Candy Making Machine

Candy Making Machine

A candy making machine is a piece of equipment used to make sugar confectionaries of different types.

Every candy manufacturer needs a candy-making machine.

A candy-making machine can either be small-scale or large scale, depending on the amount of candy you need to make.

In this guide, we will make the process of choosing candy making machine easy and simple for you.

Whether you want to know the specific applications, uses, parts, maintenance, or working principle, you will find all information right here.

So keep reading to learn more.

Applications of Candy Making Machine

Candy making machine

Candy making machine

Candy making machines are quite reliable and accurate as well when you are producing hard or soft candy.

There are a number of reasons why you should invest in candy making equipment.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider investing in candy making machine.

· Product-specific

Candy making machines are very reliable and accurate when it comes to soft and hard candy production.

They are also very product-specific.

Candy making machines will always follow the specific configurations when making the candy.

· Automation

Most candy machines that are in the market are automatic.

This will ease the process when you are making the candy.

You need to configure the machines to the required configuration based on the type of candy you are making.

After this, it will automatically manufacture the types of candy you need.

Candy making machines will speed up the candy-making process while remaining very accurate while requiring the least human supervision.

Hence you will end up saving on labor costs.

Candy machines that are manually operated have self-explanatory instructions on how to use them.

· They are Safe to Use

Most candy making machines come with some of the best safety features.

This ensures that the person who is operating the machine is safe.

Most candy making machines in the market come with sensors that will warn you and even shut down automatically if the machine malfunctions.

· They are easy to maintain

Most Candy making machines are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Most of them are easy to put apart and clean the interior with ease.

Benefits of Candy Making Machine

You are going to experience several benefits while using the candy making machine.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a candy-making machine:

Reduced Production Time

Using candy making machines as opposed to manually making candy will reduce the time spent in production.

This is because of the machine; all you need to do is configure the machine and wait for the processing, which is relatively fast and reliable.

Easy to Operate

Most candy-making machines come with clear instructions on how to operate them.

It is quite easy to understand how the machines work after a concise time.

Most of the candy making machines come with proper configurations and monitoring screens for ease of operation.

Reduced Contamination

Most candy making machines are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel does not rust.

Stainless steel is also very easy to sterilize and clean.

This ensures the chances of contamination for the candy are significantly reduced.

The candy making machines are easy to set apart, and you can remove the different parts for cleaning.

The cleaning cost of these machines is quite low.


Candy making machines come with warning signals that will keep you alert if the production line malfunctions.

Most candy making machines will shut down completely in case of a malfunction.

This helps to keep the people working around the machines safely.


Candy making machines are automatic.

This will increase the speed of production.

Automation also ensures that you will reduce the cost of labor while making the candy.

During production, all you need to do is configure the machine and monitor the control panel’s production process.

Fully Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Candy Making Machine

There are different types of candy making machines in the market—the main ones being the full automatic candy making machine and the semi-automatic candy making machine.

What is the difference between the two?

Fully Automatic Candy Making Machines

Fully automatic candy making machine

Fully automatic candy making machine

A fully automatic candymaking machine has all the candymaking devices under automation.

With a fully automatic candymaking machine, you will require very minimal labor to assist in the candymaking process.

A fully automatic candymaking machine is ideal for large-scale production and a higher production rate for the candy.

It reduces the cost of production and the time used to produce the candy.

Semi-automatic Candy Making Machine

Semi automatic candy making machine

Semi automatic candy making machine

The semi-automatic candymaking machines have manual and automatic systems.

This means that you will need to have a few personnel to aid in producing the candy.

With the semi-automatic candymaking machine, you will produce much less than with the fully automatic candy machine.

Still, it’s ideal for largescale production of candy.

It is easy to clean and maintain, and it’s easy to operate.

It is, therefore, quite reliable for the candy-making process.

When to Consider Manual Candy Making Machine

Manual candy making machine

Manual candy making machine

A manual candy-making machine is ideal for the small-scale production of candy.

You will need a manual candy-making machine, mostly at home and not for industrial production.

The manual candy-making machine will require you to perform most operations since it does not have any automatic system installed.

A manual candy machine is relatively small. Its small size makes it quite portable.

Features and Specifications of Candy Making Machine

When you are in the market for candymaking machines, there are various specifications and features that you will need to look out for.

If you are looking for custom candymaking machines, there are other technical specifications you will need to look for and other special features.

Here is a look at the features and specifications you will need to look out for.

· Power Specifications

The power requirement of candymaking machines varies from one machine to another.

Besides, the amount of power a candymaking machine requires will be determined by the amount of work the candy-making machine can perform.

· Rate Depositing Time

This is the time that the candy-making machine will take to produce a specific amount of candy.

This is what determines the speed and the rate of production of the machine you choose.


Before settling for a specific candy-making machine, you will need to look at its length, weight, width, and height.

You will need to factor in the room where you plan to put the candymaking machine in.

The production dimensions will have a part to play in the candymaking machine you decide to choose.

· Capacity

Candymaking machines are available in diverse capacities.

The capacity you choose to go with will be determined by the production scale you need for your candy.

You will find that automatic candymaking machines have higher production capacities than the other types of candymaking machines.

Automatic candymaking machines can also hold more ingredients than semi-automatic and manual candy-making machines.

· Operational Conditions

Some of the factors that you will need to keep in mind before purchasing a candymaking machine include the humidity and temperature the machine can operate on.

For the temperature, you will determine it in degrees centigrade while the humidity is in percentage.

· Pressure Specifications

Before purchasing a candymaking machine, you have to know the right pressure conditions that it will work under.

For the pressure specifications, you will need to look at the pneumatic specifications as follows:

  1. The compressed air consumption – cubic meters per minute
  2. The steam consumption – Kilograms per hour

Main Parts and Components of a Candy Making Machine

Parts of candy making machine

Parts of candy making machine

When buying a candymaking machine, you have to make sure that it has all the parts.

If you get your candymaking machine from a credible manufacturer, they will ensure that you have all the parts and make sure that they are all functioning.

Before taking the candymaking machine from the manufacturer’s warehouse, you also have to make sure that the design aligns with the structural specifications you require.

Here is a list of parts you have to make sure you have before making the purchase.

· Control Panel

Every candy making machine has to have a control panel.

With this, you can control the candy making machine remotely.

Here is where you will monitor, configure and control all the operations of the candy-making machine.

· Hopper

This is the place where you place the ingredients in the candymaking machine before they are mixed.

· Electrical System

The electrical system is the primary power source for the candymaking machine.

The system has different ratings that the machine depends on for the candymaking process.

· Mixing Tank

This is where all the candymaking ingredients get mixed.

This is where you will heat and mix and the ingredients that will make the candy syrup.

· Transport System

The transport system is made of guide rails and conveyor belts that help transport the candy substances from one part to another.

· Pressure Units

Also known as the pneumatic units, this system drives all the pressure systems in the candy-making machine.

· Cooling System

The cooling system will be responsible for cooling down the candymaking ingredients when hot.

· Discharge Unit

When the whole candy-making process is over, the discharge unit will expel the candy from the candymaking machine.

Working Principle of a Candy Making Machine

You have to understand how the candymaking machine works before you buy it.

You will need to understand; for example, the kind of candy machine you purchase will determine whether you will produce hard or soft candy.

Here is a look at the basic working principle of candy making machine.

Step 1 – Mixing the Ingredients

The first step is to mix the ingredients that you will need to make the candy.

Most candy recipes will require water, milk, sugar, and flavor.

There other recipes that will have you add other ingredients.

You will need to mix all the ingredients to form a syrup in the mixing tank.

You will need to boil the ingredients in the heating and melting tank to a specific concentration and wait for the mixture to caramelize.

You have to keep in mind that the time you will take to boil the syrup will determine the type of candy you will be making.

The texture of the candy is determined by the concertation of sugar as well.

Step 2 – Cooling and Rolling Stage

After that, the syrup will then move to the cooling system.

At this stage, the candy-making machine will get rid of the excess heat.

While going through the cooling system, the syrup will solidify, forming a soft ribbon.

The soft ribbon will then move to the pressure system for more treatment.

Step 3: Cutting and Shaping

This is also known as the molding stage.

This is where the candymaking machine will cut the ribbon in the required shapes and sizes.

The shape and size of the candy are configured from the control panel.

The candy will then further cool down and form into the desired texture and hardness required level.

Step 4– Inspection Stage

At the final stage, the candymaking machine will expel the candy.

At the inspection stage, the machine will make sure that the candy meets the required specifications.

If the candy does, it is moved to the packaging and branding process of production.

Types of Candy that a Candy Making Machine can make

A candy making machine can only make two types of candy.

They are hard candy and soft candy.

The difference between the two is determined by the amount of sugar used during production.

Cost of Importing a Candy Making Machine

To get a quality candy making machine, your budget should be between $20,000 – 150,000.

Several factors will affect the cost of candy making machine.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Candy Making Machine

Level of Automation

A fully automatic candy making machine will be more expensive when compared to a semi-automatic and a manual candy making machine.


Different manufacturers will make different qualities of machines depending on the materials used.

Hence the difference in pricing.

Country of Origin

Different countries will have a different costs of production based on the availability of labor and raw materials.

This will, in turn, lead to different pricing of the candy making machines.

Production Capacity

Because of the companies of scale, the more candy-making machine a company can produce, the less the candy making machines.


If a manufacturer produces more candy making machines, the price of their candy making machine will be lower.

Machine Configuration

The more functions a candy machine has, the more expensive it will be.

Fully automated candy making machines have more configuration than other types of candy making machines.

Economies of Scale

The more candy making machines a manufacturer can make at a lower cost, the less the price will be.

Model and Features

The quality of materials and the candy making machine’s features will determine whether the price will be higher or not.

How to Inspect and test a Candy Making Machine

When purchasing your candy machine, you need to conduct specific validation tests.

The validation tests that you will need to do will be with the help of the manufacturer.

Here are the three main tests you need to do, after which you will get the validation certificate for the candy making machine.

1) Factory Assessment Test (FAT)

You will conduct this test just before the candy making machine leaves the factory.

The manufacturer will help you ascertain that the machine is in proper working condition.

You will also need to confirm that the machine’s specifications match the specifications you requested at the factory.

After the machine has passed all the above tests, you will get a factory assessment test.

(FAT) certificate as proof.

2) Operational QualificationTest  (OQ)

The operational qualification test will perform both at the factory and after the machine has been successfully installed.

The test will ascertain that the machine indeed works well at the factory and is in good condition.

If there is a problem, the machine will not leave the factory until the problem has been corrected.

After the machine has been installed, the manufacturer will ensure that the machine is working well and everything is in order.

When you perform the OQ test and find a problem, the problem will get fixed at the manufacturer’s expense.

When that’s done, you will receive an operation qualification certificate as proof.

3) Installation Qualification Test

After the machine is installed, you have to do a thorough inspection.

This ensures that all the candy making machine parts are in place and now are out of place.

If, after installation, some parts will be damaged, the manufacturer will replace them.

When everything is in top condition, you will receive an Installation Qualification as proof.

Working Requirements of Candy Making Machine

Hard candy making machine

Hard candy making machine

When ordering a candy making machine, you must specify all that you need the machine to do.

For this reason, you will fill a user requirement specification document that will entail all you will need the machine to have.

Also, it will entail how you want the machine to function.

This will be the document that communicates to the manufacturer all you need.

Here are some of the requirements of the machine that will need to be on the document.

  • Dimensions
  • The number of machines you need
  • Quality
  • Operational speed
  • Time specifications
  • Level of technology
  • Level of automation

All the above will act as a clear guide to plan the costs and testing for the machine.

Maintenance Practices of a Candy Making Machine

To keep the candy making machine in top condition, you have to maintain and clean it regularly.

This will ensure that the machine is durable.

Before you clean and maintain the candy making machine, you have to make sure that you know the following things.

i. Time to clean and maintain the machine

ii. Material to use while cleaning the candy making machine

iii. You have to know how to reassemble and assemble the different part while cleaning.

iv. You need to know how to detect the parts that need to be replaced.

Factors that influence the Performance Efficiency of Candy Making Machine

Some of the main factors that influence the performance of the candy making machine include:

· Power Output

You have to consider the amount of power the candy making machine needs to perfume efficiently.

· Machine Operators

Make sure to have the personnel dealing with the day to day activities trained well.

· Maintenance

Regular maintaining and cleaning will ensure that the candy making machine performs at its optimum.

Limitations of Candy Making Machine

There are many advantages to having a candy making machine, but as with anything else, they have their cons as well.

Here are the drawbacks of having a candy making machine

Initial High Cost

The cost of purchasing and installing the candy making machine to your plant is quite high.

You will also incur more cost when getting the personnel trained on the candy manufacturing process.

Limited Mobility

Candy making machines are quite huge and cannot be moved around easily after installation.


Candy making machines release a lot of waste into the environment.

The waste is toxic and can lead to damage to the environment.


Candy making machines are automated, which means that you will only need to hire a few people, hence leading to high unemployment levels.

Quality Standards Candy Making Machine should conform to

Before getting a candy making machine, you need to know about the right safety and quality standards they must conform to.

It includes the adherence to proper international safety and quality standard of the candy making machines.

Here are the international quality and safety standards the candy making machine should comply with

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Standards
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • CE Electrical Standards

Safety Features to consider when buying a Candy Making Machine

Many candy making machines come with special in-built features that help protect your machine from any damage.

The candy making machine will warn you and automatically shut down in the event of any malfunctions that could eventually lead to the machine’s destruction.

Candy making machines are made of stainless steel that is sterile and therefore reduces the chances of contamination.

Troubleshooting Candy Making Machine

Among other things, you will need to learn how to troubleshoot your candy making machine.

This will help you gain knowledge on how to detect any problem that might come up during the candy production process.

Here are some of the ways to tell the there is a problem with your candy making machine.

Irregular Flow of the Candy making Ingredients

You will see that the ingredients are not getting to the right location when they are needed to.

In this case, you might see:

  1. The candy making machine has slowed down, and the ingredients are not flowing regularly
  2. The candy making machine’s outlet may also be blocked, and the ingredients may not be flowing.
  3. If the syrup is thicker than it is supposed to be

To solve the above problems, you might need to increase the candy-making machine’s speed to ensure that the ingredients are flowing properly.

Damaged Candy

If most of the candy is expelled damaged, you will automatically see that the machine has some irregularities.

This can be easily solved by correctly aligning the machine parameters.

Jelly-like Candy

If your candy is too soft that it’s supposed to be, the problem might be that the candy making machine did not mix the candy ingredients as it is supposed to.

The solution for this is ensuring that you mix the ingredients using the required measurements.

How to Buy the Right Candy Making Machine

When considering buying a candy making machine make sure you do from a manufacturer who has a good reputation.

Here are some of the features you should look out for from reputable companies making candy making machines.

Offers Product Testing

Reputable companies will ensure that you get to witness the testing of your candy making machine before you take it to the production plant.

They ensure that the machine meets your exact specifications.


Reputable companies will ensure that you witness the validation of your candy making machine.


A reputable company will offer you after-sale services, including the appropriate installation of the machine in the production plant.


After proper installation, they will ensure that your machine is working well, after which they will give you a certificate to serve as proof that the machine is working well.

Future Repairs

Most reputable companies will have a team repair your machine in case of any malfunction.


A reputable company will give you a warranty the will ensure repairs and replacements just in case the machine malfunctions.

Training Services

The manufacturing company will offer training services for any personnel involved in the candy making process.

How Candy Making Machine compares to Chocolate Making Machine

Chocolate molding machine

Chocolate molding machine

A chocolate making machine can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic, while a candy making machine can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

The chocolate making machine has a larger cooling system than that of the candy making machine.

The production capacity in both the chocolate and candy making machine relies on the customer specification.

How Gummy Bear Machine compares to Candy Making Machine.

Both the gummy bear machine and the candy making machine are used to make different types of candy.

The gummy bear making machines are available in semi-automatic and automatic modes.

While the candy making machines are available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes.

For both gummy bears and candy making machines, the production capacity will vary based on customer specifications.

Candy making machines can make both hard and soft candy of different shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, the gummy bear making machine can only make spongy and chewable sweets of various sizes and shapes.

The working mechanisms in both candy and gummy bear making machines differ due to the different end products’ different compositions.

The ingredients are not the same for both the candies and gummy bears.

With all this information, we are sure you are now ready to make the right choice when deciding purchase a candy making machine.

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