Tablet Friability Tester – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Tablet Friability Tester

As quality control measure during tablets packaging and shipping, you must know their ability to withstand breaking, chipping or crumbling.

A reason you need tablet friability testing machine.

Let’s explores fundamental variables about tablet friability testing equipment.

Main Friability Tester Uses

The main uses of this tester is as follows:

  1. Used in labs to determine tables resistance to chipping, breaking or crumbling
  2. To determine the medical or medicinal product authenticity.
  3. To simplify the testing of quality in these products.

Benefits of Tablet Friability Tester

Tablet Friability Tester

Tablet Friability Tester

  • This tester makes it possible for you to know how uniform your tablets and products are.
  • With these testing devices, you are able to know the level of quality of your tablets produced.
  • Using friability testing process is automated which makes it very simple. So, you do not need special training to go through with it.
  • It can be used for investigation and improvement of specimen according to the pharmacopoeia standards like BP, USP, as well as IP.
  • Simplifies production. You do not need to repeat tests of specimen over and over again. It can be done at once per batch.
  • Protects the right of the customer or consumer.

Types of Tablet Friability Testing Machine

For your tablets friability testing machines, you can consider any of these:

Single Drum Tester Devices

With this machine, there is one drum. This drum is where tablets or specimen is loaded for tests.

Single Drum Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Single Drum Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Double Drum Testing Machine

The double drum testing machine comes ideally with two drums. These can be used to test abrasion and friability.

Double Drum Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Double Drum Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Triple Drum Testing Machine.

This type comes with three drums and also an automatic discharge. So, they all discharge tablet samples when the test is done.

Triple Drum Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Triple Drum Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Automatic Tablet Testing Machine

With this machine type, several samples can be tested at the same time automatically.

Parts of Friability Testing Machine

These parts are:

Parts of Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Parts of Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Calibration System

This part works by checking the tester quickly to make sure it is prepared for the task ahead.

Calibration needs to be done to ensure the test outcomes are precise and true.

Drums or Drum.

This is where tablets are loaded. These drums come with their own covers separately.

Covers can be lifted or removed when it is time to have the drum cleaned or when you wish to have samples loaded.

When these drums are loaded, and covered, testing can begin.

With each drum, you will find a curved scoop.

Silent DC Gear Motor

It helps in revolving drums at 25 rpm speed or based on your specific setting.

With this component, rotation and time modes are set with ease.

Integrated Report Printing Part

You get to calculate weight loss with so much ease using this part. After automatic calculation is done, reports are generated for these tests.

A copy of the report is saved on a linked external drive.

Click Wheel Navigating Part

Navigation is made simple with the LCD display. This is achieved through the menu function it brings.

Discharge Collection Tray

This part is magnetically fixed to the base of the tester.

The tray can be removed to clean and fixed back with ease.

Friability Test Procedure for Tablets

The common types of this testing machines and how they work include:

Single Drum Tablet Testing

The drum comes with an internal curved projection. This spans from its middle part to its outer part.

How does it work?

  • It works at a speed that is fixed and set to revolve 25 times every minute.
  • Tablets need to be weighed.
  • After, clean them.
  • Put in the sample tablets.
  • It is time to have it run.
  • The tester stops automatically, immediately the process is completed.
  • You can take out samples from the drum after the tester stops.
  • After removal, go through with de-dust, weigh, and have friability calculated.

Double Drum Tablet Testing Device

You can run both abrasion and friability tests.  When the testing process is done, the machine discharges tablets automatically.

How does this testing machine work?

  • Prior to loading samples into drum, make sure they are prepared for loading and clean too. This helps to ensure there is no dust getting into the drum to cause issues of foreign increase in tablet weights.
  • The weighing scale needs to be modified to start from 0. You can then have sampling weighing done.
  • Ensure the testing time anticipated is well set.
  • Also set the revolution number.
  • Load all samples into drum through the discharging area.
  • Now you can run the testing machine.
  • When testing is done, the tester stops automatically.
  • The sample tablet will then be discharged into the collection tray.
  • You can now check, de-dust, weigh, and calculate samples.

 Triple Drum Tablet Friability Testing Machine

It has been designed to undergo both abrasion and friability testing methods.

How does this testing machine type work?

  • Begin by calibrating the machine. This should be done to enhance its outcomes.
  • Time mode setting is next.
  • Set the revolution mode.
  • Clean tablet samples.
  • Weigh tablet samples.
  • Load samples into drums one by one.
  • Cover all three drums and begin the testing process.
  • Wait for the machine to automatically stop. This will happen when test is done.
  • Wait for the collection tray to let out or go of the samples tested.
  • You can then have all checks, de-dusting, and other stuff done.
  • Wait for print outs to be automatically generated.
  1. Automated Friability tester machine.

If you need bulk testing done without delay, this machine type works to make it happen.

Some examples of these automatic testers are:

  • The double drum tablet type.
  • The triple drum tablet type.
  • The four drum tablet type.
  • The six drum type.

All these types above work automatically to make testing simple.

Tablet Friability Tester Vs. Tablet Hardness Tester

A tablet hardness tester examines the tablets breaking point. By doing so, it helps you examine the tablets structural integrity.

Tablets Hardness Tester

Tablets Hardness Tester

On the other hand, tablet friability testing machine determines resistance to crumbling, chipping or breaking. With the main focus being safe handling during shipping.

Recommended Standard for Tablet Friability Tester

It should comply with the following standards:

  1. USP (1216) pharmaeopia
  2. EP (2.9.7) pharmaeopia
  3. JP pharmaeopeia
  4. PH
  5. European
  6. IP, etc.

How to Calibrate Tablet Friability Testing Machine

Calibration needs to be the first thing to do. When this is done, it will help you get the right results. It keeps everything precise and perfect.

First, you should set time for the calibration test.

Choose 60 Seconds – If it is the Time you Want to Set

Start the machine.

When you do, you will see the rotation number of seconds or minutes on the screen.

The results will be in at the same time as well.

Use the same method for all other time settings. You can have the results recorded after.

Make sure all tests are undergone three times. This will provide you with the precision in outcomes you need.

The rotation of 25, 50, 75, and 100 Calibration Times.

Here, the ideal rotations should be entered and then the count mode chosen.

  • Start the machine.
  • Timers can be used to have the set timing rotation checked.
  • Ensure calibration takes place thrice.
  • Record all outcomes.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Tablet Friability Testing Machine

These factors are as follows:

The Dimension of the Testing Machine.

Consider this in terms of weight and size.

How Machine Works

Different types of these machines from different brands come with different working methods.

You need to choose the working method that is simple for your own good.

Testing Range

You must choose the machine with the right testing range to match your tablet sampling testing needs.

How to Maintain Tablet Friability Testing Machine

To ensure tablet friability testing machine remains efficient and accurate, consider the following:

  1. You must put a maintenance schedule in place that you will stick to.
  2. Check the tester for any broken parts or issues from time to time and have them replaced if needed.
  3. Clean the drums regularly and make sure discharging areas and other trays are cleaned too.
  4. Keep it away from dusty areas.
  5. You must use it the right way as it has been designed. Do not use it for other testing applications that it was not designed for.
  6. Make sure you buy the specific testing machine type to meet your specific needs.


Knowing all the details surrounding owning and using the right tablet frability tester will help you greatly.

Read and use this guide to make your next purchase of a friability tester a good one.

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