Softgel Encapsulation Machine: The Blueprint Guide

If you want to supply Softgel capsules, then you should get a Softgel encapsulation machine.

They come in a range of shapes, designs and production capacities to meet the dynamic needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

So, if you’re looking for a Softgel encapsulation machine, then this guide is for you.

You will learn everything you need to know about these encapsulation machines, including parts, working principle, features, URS, and many more.

Keep reading to learn more:

Softgel Encapsulation Machine Basics

Just like any other machine, the Softgel encapsulation machine makes work easier.

Let’s find out more about the machine beginning with the definition.

Softgel Encapsulation Machine Definition

In general, Softgel encapsulation machine is an equipment you can employ in a wide range industrial pharmaceutical applications. It depends on electromechanical operations which fill sealed gelatin shells.

It looks like this:

Softgel encapsulation machine

Softgel encapsulation machine

The machines will ensure that the gelatin shells are airtight and under protection from external influences.

This type of machine, basically, fills the gelatin shells with semi-liquid or liquid substances.

It is capable of achieving this this through linear and rotary motions from different driving mechanisms including motors.

The substances contain different pharmaceutical materials or excipients and active drug compounds.

Encapsulation is the process of filling different active pharmaceutical ingredients into different sizes of gelatin capsules.

So, typically, the machine is responsible for the encapsulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Apart from that:

The machine has been in existence since pharmaceuticals industries were producing Softgel medicine. It is merely an advancement of other machines that have been in existence.

Modern designs, have better and more advanced technology.

To achieve all the right standards, the machine depends on a variety of principles. It is the reason you have a guarantee for top-notch products.

You will get to know more about the parts and guiding principles later on in this guide.

Benefits of Softgel Encapsulation Machine

The machine utilizes different forms of encapsulation technology to make several forms of formulations for commercial benefits.

It assists in the production of different forms of Softgel capsules that have nutritional and health benefits to the user.

Softgel encapsulation is cost effective as it produces many capsules at a time. It is capable of producing over 529, 920 capsules in an hour. The figure will, however, vary depending on the type of machine.

It enhances the right dose accuracy and consistency within every capsule.

Softgel capsules

Softgel capsules

From an industrial point of view, you will need a machine that will guarantee uniformity of ingredient mixtures. It is the reason why many industrialists use Softgel encapsulation machines as they are confident of the effectiveness and precision.

Softgel encapsulation machines ensure constant output of the products regardless of the composition.

It is also flexible and you can adjust it easily to fit your production needs. It can range from milligrams to hundreds of grams. It also allows the machine to be more flexible even in the process of production.

The design of the machine also allows you to use it for different Softgel encapsulation applications.

Apart from that, the machine has very simple principles of operations. It makes it very easy and simple to maintain and troubleshoot in case of any problems. It increases the productivity of the machine by reducing the downtime of the machine.

What is Softgel Capsules?

Softgel capsules are oral dosage medicines that have close similarity to capsules. It has different ingredients in a gelatin shell which appears to have a liquid fill.

Softgel capsules

Softgel capsules

The Softgel capsules is translucent and often assumes an oblong shape. It has an aesthetic appeal and a finish that allows you to swallow easily.

Basically, Softgel is the short form for two words which are soft and gelatin.

Gelatin is a type of compound that pharmaceutical industries incorporate when producing Softgel capsules. It is a product that emanates from collagen and comes from animal parts including skin and bones.

It is a common component in food additives and you can get it in different forms such as puddings and deserts.

Besides, it can dissolve faster and, therefore, release the medicinal contents very fast making it ideal for pharmaceuticals.

In most cases, it does not have any form of side effects to the body making it more appropriate for medicinal purposes.

Note that the gelatin is not vegetarian and can be unsuitable for strict vegans. Apart from the animal products, Softgel also contains other ingredient such as pullulan and hypromellose. They act as substitutes for gelatin as they are not animal products.

It also has color additives that activates the Softgel and protects its contents from UV rays.

The Softgel capsules also have other ingredients that makes it more flexible without degradation of the contents. As the stability of the ingredients increase, the possibility of radical formation reduces.

The production of Softgel capsules is simple and are available in different forms and sizes. The most common element of Softgel is the availability of a shell that is easy to swallow.

The easy to swallow shell conforms to the global quality standards.

It is not easy to make an alteration on the shells and they are available in different shapes and colors. These properties make Softgel capsules to become very popular among different users.

Benefits of Softgel Capsules

At this point, there are quite a number of factors that you probably know about.

It us now common knowledge that Softgel capsules depend on capsulation technology to bring commercial benefits. It is a fundamental benefit to nutritional and health clients including the biopharmaceutical sector.

Soft gelatin capsules

Soft gelatin capsules

The Softgel capsules play vital roles in different nutrition and health programs. It enhances the hormones and the well-being of individual users.

Apart from that, the Softgel capsules has numerous health benefits such as:

    1. It improves bioavailability and efficacy by providing all the important nutrients. The solution has different ingredients that will support the absorption of the nutrients in the body.
    2. Softgel capsules have different varieties of healthy and nutritious ingredients.
      The product might seem to be too small in appearance to contain these nutrients. In reality, the capsules contain different forms of nutrients in form of gel, semi-solid, liquid or pastes.
    3. As a user, you are free to order custom Softgel capsules that will suit your needs.
      It is true that people are different, therefore, the body requirements are naturally different.
      Softgel capsules allows you to have the capsules that will fit your needs.
    4. The Softgel capsule has a number of options for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians.
      You are free to choose the type of Softgel capsule that will fit your dietary requirements. You can obtain all the nutrients you need form the capsules without affecting your diet.
    5. It promotes the production of different forms of drugs that is healthy for the skin and better hair. It promotes the growth and development of healthy bones.
    6. All the products making up a Softgel capsule come from cellular or animal sources. The sources of the ingredients make the use of the product very safe.
    7. The capsules have airtight seals that make it impossible for interruptions from external factors.
    8. Many people prefer using the capsules because they are easy to swallow.

Types of Softgel Encapsulation Equipment

Unlike other machines such as the hard shell capsule machine which is manual. Most of the Softgel Encapsulation Machines are fully automatic.

As the Softgel enters the die system, the machine automatically injects it with the fill material.

It means that the filling and the sealing of the Softgel capsules occur at the same time.

When it comes to classifying Softgel encapsulation equipment, you will realize very simple criteria. The classification is based on the production capacity and the different types of Softgel capsules.

Softgel encapsulation machine

Softgel encapsulation machine

Let’s have a look at some of the types of Softgel Encapsulation Equipment.

Bench top Softgel encapsulation machine

This is a type of encapsulation machine that you can place on top of a bench. It is small enough and can fit well on top of a bench.

Apart from the small size, the machine is portable as you can easily move it from one place to another. You can use it for small scale production of Softgel capsules.

This type of Softgel encapsulation machine is usually semi-automatic. You can also find some that are fully automatic in the modern era.

R&D Softgel Machine

You can distinguish this machine through its accuracy, high technology and consistency in production of soft gelatin capsules.

The modular design will make sure it is easy to use, change over the parts, assemble and also disassemble the parts. It is a flexible machine that you can change to perform different functions and produce capsules of different shapes.

It is a suitable machine for the production of Softgel capsules in small scale. Apart from that, it suitable for R&D startups and institutions, and laboratories that are conscious on cost of operation.

It often stands alone in a room and you can easily integrate it into the future manufacturing of the Softgel capsules.

Semi-automatic Softgel encapsulation machine

The semi-automatic Softgel encapsulation machine will require human assistance in some of the stages of production.

It involves the use of both human hands in the production process and automated machines. Once you key in the necessary specifications, you will have to monitor the production process closely.

Apart from monitoring, there are various aspects that will need your assistance. You will have to assist in moving some of the products from one place to the next depending on the requirement.

In many cases, the semi-automatic machines do not have the conveyor belt to move the products. The cleaning process also requires human assistance at some intervals.

Fully automatic Softgel encapsulation machine

Fully automatic Softgel encapsulation machine does not require the assistance of a human being in the production process.

Fully automatic Softgel encapsulation machine

Fully automatic Softgel encapsulation machine

From the time you enter the fill and gelatin material in the automatic capsule filler, through sealing and discharge process.

It means that as soon as you enter all the process parameters you will not have to intervene for the system to run. All you need to look at is the touchscreen HMI that will display all the parameters involved in the process.

Make sure that you are specific on the type of Softgel that you will be producing. It will assist the manufacturer in understanding the type of automatic machine that you need.

Softgel Encapsulation Machines Based on Production Capacity

Of course, you can also classify Softgel capsules depending on their production capacities.

Let’s have a look:

Small scale capsule filling machine

Small scale capsule filing machine are generally small machines.

Besides that, their small size allows you to move them from one place to another. In many cases, these machines are available in R&D institutions and laboratories.

The design allows them to produce a small quantity of the gelatin capsules. A good example is the SaintyCo Aprila SG50 R&D Softgel encapsulation machine.

Medium Scale capsule filling machine

This machine falls between the small scale and large scale production capacities.

The portability of the machine is relatively flexible. You can find them in different laboratories that can afford to have fairly larger Softgel encapsulation machines.

A perfect example is the SaintyCo Aprila SG200 Medium Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine

Large Scale Soft gelatin encapsulation machine

Just from the name, you can deduce that this machine is responsible for large scale production of Softgel capsules. You are most likely to find them in pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

The large size does not allow you to move them from one place to another without proper planning. A good example is the SaintyCo Aprila SG250 Large Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine

There are other types of Softgel Encapsulation Machines whose classification depends on size and shape of the Softgel capsules. The size, shape, and design of the soft gelatin capsule depends on the die roll.

You can decide to choose the standard designs or come up with personal custom designs. It will take around 2 weeks to get your custom option tooling. You are also free to change the tooling system with time to fit your requirements.

The most common capsule shapes and sizes are:

      • Oblong soft gelatin capsules
      • Round soft gelatin capsules
      • Oval soft gelatin capsules
      • Tubs soft gelatin capsules
Types of Softgel capsules

Types of Softgel capsules

There are certain classifications of the Softgel encapsulation machines depending on material, model and structure.

Another significant aspect you need to look at when purchasing a Softgel encapsulation machine is the parts.

That is the main topic you will learn about in the next section.

Let’s continue and find out what it entails.

Main Softgel Encapsulation Machine Parts

All the machines you know have different components and parts that work together for seamless functionality.

The Softgel encapsulation machine is available in different shapes and sizes.

This section will discuss the functionality of the key parts of the Softgel encapsulation machine.

It is important to know about the parts so that you can stay alert whenever you are ordering for the machine.

Without further ado, let’s find out what it entails.

Parts of Softgel encapsulation machine

Parts of Softgel encapsulation machine

Medicine Pump

You can also identify it as the material feeding pump. It is a part of the machine that you will find on the upper side of the machine. It is usually below the material tank and above the frame.

The location of the medicine pump enhances its ability to suck the ingredients from the hoper. It will direct it to the next stage through feed tubes.

Normally, the pump is stable and robust thus requiring a good material. This qualifies stainless steel as the material of choice for the medicine pump.

Also the pump is responsible for sucking necessary ingredients from the hoper.

It then sends the ingredients to a switchboard combination. It works together with other adjacent parts to improve the efficacy of the machine.

The Softgel encapsulation machine is capable of automatically supervising the medicine pump. It will prevent the tubes from bursting or unnecessary leakage.


You can easily locate the wedge above the tooling system of the machine. You can also identify it as the injection wedge. The name comes from the geometrical shape that the wedge assumes.

The part is able to work systematically. As it heats up the web to ideal temperatures, it also injects fill ingredients to the web. It all happens while the fill materials move in the die cavity direction between two rollers.

Here, the pressure that pushes the fill material usually emanates from the pump system.  The design of the Softgel encapsulation machine will determine the complexity of injection wedge. Others have sensors while others have shut off valves that will coordinate motion.

It is the part that will determine the precision of the Softgel encapsulation machine.

Spreader Box

This is the component that will hold and spread molten gelatin as it leaves the mixing and melting tank.

Depending on the design, you can find a Softgel encapsulation machine with two spreader boxes on both sides.

Sections of softgel encapsulation machine

Sections of softgel encapsulation machine

The spreader box is above the cooling drum of the Softgel encapsulation machine. The size of spreader box will depend on the type of application.

Die Rolls

This is the part that will determine the size and the shape of the gelatin capsules.

Most die rolls are aluminum making it most appropriate for pressing different molds accordingly.

Die rolls

Die rolls

There are different machines with die rolls of different cavities, sizes and types. The design of the die rolls has a space between the pockets to increase the adhesion intensity.

The die rolls rotate homogeneously making it easy to detect color marks.

Lubrication Roller

This component lubricates different solutions on the two sides of the web. It will protect the gelatin skin from damage in the midst of processing materials.

Any Softgel encapsulation machine will come with a minimum or more lubrication rollers.

It ensures that the gelatin web or ribbon gets to the Softgel tube in a tight condition.

Note that the lubrication solution has to be safe to avoid any reactions with gelatin ingredients.

Mangle Conveyor

This component is responsible for moving materials from one place to another. In a Softgel encapsulation machine., there is a need to move materials for further processing.

Among the extra processing includes sorting, drying and inspection among other things.

In a nut shell, the mangle conveyor will move the Softgel to other processing stages. It consists of a conveyor belt that will move the components through all these stages.

Main body

This is the most significant part of the Softgel encapsulation machine.


It is the part that holds all the components of the Softgel Encapsulation machine together.

Besides that, it is the part of the machine where all the integration occurs.

The main material of the main body is stainless steel. It is able to guarantee stability and durability of the machine.

It is the link between all the main components of the Softgel encapsulation machine. It also protects the internal parts from external damage.

Control Panel

All the Softgel encapsulation machine has a PLC control system.

It is the part of the machine that has all the systemic elements that monitor the operations of the machine. It also determines the processes involved in Softgel encapsulation.

You can depend on the control panel to assist you in monitoring and operating the Softgel encapsulation machine.

It has different buttons and touch screen LEDs that assist in displaying all the operation information.

As an operator, you need to understand the control panel to know the buttons to press. It also gives the provision for selecting a language that you will prefer to use.

Tumble Dryer

This component offers straightforward and comfortable drying of the Softgel capsules. The drying process occurs after the processing process of the Softgel capsules.

It is closer to the mangle conveyor which directs the processed material to the drying trays.

Tumble dryer

Tumble dryer

The drying trays will thoroughly dry capsules as soon as they arrive from the tumbles.

Remember, the tumble dryers are available in different designs and shapes. A Softgel encapsulation machine has different types of tumble dryers that vary in size and weight.

The power consumption of the different tumble dryers also varies according to the size. It is an aspect that you need to look at whenever you are purchasing a Softgel encapsulation machine.

Material tank/Medicine Hopper

It is a container that is stainless steel that will hold the materials you will need to encapsulate. It is often on the upper part of the machine.

The design of this component usually allows the materials to flow into the pump seamlessly. The design often has slanting sides that allow the components to flow directly into the pump.

To prevent further contamination, the component has a lid with a handle. It should not have any leakage at the point where the tank joins with other machines.

Please do research and add more components. Clearly state their function.

Gelatin melting and mixing tank

This is the point where all the preparations and all the mixing of gelatin takes place. The stainless steel tank is available in different forms and sizes depending on the machine.

It consists of triple wall jackets, valves and clamps with a breather.

Gelatin melting tank

Gelatin melting tank

Apart from the component parts, there are certain factors you need to consider when purchasing a Softgel encapsulation machine. These factors include:

      • Type of material where you will go for stainless steel as the perfect material.
      • Working temperature
      • Power rating
      • Capacity of the volume of the gelatin melting and fixing tank.
      • Size in terms of all the dimensions including the weight.

Cooling Drum

Just like the spreader box, you will find a cooling system on the left and the right of the Softgel encapsulation machine.

In this drum, the web will cool down and solidify. The cooling drum is always in a rotary motion in the direction of the gelatin web.

The cooling drum has different cooling mechanisms which include:

      • A cooling fan that helps in curing the gelatin web and prepares it for encapsulation.
      • It can also use clean water that circulates and cools the gelatin web.
      • It may also have a refrigeration or chilling system for the gelatin web. It assists in maintaining the temperatures at specific low.

For a cooling system, it is important to look at:

      • Weight and dimensions
      • Consumption of power
      • Capacity of refrigeration

Tooling System

Softgel encapsulation machines usually have two die rollers. As the die rollers rotate, it results in the formation of individual capsules. It also makes sure that the capsules have complete seals after filling.

Softgel encapsulation process is in a way that all the material from opposite sides move into the space between die rolls.

Tooling system

Tooling system

The tooling system will show the die pockets within the die rolls. Some of the major processes that occur in the tooling system include:

      • Continuous feed of the gelatin system with gelatin web or ribbon and subsequent filling
      • Shaping the capsules
      • Sealing of the capsules
      • Cutting the capsules from soft gelatin ribbon.

Discharge Chute

This is the point where all the sealed capsules leave and on to the conveyor belt. The Softgel will transfer the material through to other processes such as cooling, drying, sorting and inspection.

Discharge chute

Discharge chute

Well, you can also learn more by following this link parts of Soft gelatin encapsulation machine.

Working Principle of Softgel Encapsulation Machine

You are now an expert who can negotiate purchase a good Softgel encapsulation by looking at the parts. After having a clear understanding of the equipment parts it is important to understand how the machine works.

Having a good knowledge on the individual parts will allow you to have a better understanding of the working principles.

In this section we will take you through a step by step process of how the Softgel encapsulation machine works.

On a broad perspective, we can do a summary of the working principles as follows:

      • Preparation of Gelatin
      • Preparation of the fill material
      • Process of encapsulation
      • Further processing of the soft gelatin capsules

Let’s have a closer look of every point in detail.

Step 1: Preparation of Gelatin

In this process, it is important to choose the right formulation for the gelatin. In many cases, the gelatin composition consists of:

      1. Gelatin which are protein substances that you can get from animal products. You can boil the skins, bones, and tendons among others to extract gelatin.
      2. Plasticizer which may be shell pliable and elastic
      3. Colorants or opacifiers
      4. Water which plays a very important role in preparation of Softgel capsules and encapsulation processes.

Note that the gelatin you are preparing will be the cover of the whole capsule. It is the reason why it is important to make a good choice for a good formulation.

With the right formulation, you will begin the preparation process in the preparation tank. You will use relatively warm water to assist you in the preparation of gelatin.

The right formulation is appropriate as it will be the gelatin compound that will form the shell of the capsule.

Section of Softgel encapsulation machine

Section of Softgel encapsulation machine

During this process, there are quite a number of factors that you need to consider. For instance, you have to make sure that there is enough gelatin in the ingredients.

You will heat and blend all ingredients. Stir the mixture continuously until you achieve a thick form of syrup. The thick syrup is the gel mass which makes a fundamental component for the encapsulation process.

It is basically a protein substance and you can get all the ingredients from different sources such as skin and bones. You need to add a plasticizer, colorants, water in the right ratio to get a standardized capsule.

You will then allow the syrup to flow to the spreader box. The spreader box will spread it uniformly before allowing it into the cooling chambers and the die roller chamber.

Note that every stage the machine will control the motion and other parameters for optimal production. In short, the first phase of the Softgel encapsulation consists of the following characteristics.

The next phase in the working principles is the preparation of the filling material.

Step 2: Preparation of Fill Material

This is a very simple process in the production of Softgel capsules.

In this stage, you will have to prepare the fill material according to your ingredients. After that, the fill material will flow from the hopper to the injection wedge through the tube.

First, depending on the content of soft gelatin capsules, you can use oil or paste like products. You may also use dryers or fluid bed granulators, hammer mills, and processing tanks depending on the product nature.

After making a good fill material, you will allow it to flow from the hopper onto the injection wedge system.

Step 3: Process of Softgel Encapsulation

This is another significant stage in the working principles of the Softgel encapsulation machine.

In this stage, the machine will bring both the gelatin material and the fill material together.

The two parts will move together into the die roll system in a rotary motion.  It will result into the creation of a unique capsule shape.

Encapsulation process

Encapsulation process

As that continues, the machine will administer fill material in between the gelatin ribbons. The whole process continues well within the die rolls.

The gelatin will wrap the fill material and form a capsule. The shape of the capsule will depend on the die rolls cavities.

The machine will allow the capsules to leave through the discharge chute. There is a brush that will constantly sweep and remove any of the capsules that may stick on the die rolls.

Besides the brush, there is a stripper roller that will remove any capsule that sticks on the gelatin web.

This process is usually fast and continuous.

Step 4: Further Processing of the Soft Gelatin Capsules

This is the final stage in the production of Softgel Capsules.

As the Softgel capsules leave through the discharge chute. It will pass through other processes such as drying, sorting and cleaning.

In the most common scenario, the conveyor belt moves the capsules to the tumble dryer. The Softgel capsules have to remain in the dryer for a particular period. After that, it will move in trays to the drying tunnels.

Further processing in tumble dryer

Further processing in tumble dryer

Note that the sorting machines and the drying system are auxiliary components of a Softgel encapsulation machine.

The working principle of the Softgel encapsulation is just as easy as you can see. It is, however, important to read this section with a reference to the parts of the machine.

Remember, the combination will form the basis of the working principles of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine.

With that information in mind, let us have a look at the quality standards for the Softgel Encapsulation Machine.

Quality Standard for Softgel Encapsulation Machine

All the Softgel Encapsulation Machine have to meet particular quality standards. These standards will ensure that the use of these machines are safe to the user.

It will also ensure that the machines will guarantee you optimal performance.

You have to check if the Softgel encapsulation machine conforms to the right quality standards before purchasing.

Section of softgel encapsulation machine

Section of softgel encapsulation machine

Below are the main quality standards that you need to consider


CE is a mark of certification that indicates that the machine conforms to the safety, health, and environmental standards. It is a mark that many of the European countries use most preferably the European Economic Area.

You can also find the mark in products outside the EEA if the products come from that market in particular. It is a mark that other quality standards can identify as it is similar to the FCC declaration of conformity.


This is a quality mark manufacturers employ on different products for the United States market.

FCC is an initial for the Federal Communications Commission for declaration of certification and conformity.

It confirms that the Softgel Encapsulation Machine is free of electromagnetic interference. In case you detect any electromagnetic interference, you are certain that is below the set limits.

It is a mark that is recognizable all over the world allowing the machine in all the countries.


The United States Food and Drug Administration has very strict rules and regulations on pharmaceuticals. The rules stipulate that all the pharmaceutical machines have to conform to the cGMP quality standards.

It is the reason for the existence stainless steel manual, fully automated, and semi-automatic Softgel encapsulation machine.

Stainless steel is the material on the main parts that get in contact with the main product.

cGMP regulations will ensure that all Softgel Encapsulation Machines are:

      1. Easy to maintain and clean when it comes to the maintenance of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine
      2. Have the best dust handling capabilities thus reducing the possibility of polluting the environment.
      3. Using materials that have gone through the testing and approval of the FDA
      4. Have an advanced safety and cleaning procedures

For more information on the CGMP quality standards, please read:

The Importance of CGMP and GMP Requirements in the Pharmaceutical Industry


RoHS is an initial for restrictions on hazardous substances.

It is a mark that indicates that the Softgel encapsulation machine is free of hazardous substances. It will indicate to anybody that the machine is in itself not a hazardous substance.

The quality standard is supposed to protect the user from certain harmful products such as lead. The requirements of RoHS may also vary according to the country where you will need the machine.

Note that no matter the variation, manufacturers will make sure that the Softgel Encapsulation Machine adheres to RoHS quality standards.

After a thorough consideration and internalizing of the quality standards, let’s look at other factors.

In the next section we will go through the factors to consider in choosing the Softgel Encapsulation machine.

Let’s dive right in.

Considerations in Choosing Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Choosing a Softgel encapsulation machine can be an overwhelming task.


There are many Softgel encapsulation machines in the market that can confuse your ability to choose.

Well, that should not worry you.

Softgel encapsulation setup

Softgel encapsulation setup

In this section, you will learn about the factors you have to consider when choosing a Softgel encapsulation machine.

The machines that you are looking at should be:

Easy to operate

It is important to choose a machine that will not challenge you whenever you are using it.

Fully automatic machines are always very easy to operate. You will key in the specification that you need and monitor the progress.

You don’t have to put in additional manpower in the encapsulation process.

Change Softgel tooling

A good machine should have the allowance of changing the Softgel tooling. The allowance will give you the chance of being flexible in your production.

You can produce Softgel capsules of various sizes and shapes just by changing the Softgel tooling.

Remember that the process of changing the tooling should not pose a major challenge.


Choose a machine that you can easily assemble and disassemble at will.

You might need to move the machine from one place to another. You might also need to change some of the parts of the Softgel encapsulation machine.

Therefore, get a machine that will pose a challenge in assembling and disassembling.

Integrate with other Softgel support equipment

Softgel encapsulation machines may need other equipment to enhance its efficiency.

The equipment that improves the efficacy of production are known as the support equipment.

You should go for a machine that will easily integrate with other support equipment for better production efficiency.

Softgel encapsulation machine technical specifications

Before making a choice on the machine to buy, it is important to have the following specifications in mind:

Softgel encapsulation machine technical specification

Softgel encapsulation machine technical specification

i. Production estimate or capacity

The machine is available in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

It is evident that the production estimate will rely on the above factors.

This is the number of capsules which a machine is able to produce in a particular time frame. This information will help you choose the machine that will fit your requirements.

ii. Size and the shape of the capsules

Different machines have the capability of producing capsules of different shapes and sizes.

As a shopper, you should enquire about this specification from the manufacturer. You should also advice the manufacturer on the type of shape and size of capsules that you intend to produce.

iii. The number of tumble dryers

The number of tumble dryers will vary according to the type of machine and the production capacity of the machine.

Also, more the number of tumble dryers, the faster the speed of production of the soft gelatin capsules. You should consider having a machine that will have more than one dryer to facilitate faster production.

iv. Dimensions of the machine such as length, height and width

This is a necessity since it will determine the overall size of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine.

It will help you in establishing the space you need for the machine in your workshop.

The dimensions will vary according to the size of production you intend to put up.

 v. Noise level of the machine

The machine has to produce some level of noise during the normal operations.

The degree of noise will, however, vary depending on the model of the machine.

Some models have devices that will reduce the noise while others do not have such specifications.

Remember to choose a machine with minimal noise as noise can be nonsensical and interrupt your concentration.

vi. Weight of the machine

This factor will vary according to the dimensions of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine. The size will also play a major role in determining the weight of the machine.

It plays a role especially in improving stability and in the transport process of the machine.

vii. Type of material

The material you need to use has to be sturdy considering the process that the machine goes through.

Furthermore, material should be resistant and durable to certain processing conditions. For the main body, stainless steel is arguable the best due to its strength and durability.

viii. Model of the Softgel encapsulation machine

Different manufacturers factor in different specifications into their machines.

This is mainly because they are interested in standing out to maximize on the sales. Choose a model that has exceptional reputation in provision of high quality services and efficiency.

Have a thorough investigation on different brands before making a choice.

ix. Speed of the machine

Speed is among the most important specifications that you need to look at.

There are quite a number of factors that affect the speed of the machine. The machine that you will choose, should have a speed that will match the speed of production.

x. Power requirements or power consumption of the machine

Since the machine will obviously need power, it is important to consider the amount of power it requires.

Avoid machines that will consume a lot of power and produce very little. It will help you plan and budget in advance on the bills that you will have to pay after production.

Apart from that, it is important to have technical information of the auxiliary system you might need. This will enhance your planning with a view of profitability in the future.

In addition to the above factors, it is important to look at other features that will improve the performance. These features include automation, lubrication, power saving, cost effectiveness, and safety among others.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at process of installing a Softgel encapsulation machine.

Softgel Encapsulation Machine Installation Process

The process of installing a Softgel encapsulation machine will depend on the type and size of machine.

Small and portable machines do not require much of installation.


You can place them anywhere especially on bench tops and continue with the normal operations.

Bigger machines, such as those that you require for industrial pharmaceutical production require a more complex installation process.

First, you will have to assemble all the parts of the Softgel encapsulation machine. Make sure that you have every part according to the user guide from the manufacturer.

Collect all the tools you will need and if possible contact a technician to assist you in installing the machine.

Soft gelatin encapsulation machine

Soft gelatin encapsulation machine

Make sure that you have enough space in your workshop where you will install the machine. In many cases, the installation is often permanent so you have to choose a proper location for installing the machine.

The place should be under a proper shade away from adverse environmental effects such as direct sunlight and rain. The area should also have proper ventilation as the ingredients for making the capsule are toxic.

Apart from that, safety is paramount so make sure you put on protective clothing.

The parts of the Softgel encapsulation machine are often easy to assemble. Following the user guide, connect every part accordingly. Tighten the joints using screws, bolts and nuts whenever it is necessary.

You should begin from the bottom and create a strong foundation for the machine. The machine is prone to shaking in the process of production so it has to have a firm foundation.

Technical drawing of softgel encapsulation machine

Technical drawing of softgel encapsulation machine

Make sure you follow the installation guide to the letter. After completing the installation process, the last thing is to test the machine.

In case it does not work properly, you will have to look at the whole system and find out the source of the problem.

The installation process will end when the machine is working properly.

Troubleshooting Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Inevitably, there are periods when the Softgel Encapsulation machine encounters problems.

The problem may render the machine dormant for a long time as you try to figure out the cause of the problem.

To find the problem we need to employ the trouble shooting process.

The main idea in this process is to reduce waste of time and resources. Troubleshooting will help you identify the problem without using a lot of resources.

In other words, the trouble shooting process should be lean to identify the problem as fast as possible.

The trouble shooting process should follow these steps:

Softgel encapsulation machine technical drawing

Softgel encapsulation machine technical drawing

Define the problem

You should be able to identify the source of the problem by looking at the behavior of the machine. It will give you a rough idea about what the problem might be.

It will help you in eliminating the problems that do not exist and focus on the potential problems. You can do this by observation, review of the production data and asking the users about their experience.

List all the steps in the production process

Listing all the steps in the production process will help in identifying the source of the problem.

Do not ignore the tiniest of processes in the production process. The process that you mighty ignore may be the cause of the problem.

Classify all the steps

At this point, critical thinking will be important. It will assist in the classification of the steps accordingly.

Remember to classify the steps according to the potential trouble it might cause. In the process, you will be eliminating trouble free areas of the machine.

Analysis of the steps

Analysis of the steps will help you identify the potential problems. Make sure you go through every step even if you find a potential problem.

The problem might be coming from different sources so you have to do a thorough check up on every step.

Develop possible solutions to the problems

After identifying the problem, it is important to come up with a solution to the problem. The solutions might include streamlining and modifying the necessary activities.

In case of faulty parts, you will have to replace the faulty parts with new parts. You may also need to combine different solutions to a particular problem.

Select the best solution

This process will involve the selection of a solution among the many solutions that you have. Implement the set of solutions you select to eliminate the problem from the system.

Choose the solution that has the greatest likelihood to the problem.

Monitor the results

You can monitor the outcomes of the implementation process. This will involve monitoring the performance of the machine after fixing the problem.

In case the problem persists, you can explore other solutions and implement them.

Continue with the process up to the point where you will find a viable solution to the problem.

User Requirement Specification of Softgel Encapsulation Machine

User requirements are the needs or factors a user should have before purchasing a Softgel encapsulation machine.

Having a clear grasp of the user specifications will enhance your knowledge on performance characteristics of the machine.

The user specifications will also help you know if a machine will fit your unique requirements. The manufacturer will also have the exact idea about the kind of machine that you will need.



The user requirement specifications may not be any different from the technical specifications. The main difference only comes when you dictate the terms of the machine that you need.

Some of the user requirements you should provide to the manufacturer include:

Size and shape

You should indicate the size of machine that you need.

It will allow the manufacturer to design a tooling system that will produce capsules of various shapes and sizes. Plan in advance on the space that you have so that the machine can fit in properly.

Production capacity

You should inform the manufacturer on the production capacity that you need. It can either be small scale, medium scale or large scale.

The production capacity will also determine the size of the machine. Bigger machines often produce capsules on a larger scale.

Type of material

Specify the type of material that you need for your machine. Your choice of material should be under guidance of stability and durability. Choose a material that is stable and will serve you for a long time.

Power ratings or Power requirements

Look at your source of power and consider getting a machine that will fit well with the power source. At the same time, you should make a budget on the bills you intend to pay.

Manufacturers will provide you with a machine that will fit your power requirements.

Note that the machine will also operate according to the power it receives.

Speed of the machine

You should inform the manufacturer of the rate at which you want the machine to operate. The speed will enhance the production capacity of the machine.

The faster the machine, the faster the rate of production.

Remember, speed will also affect the power requirements of the machine.

Number of Components such as tumble dryers

You have the freedom of dictating the number of parts that you need the machine to have. This is only applicable to certain parts such as the tumble dryers.

The higher the number of parts, the higher the efficiency of the machine. For instance, more tumble dryers will increase the number of capsules that the machine can dry at a time.


Specify the length, width, height and all the dimensions of the Softgel encapsulation machine. The dimensions will determine the size of the whole machine and the size of the parts of the machine.

Noise level

Machines will definitely make noise under active operations. There are systems that you can put in place to reduce the level of noise that a machine produces.

Advising the manufacturer to reduce the noise level early enough will give him an allowance to install the silencers.

As you go through all these factors, there are critical notes that you need to consider.

Remember to look at the specification of the quality standards. It will inform you whether the machine meets the right quality standards.

Having knowledge on the various suppliers available will make your work easier. Apart from reliability, you will know the right supplier to supply you with the right information and price.

Below is the information about SaintyCo and some of the products that you may have interest in.

SaintyCo Softgel Encapsulation Machine

There are quite a number of Softgel Encapsulation Machines in the market.

You can face a myriad of challenges while looking for a reliable Softgel Encapsulation Machine.

Choosing the best brand might also be a great challenge.

SaintyCo soft gel encapsulation machine

SaintyCo soft gel encapsulation machine

SaintyCo is a manufacturer to whom you should never have second thoughts.

Let’s have a look at some of the products that you can get from SaintyCo.

Aprila SG50 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

It is among the latest models from SaintyCo and has a maximum speed of 3.3 rpm.

The control system is user friendly with a medicine injection pump and a lubrication system that is very effective.

It also features a conveying system, dual tumbler dryer and bronze construction spreader box.

Aprila SG100 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

It is among the new small capacity capsule machines with above par efficiency.

The speed of the machine is above 5 rpm with a production capacity of 42,000 Softgel capsules in an hour.

It is among the best machines for R&D projects, small scale production and star-ups.

Aprila SG200 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

This is a medium capacity machine rotating at a speed of 5rpm suitable for pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

It is capable of producing 64, 800 Softgel capsules in an hour.

Also, it comes complete with a tumble dryer, color touchscreen control system, conveying system and capsule discharge.

Aprila SG250 Large Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine

This machine is suitable for large scale production.

It has a thickness monitoring gauge, tape heaters, and gel feed tubes. It also has Ethernet connection that will keep you connected from remote locations.

Apart from the basic features of every Softgel Encapsulation Machine, it is among the best machines to use.


It is important to have a clear understanding of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine before making an order.

Apart from that, it is important to have a clear understanding why you need to purchase a Softgel Encapsulation Machine.

In case of any questions feel free to contact SaintyCo for more information and for your custom Softgel Encapsulation Machine.

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