows:

When manufacturing sugar-free gummy bears at the molding stage, it has been a huge concern with the slow machines, and some do not perfect the shapes as needed leading to a lot of time wastage. The introduction of high technology digital molding machines might help this process.

Generally, the challenge of the manufacturing process speed and safety needs an upgrading to smoothen the flow of every process throughout.

Another challenge faced in the sugar-free gummy bears manufacturing process is the period they take to dry. This has been a big blow to the process that needs to be sorted out for increasing productivity.

Another challenge faced in the sugar-free manufacturing process is quality checks and verification. It’s an expensive process that must be done for the sugar-free gummy bears since it’s a consumable product for clients to be satisfied with the final product.

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